Genealogical (Racist) Jews v The “Eirev Rav”

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Genealogical (Racist) Jews v The ‘Eirev Rav’ ” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.06.22, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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The “Eirev Rav”

(Shᵊm•ōt 12.38)

For the benefit of non-Jewish readers, who will likely be unfamiliar with the phrase, “Eirev Rav” is the phrase in Shᵊmōt 12.38 describing the “great mingling” of peoples – Greek Minoans, Mycenaean Greeks from Pilos (“Philistines”), Arabs, Phoenicians, Canaanites, et al. – who merged with Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil in the Yᵊtzi•âh.

Contrary to innumerable rabbis of all denominations, from the Yᵊtzi•âh, Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil was, from that moment, no longer a genetic family or race. Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil they remained and we are today. A race we haven’t been since the Yᵊtzi•âh.

In a recent articlejumpto, R. Pruzansky improperly admits a racist inference in the term “ethnic.”

“For example,” the Orthodox rabbi writes, “Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims each have a unique religious affiliation but by no means would anyone aver that there is an ethnic identity that binds adherents together.”

R. Pruzansky’s premise is simply not true of Christians nor Muslims. (I don’t know about Hindus one way or the other.) And when the premise is false, all arguments, by all rabbis assuming that premise, are ex falso quodlibet.


Look at the definition of ethnic: “Of, relating to, or characteristic of a group of people sharing a common cultural or national heritage and often sharing a common language or religion.”jumpto

All three “Abrahamic” religions share their respective common religion; to a significant extent, language as well (Hebrew, Greek and Arabic, respectively) even though the language is often ignored. That’s no less true of many Jews who remain largely ignorant of Hebrew just as most Christians know no Greek. In fact, just a few years ago, Hebrew had been practically a dead language for centuries!

The issue of culture is similarly smoggy; the degree of cultural pollution (acculturation, assimilation) depends more on the religiosity of the individual than his or her religion. Most “Jewish” cuisine is European Slavic while more historically authentic Middle Eastern dishes are identified not as “Jewish” but “Israeli.” Similarly, most so-called “Jewish” culture and ethnicity today is not Jewish at all. Rather, it’s European Slavic, particularly Dark Ages, culture and cuisine that most Jews claim while the most historically authentic, Middle Eastern, Jewish culture – the Tei•mân•im Jews – are spurned and historically abused with racist contempt. Modern Ashkenazim and Sephardim Jews have no serious claim to Jewish culture or cuisine.

So while the most religious Jews racistly exaggerate their “genealogy,” fraudulently claiming “Jewish blood,” they contradict Tōr•âh, which precludes racist claims of genetic origins. As the Sole, Creator-Singularity of the universe, and all humankind being His children, י‑‑ה gave His Life’s “Instruction Manual” (lit. meaning of Tōr•âh), through Mōsh•ëh Pᵊqid•einu at Har Sin•ai – to all humankind. The catch is that only individuals who adapt their life’s study and practice to the precepts of Tōr•âh belong to Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil. You may adapt your life’s study and practice to Tōr•âh if you wish. There is no gatekeeper who can either stop you – or issue you a legitimate (!) ticket (although it’s nice to be recognized). י‑‑ה is the Sole Arbiter. Your life’s practice is the touchstone; and your life’s practice is entirely your decision.

Judaism A Unique “Conflation Of Religion And Ethnicity”?

Rabbi Pruzansky claims, “This conflation of religion and ethnicity is by and large unknown in the world.” He bases this claim on Shᵊm•ōt 6.7: “I will take you to be My am, and I will be your ël•oh•im.”

But Rabbi Pruzansky and countless other rabbis fail to acknowledge the remainder of that verse: “I am י‑‑ה your ël•oh•im Who brought you m.p. out from under the corvée of Mi•tzᵊrayim“! “You” (m.p.), who came out of Mi•tzᵊrayim as Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, includes the eirëv rav – no longer any “genetically pure”, “Jewish blood”, genealogical racism!

From the get-go, “Jewish identity” has been based solely on a life-practice commitment to Tōr•âh – as expressed by Rabi Hi•leil (see Deep Data Mining: The Devolution Of Conversion)!

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