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Yitzkhaq “Booji” Hertzog Heads Jewish Agency

Booji, who has taken over the reins of the Jewish Agency from Natan Sharanski, seems to at least partially recognize the scope of the rift that has developed between Israeli and American Jews. That is a good thing. He expresses the desire to heal the gaping chasm between Israel and global Jewry. That, too, is a good thing.

Decades ago, the Jewish Agency (JA) was the primary actor representing all denominations of global Jewry and stitching together the burgeoning state of Israel with global Jewry. Today, however, JA is entirely eclipsed by the State of Israel. Thus, viewing the position of chairman of JA as “the prime minister of the Jewish people” is a delusion of grandeur. The Isaeli PM is the prime minister of the Jewish people.

The Times of Israel citesTOI, Herzog Booji as declaring that “We live in an era where we can drift into an irreparable crisis, an irreparable rift.”

“We CAN drift”??? “Drift”??? The Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim-ruled coalition Israeli gov’t has already bull-headedly, intentionally and deliberately stampeded, not drifted, over ALL non-Orthodox Jews on the planet — along with untold numbers of Orthodox Jews in the world, trampling them under a refusal to recognize them as Jews.

To be clear, neither the Judaic Nationality Law nor building Jewish villages (lose the miso-Judaic propaganda-speak “settlements”) have any connection to this problem. These are things knowledgeable Jews want. Protests from Jews about the Judaic Nationality Law falls into 2 categories: 1) Criticisms aimed not accurately at the Judaic Nationality Law per se but, rather, at the prospect of how Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim may be enabled to pervert it to achieve their own arrogant, tunnel-visioned and cultish ambitions; and 2) faux Jews (e.g., Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, et al.) whose only remaining claim to Jewishness is racist-based.

Booji gives no indication of understanding either the depth and gravity of the chasm between the Dark Ages Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim (DAUOK) -ruled Israeli gov’ts and world Jewry nor that it is the DAUOK, the tail wagging the sheep in Israel, who are the linchpin of the problem.

Decades ago, I began harping about the urgency of Israeli media starting to distinguish between Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim and (ordinary, I prefer “moderate”) Orthodox. Now that Israeli media, imperfectly but to some extent, does that, it’s perfectly clear that, although Orthodox also continue carry around a lot of Dark Ages (i.e. anti-Torah) baggage, at least Orthodox recognize that significant parts of their perspective rest on shaky ground, and are tolerant of divergent, especially educated, logical, historically documented, archeological hard evidence and scientific views. DAUOK, by contrast, arrogantly, from their cultish ghettos, have neither the education to grasp shortcomings nor tolerance for those who love and live Torah in an educated modern world. It is long overdue that Israel media stop blurring Orthodox with either “religious” (dati), Ultra-Orthodox or Khareidim.

Why drop “religious”/dati? Because “all others” than “religious” (dati) become, a priori, “non-religious” or “secular” — and that just ain’t so. Most “secular” Israeli Jews are NOT secular. They are traditional: fasting on Yom ha-Kipurim, shunning khameitz during Khag ha-Matzot and lighting candles on Erev Shabat. Relegating these to “non-religious” or “secular” is an injustice to them and is, or should be, considered insulting and offensive — an integral part of “the rift”.

Further, retrieving “traditional” Jews into the recognized fold has other, positive, implications. “Traditional” in Hebrew is “masortim” (small “m”) — which carries an unfortunate implication. The DAUOK hate “Masortim” (capital “m” — there are no caps, no distinction, in Hebrew), the Israeli term for Diaspora “Conservative” Jews! As a result, the DAUOK show no sign of recognizing that Diaspora Conservative Jews are practically the same as “secular” Jews in Israel. So, why do the DAUOK — as exemplified in the Rabbinate — accept “secular” Israeli Jews but disenfranchise (refuse to recognize) Diaspora Conservative Jews?

Not only does the use of “masortim” rule out the use of “traditional” in English as hopelessly confusing, the resulting confusion blinds non-English-speaking Israelis to any distinction between Diaspora Conservative Jews from Diaspora Reform Jews — who are, typically, considerably more lax and assimilated. The result is that all Diaspora non-Orthodox Jews are painted with the “Reform” brush.

Tellingly, only Israeli Ultra-leaning and Ultra-Orthodox are so arrogant and intolerant. But, being the PM-makers in coalitions, the DAUOKs remain the tail wagging the sheep until some fundamental correction is made to the Israeli political system.

Who are legitimate Jews? It was Rabbi Hileil who is right.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan learns of Jewish roots

I suspect Jewish “tradition” will prevail: Jews who like him will claim him on purely racist grounds (there being no other grounds). Jews who don’t like him will attack him on religious grounds.

It was Rabbi Hileil who is right.

Gazans Continue Bombing Israel With Improvised Incendiary Devices (IIDs)

The other day I askedDM Lieberman why Israel continues to stay on the defensive instead of retaking the offensive. Today, 29 new fires scorch the Negev.

Why are we not dropping mildly disproportionate incendiary devices on the buildings and leaders’ homes of every Hamas and Islamic Jihad and all other terrorist groups?

Why are we also not aggressively thinking up, and employing unprovoked, mildly ratcheted-up devices raining down on Gazans ceaselessly, relentlessly and endlessly until they surrender unconditionally to peacefully coexist with Israel?

Israel besieged by massive Chinese & Russian cyber-espionage

Really Sherlock? And who didn’t know that? So is the U.S.! And it’s been going on since the invention of cyber. Before that, they just conducted all other types of espionage.

Another Homo Parade In Yᵊrushalayim on Day6

(Day after tomorrow.) As long as both sides distort the facts, there can be no solution. See my earlier articleThe Bathroom Wars about Biblical respect for eunuch types as distinguished from homosexuals.

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