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Kol ha-Kavod To “Hashgacha Pratit” (Private Supervision)

Arutz Sheva (Channel 7): http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/249717

Today marks the launch of Hashgacha Pratit’s program to offer Orthodox marriages unconnected to the Dark Ages Khareidim Rabbinate. While most of those affected are Russian immigrants, there are increasing numbers of Israeli Jews who refuse to register their wedding for recognition by the Khareidim Rabbinate — which simultaneously binds them to the Rabbinate for a lifetime of suffering in the event of any marital exigencies (abandonment, separation, divorce, remarriage). This has shackled countless women in the chains (agunah) of marriage to men who have abandoned them, remarried and moved on; all without granting the first wife a get or any other redress or support. Without a get, she remains married and cannot remarry. Her life is essentially turned into a nightmare with no end; thanks to the Khareidim Rabbinate.

Kol ha-kavod, also, to two other private groups cooperating with Hashgacha Pratit; namely, Itim (led by R. Seth Farber) and the Center For Women’s Justice.

Now if these and similar groups would re-recognize the 90% of global Jews (necessarily including their marriages and conversions) according to Beit R. Hileil, we could heal the gaping chasm that the Khareidim cults have wedged between themselves and the rest of the Jewish world — and really make Israel a Judaic State for all Jews!

Civil & Religious Law Are One And The Same

The idea of a corpus of civil laws and a different corpus of religious laws were born out of the increasing divergence between scientifically progressing civilization v backwards and intellectually bereft religion. As their respective perspectives diverged, their respective laws similarly diverged.

But the Torah idea of law was one corpus of guiding laws anchored in the Creator of the universe — which implies laws based in computable logic and science mirroring that Creator, י‑‑ה and His Tōr•âh.

Two sets of differing laws implies contradiction; implacably incompatible with י‑‑ה.

Thus, there is only one set of laws: those that are anchored in computable logic and science. The other, hawked by Dark Ages Khareidim and other religious quacks, is the set of fake laws, contradicting י‑‑ה — a blasphemy.

Therefore, much of the “secular” laws of governments are more closely aligned to Torah than many “religious” laws — and not to be dismissed as merely “secular.”

Even Orthodox Jewish Media Euphemizes Homosexuals

Arutz Sheva (Channel 7): http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/249714

They’re not homosexuals, just “gays”? Just “happy, happy” ordinary “merry” people?

In the first place, some of those being lumped together in this ever-increasing string of letters include Torah “eunuchs” and similar Torah categories of some who are born medically gender-indeterminate. Torah has defined legitimate roles for these in the Orthodox Judaic community (see https://israeljewsnews.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/the-bathroom-wars/). They are being wrongfully suffocated by being lumped-together with the other “letters” (categories) of abominations.

This is partly their own fault, perceiving new allies in the growing popularity of the pervert community. But, deeper, they have been driven to this unfortunate desperation because the Dark Ages Khareidim have turned a blind eye, thereby blinding the rest of the Orthodox Judaic community, and failing to protect these born gender-indeterminates from indignities and disrespect. We must remedy that!

For the remainder of these categories, however, only fools addicted to the “Herd Syndrome” (just following the herd) accept their euphemism, which forfeits the issue before discussion begins!

This entails their infusion of an ex falso quodlibet. Allow me to exaggerate to demonstrate the point. Suppose they add the letters AAOP to LGBTQ, where AAOP means “and all other people.” So, now, when you argue against LGBTQAAOP you’re arguing against the world! Hopefully, you see that the abominations community has injected a false premise by fallaciously lumping all of these non-homogeneous categories together. And when you bought the false premise, you gullibly bought the ex falso quodlibet logical fallacy.

The antidote is to reject the ex falso quodlibet. Each “letter” must be addressed independent of the others.

  • L (lesbian) is homosexuality but it is not included in the Torah definition that is limited to male homosexuality.

  • G (“gay”) is a misdirection that deflects and euphemizes homosexuality among males that is prohibited in Torah as a to•eiv•âh.

  • B (bisexual) is a misdirection that includes male homosexuality and, thereby, deflects and euphemizes homosexuality among males that is prohibited in Torah as a to•eiv•âh.

  • T (transgender) is a misdirection that deliberately obfuscates the Torah-respected eunuch with prohibited homosexual (females and) males who cross-dress (“queens”) along with those who medically emulate changing gender. This is a particularly insidious blurring since those who were born gender-indeterminate are not disrespected in Torah regardless of which gender they emulate or become attracted to.

  • Q (queers or queens), sometimes added to the string of letters.

Each of these categories, and subcategories, must be treated independently of the other categories in order to provide tza•diq•ūt to the Torah “eunuch” as well as maintaining the prohibitions against those prohibited by Torah.

Every confusion toward any of these is a violation of Torah.

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