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Police Complaint Filed Against Radical Media Arutz Sheva For Publishing Incitement

Times of Israel (ToI) notesArutz 7 incitement that the Ultra-Orthodox-leaning news site Israel National News (Channel 7) was forced to remove opinion piece and apologize after a complaint was filed with police for its Hebrew site publishing typical Khareidim incitement calling for killing homosexuals and attacking the far left and radical feminists.

Torah prohibits administering “street justice” lynching. Including toward homosexuals. The classic precedent that fanatics routinely cite as contradiction is the incident of Pinᵊkhas the Kohein executing the couple who were assimilating Baal Pᵊor idolatry (bᵊMidbar 25.7). The new global (“no borders”) socialist mobocracy Glotzis (Globale sozialistische 2.0; philosophical descendant of the “old” nationalist socialist Nazis 1.0) ignores that Pinᵊkhas was enforcing the law (25.5), not Torah-gone-rogue vigilantism — which is murder, pure and simple, prohibited by Torah.

It’s up to the gov’t of the Judaic State of Israel, not self-appointed “modesty police” nor Dark Ages cult rabbis, to parse Torah principles into laws to be enforced by officers of the courts, not by rogue individuals nor fanatic media.

Times of Israel: Blogger Come Back!

Perhaps Times of Israel (ToI) has gotten the message that avant gard bloggers simply won’t tolerate having our freedom of speech curtailed in the name of “editing.”

I doubt it. Still, the number of eyeballs seeing my message would be greater in a ToI blog than in my Israel Jews News (IJN) blog. Living in a dynamic world, one must remain capable of dynamic thinking. I won’t be closing my IJN blog because I have no real confidence in ToI’s “Submit for approval” blog editing button. Rather, I’ll continue my IJN blog as is, and “submit” an occasional second copy, where I deem it proper, if ToI chooses to publish it. So, my writing will continue to be published here in IJN uninterrupted. It may also appear, occasionally, in ToI. We’ll see.

Haven’t found anything for ToI today. (Yet.)

Israeli Media Still Euphemizing Sexual Deviancy

This afternoon’s “parade” in Yᵊrushalayim ain’t a “pride” parade. It ain’t even a “parade.” It’s a miso-Judaic (against a Judaic State) flaunting (not parade) of a mixture of gender-indeterminates who need help (see The Bathroom WarsThe Bathroom Wars) amongst a horde of sexual deviants.

NYT Article Re Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Abuses

Thanx and kol ha-kavod shout-out to Yael who noticed this NYT article and forwarded the link.NYT: Fighting for Judaism in the Jewish State (R. Seth Farber, ITIM) Share the link widely — as with all of my articles and quotes from the website. (Always give the link back to this blog and the website so readers can find their way to the source.)

4 thoughts on “Nᵊtzarim Views On Today’s News

  1. I make it a point to separate out the gender-in-question individuals when making comments involving the toeivah promoters. But I think this fellow’s statement was regarding everyone in the group. I think he could/would cite any number of his “authorities” to justify whatever statement he makes. Somehow a bad piece of fruit got on his tree?


  2. Imbedded in Farber’s recent article in the failing nytimes, “A new law does not allow gay couples to have a child using a surrogate in Israel.” He calls that extremism. But the law was about who is allowed to use surrogacy which didn’t include gays. It wasn’t written as a law against gays. That is either dense or dishonest. They continue to give valid reasons to leave them alone.

    Currently it is not apparent whether our limp government will succumb to the pressure to add gay couples but according to the pm’s wife, both he and she are for adding them. If that is true, it shouldn’t surprise anyone paying the slightest attention.


    • Good point! However, not everyone in that weird community satisfies the Biblical definition of homosexual. There are undoubtedly some who should be distinguished from the toeivot (abominations) as Biblical “eunuchs” (see https://israeljewsnews.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/the-bathroom-wars/), who merit respect and dignity. We don’t obey Torah by lumping them together like the perverts do — even though they know no better than to lump themselves in with what they regard as their only allies — caused by abandonment and indignities at the hands of the science-ignorance of the Dark Ages segments of the Torah community. We must, on the one hand, respect, support and defend the medically cisgender-indeterminates who are wrongly lumped together with the perverse community while, on the other hand, condemning the toeivot homosexuals and other deviates. While it’s much more difficult, we can neither support throwing out the baby with the bathwater nor drinking the bathwater. But, then, the more difficult and logically-scientifically circumspect way is the standard, routine modus operandi for the Nᵊtzarim. It is up to the Nᵊtzarim to instruct the wayward rabbis when they stray from Torah.


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