Roseanne Barr — Again

I didn’t realize from photos of Valerie Jarrett that she was black. Maybe like NAACP chapter pres. Rachel Dolezal? Or Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a Native American? Why are those of us who aren’t racists supposed to keep track?

Answer: non-racists don’t keep track. Racists do! If Jarrett had been white — or Indian or Middle Eastern — then Roseanne’s Tweet would never have generated the backlash that it did. It is those who injected racism into an otherwise political jab who are the true racists! It’s a fact that the vast brunt of anti-Trumpers comprise socialist Dimocrats (sic) widely recognized as “snowflakes”; many intellectually vacant and unemployable arts-degreed college grads. A large segment of these are, indeed, a miso-Judaic mindset cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and a band of chimps — across the skin-color spectrum! Just as those who accuse Trump supporters of hate are, themselves, the mongers of the most vicious and malignant hate, defamation and propaganda in the guise of “news”, some “fact checkers” and “social media”!

I’ve been defamed by this kind of institutionalized PC slander for decades. So I recognize it when I see it and I won’t accept it. While I don’t support everything Roseanne had done or said, this incident is another case in which racist defamers murdered the reputation of another victim! (Note that this is why Torah (Halakhah) equates defamation to actual murder!)

While we’re at it, even though she was wrong about Chelsea Clinton, there is purported proof, out of Soros’ own mouth in video, that George Soros collaborated with the Nazis to seize valuables from countless Jews destined for the death camps:

I do wish Roseanne would be more circumspect and careful. Impulsiveness and capriciousness, combined with ambitions to be an Israeli PM, would be unacceptably dangerous for Israel. Instead, may I encourage her to become a more circumspect supporter of Israel.

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