Deep Data Mining: The Devolution Of Conversion

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Deep Data Mining: The Devolution Of Conversion.” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.06.17, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed this Israel Jews News article).

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After >30 years, finally I agree on something with Yossi Beilin (“The corruption of conversion”; One must judge objectively, on substance, not personality. When he’s right, he’s right. Perhaps former Israeli MK Rav Dov Lipman and some other Orthodox rabbis might also agree on this point. A point of agreement on conversion that ranges from the extreme liberal BeIlin to the middle Nᵊtzâr•im on to the “moderate Ultra-Orthodox” rabbi Lipman would be one for the books.

A Brief Deep-Dive Into The Origin Of Conversion

(Includes excerpts from my new book in the works: “Parent’s Syllabus, Science-Friendly Tōr•âh Bedtime Stories For Children”)

Diving into 5th century CE Ta•lᵊmudmillennia after the fact, no matter how deeply, remains a surface – superficial – dive, not a deep dive.

The First “Convert” c BCE 2039jumpto 17x16

The first to convert (to proto-Tōr•âh) was Avᵊrâ•hâm. There was no period of training nor internship. Avᵊrâ•hâm figured out that the Creator-Singularity of the universe could not be physical and, therefore, could not be encapsulated in a sculpture or depiction. Idolatry and polytheism were both trashed.

But Avᵊrâ•hâm was not a convert! How can that be? When a person converts to Tōr•âh, (s)he becomes a sho•meirTor•âh, not a convert/​geir!!! (When the rabbis of Ta•lᵊmud reformed conversion, instituting a requirement of pre-conversion study and practice, the convert-trainee was distinguished from other goy•im as a geir. Those rabbis, by that reform, infused racism into the equation by being the first to differentiate “geir•im Jews” from “genetic Jews”! By the time of Ta•lᵊmud (4th century C.E. – 2½ millennia later!), remnants of all of the original tribes of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil had merged into Yᵊhūdâh. Until the Talmudic reform, there was no racist distinction between “born Jew” versus “convert”.

Mass Influx By Biblical Conversion,c BCE 1625jumpto 17x16

When Yi•sᵊr•â•eil came out of Mi•tzᵊrayim in the Yᵊtzi•âh, they were merged with the eirëv rav (Shᵊm•ōt 12.38). No formalities are mentioned; and certainly no racism. Just folks who congregated to the life-practice of Tōr•âh as part of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil. Neither genealogy nor genetics/​racism were part of the formula.

Rut, c BCE 1249jumpto 17x16

Ta•na”kh again reconfirms received Tōr•âh a final time: Rut.


Rabi Hi•leil

This practice of conversion is reconfirmed yet again, as late as the end of the 1st century C.E. When a gentile asked to be converted right away – “while standing on one foot”, Rabi Hi•leil responded to the challenge:

“That which you eschew, don’t inflict on your fellow! That’s the whole entirety of Tōr•âh, what remains is pei•rush•âhjumpto 17x16 Now, go-weavejumpto 17x16 your lifetime-learning-practice.” (Rabi Hi•leiljumpto 17x16)

What we must emphasize here is the final clause, “Now, go-weave your lifetime-learning” places the new Jew-by-choice in the identical category as the born Jew. Living Tōr•âh is a lifetime of implementing learning in practice; whether born as a Jew or as a gentile; not a one-time event.

“The Jewish population in the world at the beginning of the reign of Herod [c BCE 74] was approximately four to six million. A century later, after the destruction of the Temple, there were almost ten million Jews, representing an enormous increase… hundreds of thousands – if not millions – [had] converted to Judaism. It was a time of mass conversion in the Roman world.”jumpto 17x16

This occurred despite the dawn of the first contradictory arguments, expressed by the rabbis of the new min of the Qōrakh [bᵊ-Mi•dᵊbar 16.1 – 18.32] of that era – just as brother overturned brother to Hellenize the Beit haMi•qᵊdâsh – overturning the received Tōr•âh upon the death of Rabi Hi•leil: Beit Sha•mai.

“Until the time of Rabi Hi•leil and Sha•mai, Jewish law was always agreed upon; differences of opinion were settled by the [(Judean) Συνέδριονjumpto 17x16].”jumpto 17x16

Rabi Sha•mai – The Qōrakhjumpto 17x16 of 1st Century C.E.

Upon the death of Rabi Hi•leil, the rabbis of Sha•mai‘s min began initiating a pile of reforms, corrupting the received Tōr•âh, in the Twilight Era of the Classical Greco-Roman civilization – ushering in the Dark Ages.

Sha•mai‘s straying, in direct rebellion against Tōr•âhjumpto 17x16 (may explain both the Dark Ages and its horrific Sho•âh conclusion). The result? Practically all of a whole new generation of eirëv rav, who had converted, were now orphaned; the rabbis leaving them no alternative but to do their best to adapt their former Hellenist Ζεύςjumpto 17x16-worship – which is all that they knew thanks to the xenophobic rabbis of Sha•mai‘s min – into a new syncretized displacement mythology: Christianity.

Antikythera mechanism ca BCE 85 0250x223For a variety of causes, whole libraries (like Alexandria) and archives (like the Qumran Scrolls) of learning was lost to all civilizations as Europe entered the Dark Ages. Scientists today are still trying to wrap their brains around the level of science and knowledge, which is substantiated with hard evidence, at the pinnacle of the Classical Greco-Roman civilization (e.g., the Antikythera analog computerjumpto 17x16 jumpto 17x16).Antikythera mechanism model telescopic ca BCE 85 0250x159

The Dark Ages

Ta•na”kh implies that י‑‑ה allowed not only the Dark Ages to occur and impact the evolution of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh, but the Sho•âh as well.

  1. By allowing the destruction of the Beit haMi•qᵊdâsh, י‑‑ה forcibly weaned Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh from the transitory anthropomorphic belief that the Creator-Singularity of the universe dwells in a physical, man-made structure;
  2. By allowing the Romans to systematically destroy every yō•khas•in in existence, י‑‑ה forcibly weaned Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh from the Biblically-ordained, transitory, ko•han•im (i.e. those having yō•khas•in; vide Ta•lᵊmud Qi•dush•in 70b).
  3. The purported end of the period of Nᵊviy•im fixed the limits within which Scripture may be interpreted and understood.

Lessons For Today

What these were ordained to teach us cannot be ignored, trivialize or dismissed. Each was a monumental event of Biblical and historical proportions; a subset of “all things” – which are allowed specifically with Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh in mind.

Thus, each of these world-changing events marked a pivotal point in the knowledge-level that י‑‑ה was teaching Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh – His Actions being even more forceful and Authoritative than His Ta•na”kh – relative to the rest of His dynamic, also advancing, world. It was י‑‑ה, Himself, Who ushered Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh into the Dark Ages and through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and related Hasᵊkâl•âh; and through the Sho•âh (for which, see earlier articles: Why The Holocaust? ‘Final Solution’ Finally Solvedjumpto 17x16, The Worthless Shepherdjumpto 17x16 and The Hasᵊkâl•âh, Where The Masᵊkil•im Went Wrongjumpto 17x16).

As a result, today, Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil interacts in a modern world rich in archives of ancient Israeli documents (proof), archeological hard evidence (proof), scientific knowledge of Ta•na”kh and about Biblical-era Yi•sᵊr•â•eil/​Yᵊhūdâh (much of which I’ve hi-lited in, especially in our History Museum pages).

Outlook For The Future

Now, however, instead of attracting the brightest and bravest on the planet to the Creator-Singularity of the universe, bringing all of His children that we can into His embrace as we were commissioned to do, the rabbinic gate-keepers fragment and destroy our own people by rebuffing, from the cult of their embrace, all but the most backward, least educated and Dark Ages oriented even of our own! There’s no subtlety. They even dress in Dark Ages garb and internalize head-coverings that were imposed by Hellenist Roman Church doctrine by their ëpiskopos!

The resulting contra-Tōr•âh product of Sha•mai is the deliberate, willful, xenophobic and racist, continuous, unnecessary sowing of hatred toward us in the world by the most superstitious and fable-racked of our Kha•reid•im (Ultra-Orthodox) rabbis of Zᵊkhar•yâh‘s “Worthless Shepherd”jumpto 17x16, who, through political coalition king-making, implacably impose on all of us the resurrecting, and returning to, the very same anthropomorphisms (idolatries) from which י‑‑ה, Himself, forcibly weaned us. “Like a dog returning to his vomit, stupid repeats his foolishnesses!!”jumpto 17x16

And this, too, includes the 5th century CE rabbinic reform introducing their process of conversions.

This is without even considering the 20th century Orthodox reform of abandoning received Tōr•âh to redefine Sha•bât according to electricity.

Thus, the ancient people who were known and loved as the people of the Tōr•âh (Book) who champions learning and loves their neighbor as themselves has been transformed by Sha•mai into a racist, xenophobic, acrimonious, hateful and hated, people who forbid learning history and science, define Sha•bât by the use of electricity and champion the Dark Ages.

Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil has advanced to the point that we need to wake up from the Dark Ages nightmare and break free of “worthless shepherd” rabbis who imagine themselves to be לְצַד (“peers beside”)jumpto 17x16 the Almighty, authorized to contradict and overturn Tōr•âh shë-bi-khᵊtâv – “gate-keepers” who remain locked-in to Dark Ages contra-science belief-ghettos that keep them locked out of documented historical and scientific reality; i.e. the real, modern world.

In today’s world, Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil is no longer dependent on educators or illuminators to teach them Tōr•âh. Tōr•âh will be parsed in future by Am Yi•sᵊr•â•eil applying logic and science to questions and issues so that the direct power of Truth prevails: fact, hard evidence, documentation & science – inexorably triumphing over the Dark Ages gatekeeper rabbis who appeal to PC (the newest idol), superstition, mysticism, etc. Where differences remain on questionable issues among those who seek to live Tōr•âh, tolerance, not intolerance, must fill the gap – distinct tribes of Am Ë•khâd.

According to the Nᵊviy•im, those who pursue education in the Ways of the Creator-Singularity of the universe shall be the fine gold. Those who shutter minds against knowledge, beckoning a return to the Dark Ages, are the dross; and their teachers the “worthless shepherds”. Potential gold Orthodox rabbis (Cardozo, Riskin, Lipman, Tzohar rabbis, Davidson, Farber, et al.) need to be encouraged and supported toward the goal of the 1st paragraph: liberating עם ישראל with the freedom to serve and trust י‑‑ה directly instead of trusting and serving hopelessly incompetent, incorrigible and implacable rabbis. Like I said years ago: they’re fired!

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