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Decades-long Suppression of my freedom of speech

I’ve never liked posting in miso-Judaic media. I’ve especially disliked posting in miso-Judaic Israeli news media, which is even more repugnant. One would (wrongly) think that Israeli media would eschew miso-Judaic propaganda, but, excepting Israel ha-Yom, this isn’t so; and even Israel ha-Yom carelessly falls victim.

Example: “Palestinian,” until 1967, referred to Jews living here. Post-’67, Arafat arrogated the term to Arab propaganda (displacing Arabs’ previous claim that all Arabs are one, single, pan-Arab nation). We should be using the term “Gazans” or “Gazan Arabs” or “Shomron” (Samarian) Arabs; never “Palestinians”. And certainly never use the phrase “occupied territories” (they are disputed territories, and Arab-occupied, historically Jewish territories)!

Most of Israeli media suppresses my posts; either due to their anti-Judaic (“anti-religious”) bias or, in the case of religious media, due to their reliance on popular thought coupled with their inability to grasp and accept basic logic, science and well-documented history.

Facebook, which I’ve never liked and avoided as much as possible (while keeping a “placeholder” account to avoid further enabling the plethora of plagiarizing Christian fake “Netzarim”), isn’t an acceptable work-around either. Henceforth, I’ll opine in our public blog.

Miso-Judaic Backlash Against Judaic State Law

Arab MKs who find they don’t comport with a Judaic State were never legitimate in the first place! Like anyone else, Arabs can convert and become Jews (and be disrecognized by the Khareidim Rabbinate just like most other Jews). So claims that the Judaic State Law is “racist” are naked lies of fake news propagandists.

Update 2018.07.30 — Some Druze turn out to be little different from some Christians in supporting Israel only so long as Israel comports with the Druze Muslim Islamic vision for Israel. Many Christians similarly support Israel only so long as Israel comports with their Christian Hellenist-messianic vision. The Druze should be treated no differently. But, there are also both Druze and Christians who support Israel as a Judaic State: http://www.israelhayom.com/2018/07/30/minority-leaders-step-out-to-express-support-for-nation-state-law/

Any individual who cannot be satisfied comporting with the Judaic State of Israel should leave — by deportation, if necessary.

Just because America foolishly and suicidally tolerates anti-Americans is no reason for Judaic Israel to foolishly and suicidally tolerate miso-Judaics / anti-Israelis!

DM Lieberman

“Gaza will turn ‘deep red’ if Israel is attacked”

How many threats does this make now? DM Lieberman was elected because he was advertised as a strongman. But strongmen act. They don’t threaten ad nauseam.

As long as Israel submits to the constraint of exclusively defensive force, that’s where our enemies will challenge us: all’s fair for Muslims and let Israel try to stop us! They usually run no risk whatsoever of any proportionate Israeli offensive challenges that would keep them on the defense. No one should be surprised, then, that Gazans are constantly trying new ways to disrespect Israel’s borders and attack Israelis.

In my view, that’s the key: unending proportionate, i.e. small-scale, Israeli offensive attacks that subject Gazans to endless, slightly tougher, non-relatiatory, without warning, attacks the length and breadth of Gaza, which actually target terrorist leaders not empty buildings or land, until they disarm and irreversibly commit to peace with Israel. Put Gazans permanently on the defensive until peace is verifiably achieved (not merely promised or a hudna time-out for re-arming).

Keep Gazans busy trying to find ways to defend against Israeli ingenuity in designing new ways to take out Gazan terrorists on a routine basis!

The first place to start should be making it illegal to provide assistance and support to the enemy. That would start with the Israeli gov’t — terminating provisions of water, electricity, and other assistances to Gazans. Gazans DESERVE to suffer as long as they continue making Israelis suffer and remain committed to annihilating Israel and ending Israel’s existence. It is Gazans’ responsibility whom they permit to rule them.

That’s deterrence.

Trump’s Proposed “Arab NATO” Threaten Israel?

Pres. Trump’s proposed Arab NATO-like Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) comprising 6 Arab Gulf States plus Egypt and Jordan, unless reliably prevented from turning on Israel, could, in future, displace the Iranian Shiite crescent to become the next great existential threat to Israel.

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