Glossary updates

B’rit Milah & Geir. From our Home page, go to appropriate Glossary page (A-D), then search on “ברית” or “berit”; then page E-J and search on “גר” or “geir.”

2018.07.10 — Yet another coincidence as my progress in the Parent’s Syllabus, Full Year Of Science-Friendly Tōr•âh Family Bedtime Bible Stories just happens to coincide where the rubber meets the road at the beginning of pâ•râsh•âh Mi•shᵊpât•im. Beyond the general concept, a working model of computational logic-driven parsing of Tōr•âh shë-bi-khᵊtâv is required to marshal these Biblical-era laws into the context of today, and even more challenging, into the framework of today’s child. And this, coincidentally rolleyes2015x15, occurs at the very time that this topic starts blaring from headlines and chattering TV bobbleheads across the world as Americans and American media hotly argue how law should be “interpreted”, as arguments over the presidential appointment of another SCOTUS has been fought, even before they knew who it would be, in America’s streets and speculation rags (“news” media) by anti-American socialists, anarchists and illegal aliens .

Accordingly, I’ve further elaborated the concept of computational-logic driven parsing of Tōr•âh shë-bi-khᵊtâv to produce proper and valid Tōr•âh shë-bᵊ-al-pëh/​Ha•lâkh•âh in the Glossary page T link (in our Home page) for the entry “צדיק” (tzadiq).

It’s impossible to overemphasize the urgency of excising the Ultra-Orthodox imposed Dark Ages 2.0 crash from Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil‘s future, and equally impossible to overemphasize the urgency of implementing sound, scientific logic into all decisions of Tōr•âh shë-bᵊ-al-pëh/​Ha•lâkh•âh.


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