The Israeli-Diaspora Divide No One Dares Look At

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “The Israeli-Diaspora Divide No One Dares Look At.” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.06.17, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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Since long before I made a•liy•âh to Israel in 1985, arts-degreed academic pseudo-experts on “Zionism,” “Israel & the Diaspora” and “Judaism” endlessly continue to spew the same blind claptrap that keeps us from discovering and recognizing, much less solving, the problems that divide us. (See also 2017 Pew Research and academics want to mend Israel-Diaspora relations (Times of Israel).)

The most recent Israeli article I’ve seenjumpto offers nothing new or different than the arts-degreed academic pseudo-experts back in 1985 and before! If you put a 1985 date on any of today’s articles it would be impossible to distinguish them from other articles that year unless a current event is referenced. It was the same problems then as now. Back in 1985 “academic experts” were warning apocalyptically that “the vast majority of them are intermarrying and not raising kids in any form of all-embracing Jewish cultural or religious environment.” The advice from “experts” remains the same old claptrap (“Jewish and Zionist education, with much more money spent on day schools,” building yet more empty synagogues and Jewish schools – to grow crickets and spider webs) and it will replay the same old result: no solution; the schism continues to grow.

Weinberg, a Canadian-Israeili, is [1] clearly lacking in deep knowledge of American Jews, depending mostly upon the American Jewish Committee’s comparative survey of American Jews and Israelis for his declarations about American Jews and [2] prone to the logical errors of assumption by someone out of touch in interpreting the results.

Declaring that American Jews are “less Jewishly knowledgeable,” Weinberg assumes a non-existent contrast to Israeli “more traditional than ever.” Try defining both elements and the nonsense comes into sharp focus as meaningless pretentiousness. Weinberg doesn’t realize that “traditional” is not an antonym of “Jewishly knowledgeable.” In fact, many American Jews are, over-the-horizon “Jewishly knowledgeable” beyond “traditional”; beyond practically all Israelis! Even secular Israelis have such a “traditional” view of Judaism that they don’t have a clue what lies before or beyond Dark Ages “tradition” and garb.

Nor do Weinberg nor the other academic pseudo-experts have the slightest clue why the best educated Jews gravitate away from Dark Ages interpretations of Judaism while the most backward and least educated Jews precipitate back into Dark Ages “traditional” interpretations. Nor do they see the glaring schism.


The Prime Cause Of Schisms

For centuries, Jews have implacably refused to confront what they refuse to see: the prime cause of schisms – from BCE 8th century to the 2nd century CE to today. The schism is chronic, has caused at least 2 catastrophic upheavals already, and will not go away until it is resolved. Stated starkly: excepting Ram•ba”m and his followers,jumpto the more highly educated the Jew, the more conspicuous it is to him or her that neither ancient Hellenist Tzᵊdoq•im nor subsequent Dark Ages rabbis are competent to counsel intelligent and educated Jews about Tōr•âh or Judaism. Nor is there any intelligent reason to hearken to deniers of history and archeology hard-evidence, anti-science, anti-logic, anti-education and willfully illiterate old coots stuck in Dark Ages mentality and superstitions, who, by their imperial intolerance, are at this very moment orphaning millions of Jews!!! Bâ•rukh haSheim there are exceptions. But, on the whole, No! – these backward cretins described do not deserve to be respected, they deny our own history, knowledge and reality to lead Israel astray from the Tōr•âh of the Creator-Singularity of the universe!

Kha•reid•im Rabbinate
Now Orphaning Most World Jews

Today’s Kha•reid•im Orphaning Of Jews Is A World Jewish Crisis

Israeli “Jewish Home” political party MK Naftali Bennett: “Future of US Jewry keeps me up at night”.jumpto

Most Jews of the world are non-Orthodox. Most Jews even in Israel are non-Orthodox. (The non-Orthodox are, more accurately, unaffiliated traditional Jews – fasting on Yōm haKi•pūr•im, observing Pësakh Seidër, lighting candles on Ërëv Sha•bât.) Because non-Orthodox Conservatives are “Masortim” (“Traditional”) in Hebrew, the term “traditional” is avoided. These traditional Jews are universally labeled by Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox as “seculars”. Consequently, these are, nevertheless, traditional Jews who make up almost 70% of Israeli Jews. In fact, the annual Israel survey shows that the Kha•reid•im (i.e. Ultra-Orthodox) comprised only 09% of Israeli Jews in 2017. Yet, most Kha•reid•im support orphaning even the “regular” Orthodox as heretics – much more so non-Orthodox and true seculars (atheist faux “Jews” and agnostics)! The 9%, who control the Rabbinate, having already orphaned thousands, maybe millions, of world Jews, are right now actively working to orphan the entire 91%!!!

Contrast This With Mōsh•ëh Pᵊqid•einu

י‑‑ה was angry at Yi•sᵊr•â•eil: “Let Me consume them and I will make you into My great goy instead. If you’re ok with it, I will destroy them. I’ll blot-out their name from under the heavens and make you a goy mightier and greater than they are.

Mōsh•ëh declined rather than orphan Yi•sᵊr•â•eil (Shᵊm•ōt 32.9ff; Dᵊvâr•im 9.13ff).

Today, the Kha•reid•im (Ultra-Orthodox) Rabbinate is working feverishly with a vision to orphan Jews on a scale that prompts nightmarish memories!

Some Assimilation Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

When people are left with no alternative to “worthless shepherds”jumpto 17x16, assimilation is inevitable!

Unfortunately, all divergence from “tradition” and “Jewishly knowledge” is foolishly categorized as “assimilation.” Belief that the earth is older than 6,000 years becomes “assimilation” and “Epikoros“. Dark Ages drivel!

There must be rigorous Ha•lâkh•âh between divergences from “Dark Ages ‘tradition'” versus the logical and scientific reality of the Tōr•âh of the Creator-Singularity of the universe:

  • “Dark Ages ‘tradition'” is (Dark Ages European) “assimilation” and “Epikoros“; not Tōr•âh nor Judaism.

  • Logic, science, documented history, hard evidence of archeology and the like are the valid tools for properly interpreting Tōr•âh of the Creator-Singularity of the universe; i.e. Judaism; not “assimilation” nor “Epikoros“.

  • Divergence from the Tōr•âh as interpreted in harmony with logic, science, documented history, hard evidence of archeology and the like is “assimilation” and “Epikoros“; not “liberalism” nor Judaism nor “Jewishly knowledge.”

Ergo, “Jewish assimilation abroad” is a symptom, not the malignant prime cause. Contrary to Weinberg et al., “ultra-Orthodox control of the Israeli rabbinate”, being the most blatant and coercive influence of Dark Ages “tradition”, is the most to blame, not “societal realities and liberal lifestyles in the Diaspora” – which fails to explain similar conflicts with Dark Ages “religious” mentality here in Israel!

Political Islam Models “Israel Dark Ages 2.0”

We need to take a sober look at how political Islam and Sharia evolved into today’s cult of global Jihadist-terrorists intent on exterminating or enslaving kuphar (infidels) – because Israeli Ultra-Orthodox (and more than a few Orthodox) rabbis are furiously intent on proceeding down that exact path!!!.

All moderate models of Islam occur exclusively in democracies. All Islamist global Jihad terrorist models intent on exterminating kuphar occur exclusively in Islamic theocracies. “The problem is political Islam.”jumpto

Similarly, echoing from the past, all Christian models occurred in theocracies, always violently intolerant intent on exterminating heathens. That’s why American democracy was invented! American democracy is a Christian-centric democracy, not a Christian theocracy!

In each case (Muslim, Christian and Judaism), kuphar, heathen and goy•im are defined by the most radical and intolerant elements in their respective communities, generously chopping off even their own when they disapprove, eliminating rival “critical thinking”! Yet, critical thinking is key to survival, much more so to advancing, thriving and flourishing. Jews were once the “People of the Book”, luminaries of science and culture. Now, Jews have become anti-science (“It’s Epikoros“!), ruled by anti-science old coots in long beards and robes (like Islam’s Imams) forcibly imposing Dark Ages illiteracy – including bans on studying science and “gentile” history – or the alternative: orphaning. These Ultra-Orthodox declare Israel to be illegitimate, refusing to serve in the IDF and rioting against Israeli police and IDF soldiers they call “Nazis” in their vacuous, tunnel-visioned blindness.

How To Bridge The Divide

There are forward-looking Orthodox rabbis who recognize what I’ve been writing for decades now. But they are too meek under the thumb of the iron-rule of the Dark Ages superstitious folk in the guise of Luminaries of the Age. The Tzohar rabbis’ kâ•shᵊr•ūt service is a refreshing and welcome return to ancient norms of real – historical Judaism, not comparatively recent Dark Ages “tradition”. That leadership must bud into full flower, however, re-blazing the Path back to Tōr•âh as a reality rather than a mystical Dark Ages nightmare (not dream) world. Educated Orthodox rabbis must stand up and make a tᵊshuv•âh to a reality-based Tōr•âh happen. Put everything on the line for it. I have. You have no excuse. It is your duty to Tōr•âh!

Go To & Obey Today’s Judges?

This implies several valid red-lines, none of which can be ignored.

Tōr•âh Requires Obedience To Valid Shō•phᵊt•imjumpto

Christians and Muslims also have judges but they aren’t to be obeyed. It should be basic and obvious to everyone that Israel is expected to refuse to follow invalid Shō•phᵊt•im! Of course, Shō•phᵊt•im must be valid in order for this mi•tzᵊwâh to apply to them.

Don’t Follow The Majority To Wrongdoing!”jumpto

לֹא-תִהְיֶה אַחֲרֵי-רַבִּים לְרָעֹת (-tihᵊyëh a•khar•ei-rab•im lᵊ-râ•ōt)

“Burn-Out Wrong-Doing From Your Midst”jumpto

“Wrong-doing”, namely . Until the destruction of the Beit haMi•qᵊdâsh, in which the Συνέδριονjumpto had, until then, convened, “burn out” was implemented literally. (See “The Dark Ages” section.)

These principles can be understood as logical sets. They are not contradictory. Only their intersection, which can be graphed as a Venn diagram, represents the solution subset that satisfies all of these requirements.

Future judges must be qualified in, and constrained to, logic and science. When the judges are competent, then it must be upheld:

עַל-פִּי הַתּוֹרָה אֲשֶׁר יוֹרוּךָ, וְעַל-הַמִּשְׁפָּט אֲשֶׁר-יֹאמְרוּ לְךָ–תַּעֲשֶׂה 11 (al-pi haTōr•âh a•shër yōr•ukhâ, wᵊ-al-hami•shᵊpât a•shër-yō•mᵊr•u lᵊ-khâ ta•as•ëh; according to the Tōr•âh, which they shall instruct you, and about the mi•shᵊpât, which they shall tell you, you shall do…)

While some read merely “instruction” (the translation of the noun without the prefix) rather than “the Tōr•âh“, the prefix particularizes this stipulation. The notion that legitimate judges can adjudicate other than Tōr•âh is a non-starter. To interpret this as authorizing whatever instruction that strikes their fancy would imply that it could be Christian doctrine, Islam, Buddhism or any other idolatry. Their finding must be logically compatible with Tōr•âh shë-bi-khᵊtâv!

Lengthen the Tunnel

“Nothing short of a deep commitment to traditional Jewish ritual practice – with its personal strictures and many community boundary demands – is likely to lead to a revitalization of Jewish life in America and subsequently create a solid basis for recovery in Diaspora-Israel relations.”

Yet another Jewish muezzin calls Israel to bow to Dark Ages “tradition” of mysticism and blind ignorance. What is inextricably and irreplaceably vital is a tidal change in Judaic leadership beckoning Israel not to the failed Dark Ages mysticism of the past and present, but to the world before and after the Dark Ages; the future world of reality, science, logic, learning, and knowledge – Truth is not relative!

Tōr•âh solves Beit Kᵊnësët-Judaic State Dilemma

Educated and objective people, even disagreement-prone Jews, gravitate to reality, learning, knowledge, documented history, hard evidence of archeology, computational logic and science and the resulting Truth. When these are the flames atop the Mᵊnor•âh of Tōr•âh, then the dilemma between Tōr•âh and Judaic State shrinks to zero. “…egalitarian prayer services at the Western Wall, conversion to Judaism, settlements and [Arab] rights, and the tensions between democratic norms and Judaic imperatives within a [Judaic] state” evaporate; either in clear direction or a spirit of tolerance of competing ideas because they are constrained — not by casuistry, demagoguery and political power — but within the definition of real and widely recognized bounds of logical definitions and interpretations of Tōr•âh.

The sole solution rests in learning and knowledge in the real world, not one facet (i.e. Ultra-Orthodox) of superstitious Dark Ages beliefs disguised as “Torah” dictating to different facets of Judaism that only they are “assimilating” from your own wildly assimilated positions. Two assimilated factions don’t form any legitimate anchor point.

Tᵊshuv•âh to the real-world Tōr•âh of the Truth of the real-world Creator-Singularity necessarily produces byproducts of both attracting the most learned and knowledgeable along with commensurate tolerance within logically-defined boundaries. That, in itself, antiquates mindless hedonism, Hellenism and Epikoros.

The rest – “true [not electrical] observance of Sha•bât and [kâ•shᵊr•ūt], [tᵊphil•ōt], holding fast to sacred family structures and to in-marriage, and most of all –– passion for studying Tōr•âh regularly.” – takes care of itself. And this is the only Way that’s ever going to happen!

Onerous Law Versus Eager Love

Weinberg opines: “”Obviously, these are arduous commitments.” But this is contradicted by innumerable examples of people who go to far greater extremes out of religions conviction. And that’s the key: providing real-world foundations for conviction instead of the imposition of unbelieved, involuntarily imposed lies straight out of Dark Ages European mysticism and superstitions.

If Weinberg had a better grasp of history, he would never claim any “historically proven formula for a sustainable and proud Jewish life.” To the diametric contrary, history has repeatedly demonstrated that our religious leaders invariably stray from Tōr•âh to disastrous repercussions. We are millennia overdue to throw off mortal shackles and serve י‑‑ה directly according to His Tōr•âh – as interpreted no longer by any mortal(s); but rather by the incorruptible and objective standards of reality, learning, knowledge, documented history, hard evidence of archeology, computational logic and science and the resulting Truth – which concurrently defines, in parallel, the associated bounds of tolerance for disagreement. Tribes learning to live as tribes freed from the present threat of internal alienation.

This is, concurrently, the only Way to lessen delegitimization and encourage mutual respect among today’s various Tribes (facets) of Israel. We cannot turn our backs on a fistful of Tribes at the whim of some Dark Ages cultists who continue to lead Israel astray from Tōr•âh.

Media: A Wide Canyon To Cross

Like the recent iteration of American media, current Israeli media has no ethical compass guiding it. What sells gets published, whether it’s PC spin falsification (“fake news”), defamation, suppression of rival critical speech or sexual smut. Truth has nothing to do with it. And, until Israel ha-Yom, all of Israeli media treated “Jewish tradition” either as a pox of the illiterati or as the radical utopian goal. As a rule, documented, verifiable, logical truth has absolutely nothing to do with media reporting either in Israel nor in America. But suppression of critical input from Tōr•âh advocates is no less damaging than suppression of critical input from advocates against theocracy. Defamation and blatant lies aside, suppression of free speech is suppression of free speech. It cuts both ways. There is no defense of Israeli media embracing and internalizing our enemies’ propaganda – e.g., “occupied territory,” “Palestinians,” “Palestinian lands” (such land is disputed; indigenously Judean, not resolved as Arab-owned), etc.

Israeli media should have an Israeli-centric and Tōr•âh-centric – but not a Jewish theocracy – compass. IMO, the only Israeli media that approaches this standard is Israel ha-Yom.


“Jewish” Theocracy (Dark Ages 2.0) Or Tōr•âh-centric Democracy?

Currently, Israel is ruled by Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im political parties who have the power in any coalition to sway the majority toward the party that cedes religious control to the Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im. Thus, the 9 (nine, not a typo)% Ultra-Orthodox Kha•reid•im are the true “Deep State king-makers” who, in fact, rule over Israel religion; the tail that wags the sheep. Unless we take decisive action to change direction, we are headed toward the same Dark Ages religious theocracy that has always ended in pogroms, massacres, persecutions, terrorism and catastrophe. Israel is headed, full-throttle, to Dark Ages 2.0!

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