Democracy Dead: Political Parties Decayed Into “Gov’t v Opposition”

What I noticed in American politics, as an American Independent vet >70 years, is even more true of what I notice in Israeli politics as an Independent Israeli-Jew vet of >30 years. Is there a common cause of some inherent cancer in the modern definition of Democracy?

I remember when Democrats, including my mother, were red-white-and blue, always patriotic pro-Americans defending the Constitution. I merely disagreed with some of their political positions.

Regardless of today’s Democrats’ endless spin, however, Democrats today have radicalized to the point of redefining themselves. No longer red-white-and blue, always patriotic pro-Americans defending the Constitution, they now define themselves solely as “the opposition party”: championing whatever happens to be anti-GOP at the moment, and especially whatever happens to be anti-Trump at the moment – even when that means taking anti-American positions, undermining America by defending violent political (anti-conservative, of course) rioters, cop-killing gangs, drug and woman trafficking gangs, infanticide-on-demand factories, eliminating free (conservative, of course) speech, and repeatedly flipping their political positions 180° day after day.

How did the red-white and blue American Democrat party of my Mom betray American values en masse to embrace the sleezing and subversive anti-American party of socialism that’s following in the footsteps of the German socialists (Nazis), Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Venezuela and Kim Young Un?

Is this some common cause that has resulted in similar symptoms in the Israeli Democracy?

I think the argument can be made that there is such a common cancer that represents a threat to all modern democracies.

When a political party (or parties) lose(s) power to its rival(s), it has become a near universal practice to simply become “against the ruling party (or coalition)” – rather than its original platform. The party’s most basic values, and even ethics and integrity, are dumped in favor of returning to rule at any cost. They will say anything, or do almost anything, and the party’s supposed political platform is abandoned.

A couple of election cycles of this and elections become meaningless. No one stands for anything except ruling. All are propagandists and sleezers (smearers and slanderers). People’s votes become irrelevant. Democracy is then merely a ruse for socialism or despotism, etc.; dead.

Is there a remedy?

Sadly, I doubt it. Who can afford to sue, often nameless (but identifiable), sleezers? Why should public figures be excepted, allowing sleezers to undermine governments with impunity simply by sleezing their opponents? Why should sleezers, who putrefy the public good, be protected as “free speech”? How can you hold “opposition” politicians accountable for staying true to their party’s official platform instead of routinely turning into subversives and traitors; or at least keeping their official platform updated to be true to their goals? Who can afford to sue them, and for what, when they spin?

Anti-American political parties attract anti-Americans, especially illegals (more votes!). That’s a conspicuous tautology. Americans remain oblivious to that while Israelis openly welcome anti-Israel political parties!!! Yall just come right on in now.rolleyes2015x15

But, if political parties aren’t reined-in and held to their officially stated principles and platform, it would seem that Democracy is dead. R.I.P.

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