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Socialist Propagandists Aren’t “Media” Or “The Press”

Socialist propagandist media is as much an Israeli problem as it is an American problem.

Obama’s blatant interference in Israel’s last election, campaigning for a socialist Israeli candidate to unseat PM Nᵊtanyahu, made clear that socialist propagandists in America and Israel are joined at the head; they are one and the same, tentacles of a global socialist movement. The problem Americans are having with socialist propaganda overwhelming the news media is no less true and problematic here in Israel.

Just as Pres. Trump — and his supporters — are being defamed by socialists as Nazis in America, socialists here in Israel have been flirting for some time with the same defamations of non-socialists (latest spillover: Druze, http://www.israelhayom.com/2018/08/03/dont-call-me-a-nazi-i-lost-family-in-the-holocaust/) here in Israel. I expect it to bloom in the next Israeli election in somewhat the same way it did in the last American election.

First of all, neo-Nazis try to ride whatever horse they can find. They aren’t particular to Republican or Democrat, nor Israeli Left or Right. The only anchor they can’t shake is their origin: German National Sozialistiche (Nazi) — National Socialists!

The scream-out difference today is that the Socialist movement has internet global intercommunications and tentacles. They are all interconnected and coordinated for global domination. Nazi 1.0 has morphed from a German national movement into today’s Globale Sozialistiche — “Glozis”!

National Sozialistiche initially enjoyed great populist support too.

Listen to Khrushchev’s approach:
“We cannot expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.” (Nikita Khrushchev; attributed by Sen. J. Strom Thurmond, Congressional Record, 1961.07.26, p. 12622)

Russian-nationalist socialism resulted in a collapsed economy and end of USSR. Instances of nationalist socialism include Stalin, Mao, USSR, Pol Pot and Kim Yung Un. What they all have in common is being driven to oppression and aggression by a spent economy—literally. Socialisms most recent product is Venezuela.

Socialism’s appeal is freebies to the entitled. Gov’t pays for everything. Utopia for the deeply stupid. The fuel that keep gov’ts running is money. Expending that fuel with abandon soon empties the tank and collapses the economy — meaning that the gov’t has to allow millions to starve and declare war on somebody to take their money to continue fueling their own socialist gov’t. Socialism inevitably leads to the iron gates at the end of the rails.

But American-nationalist socialists, like Israeli socialists, defame their opponents by calling them “Hitler” and “Nazis.” It’s American-nationalist socialists who incite and riot in the streets, blow stuff up, burn stuff and destroy America in their ignorant and misguided insistence on imposing nationalist socialism—Democrats—in America. It seems that few people have the historical knowledge that the party of American slavery was the Democrats! And that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican!

Suddenly, the widespread riots and calls to “Kill cops now” and “Abolish ICE” and the like come into sharp focus: anarchy intended to overthrow capitalist democracies.

Americans have been deliberately indoctrinated from elementary school through university since soon after WW-II eliminating logical (critical) thinking from school curricula from elementary school through post-doctoral level, substituting useless and unemployable vanilla socialist arts degrees that program people into dependence on a socialist state. (On a positive note regarding Israel, students are massively switching from arts degrees to STEM tracks, both in lower schools and universities. America’s problems are more serious, but often boil over into American-Israel relations.)

The resulting mentally-stunted, often doped-up (bonghats), robots make up most of today’s failed Americans: all-in, adamantly, misinformed–by a press, school and university system that, for decades, has been on the payroll of the Saudis in cahoots with fugitives who fled WW-II Nazi Germany through South America into the U.S., with a nationalist-socialist–Nationalsozialistische (Nazi) misojudaic, anti-Israel–agenda. See
http://www.meforum.org/5781/marxism-academia; and

So, back to how Glozis have affected the media — here in Israel as well as in the U.S. – a truthful and fact-based press or media is not “the enemy of the people.” But the Glozi propaganda machine wearing a “press” mask is the enemy of the people — duping the public with anarchist, (anti-American / anti-Israel) Glozi propaganda. And that’s what Pres. Trump said in his own, inimitable and informal, blue-collar, construction-speak style; echoed by his daughter Yael (Ivanka) and WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

No gov’t has EVER been kinder to Jews than American capitalism. No political system has ever been more catastrophic to Jews than liberalism, progressivism and socialist Nazis. But look at which Americans are driving this train down the rails toward the iron gates of the American branch of Sozialistiche — Chuck Schumer, Barry Sanders et al! And if you criticize George Soros (https://youtu.be/rd39zUvreOU), you’ll be on social media blacklists dwarfing Scientology and the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim blacklistings combined! Wise Israelis will politically oppose Israeli socialist politicians.

If these events don’t alarm you then you need to get your head out of your bong and let the cannabis smoke clear.

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