The Worthless Shepherd

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Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “The Worthless Shepherd).” Israel Jews News. Editor: Yirmeyahu Ben-David. (2018.05.21, The Netzarim, (Date you accessed the Israel Jews News article)

As demonstrated in Why The Holocaust? ‘Final Solution’ Finally Solved, “רֹעִי הָאֱלִיל (rō•iy ë•lil; The Worthless Shepherd) prophesied by the Nᵊviy•im (Yᵊsha•yâhu 19.1 (אֱלִילֵי); Yᵊkhë•zᵊq•eil 34; Yi•rᵊmᵊyâhu 10.21; 23.1-8; 3.15; Zᵊkhar•yâh 11.15-17; 13.7) can only be found among the set of European rabbis who were responsible for defining electricity as “fire” (and, therefore prohibited on Sha•bât), but this is not enough to identify rō•iy ë•lil from the other pre-Sho•âh European rabbis.

The connection that narrows our search is the connected phrase: תְפוּצֶיןָ הַצֹּאן (tᵊphutz•eynâ; paal fu. 3rd pers. fem. pl. of פוץ; they (fem. אַהֲבָי, beloveds in previous verse is nearest fem. pl. n.) will be dispersed, scattered) of הַצֹּאן (the tzōn).

This prompts the reader to ask: So, who was תְפוּצֶיןָ הַצֹּאן (tᵊphutz•eynâ ha-tzōn) in the Sho•âh? Identifying their leader will reveal the רֹעִי הָאֱלִיל (rō•iy ë•lil) prophesied by the Nᵊviy•im!

There were a plethora of Jewish sects in pre-Sho•âh Europe. A partial list includes: Kha•sid•im, Mit•na•gᵊd•im, Ash•kᵊnazim, Sᵊphâ•râd•im, Mi•zᵊrakhim, Satmar, Zionists, anti-Zionists, moderate-Hasᵊkâl•âh, Berlin-Hasᵊkâl•âh (-Lite), Musarim (ethicists), Kha•reid•im (Radical Orthodox Quakers), Yiddish (German Assimilationists), anti-Zionist Reform, Neologs, Neo-Orthodoxy, anti-Zionist Bundists, anti-Zionist Autonomists, anti-Zionist Agudah (association, society), anti-Zionist Orthodox (moderate), etc.

All of these sects seem to have survived the Sho•âh with roughly the same %age of losses of Jews. The glaring hits to theology, however, clearly shattered Yiddish and anti-Zionism, leaving other disputed theological issues in Judaism largely unchanged and still being debated today.

Compounded by the theological hit to Yiddish (a part of acculturative blending and assimilation generally), the second, KO part of the one-two punch — to anti-Zionism — is the key to solving the identity of the prophesied רֹעִי הָאֱלִיל (rō•iy ë•lil).

Another monumental Malform (Reform) displacement of Tōr•âh surfaced during this period: many leading Kha•reid•im rabbis and their rabbinic yᵊshiv•ōt countermanded Tōr•âh, overriding the Tōr•âh location of Israel, to decree a displacementEnlightened – “New Order” lapidifying their status quo as a Reform Malform redefinition of their existing semi-autonomous Jewish colonies (ghettos) in unnumbered distant lands, acculturated among the goy•impermanently displacing Tōr•âh-defined homeland of Israel — i.e. anti-Zionism.

Jews criticize virtually identical Muslim anti-cultural colonization in Europe and American, while remaining remarkably blind to parallel existing Jewish anti-cultural, virtual no-go, zones in Europe and America. Anti-national and anti-cultural autonomous colonies in the midst of any country constitute the same self-detonating time-bomb whether they are Muslim or Jewish.

All of the anti-Zionist sects, fortified by Yiddish-acculturation and other blatant assimilations that aided in blending them into their surrounding goy•im populations, saw the heart of anti-Zionism evaporate in the Sho•âh. No, the Jewish home would never be Malformed (Reformed) to mere colonies (ghettos, shtetls) among the goy•im. Except for the most radical Orthodox, reality-denying, intellectually dysfunctional Jewish cults, surviving Jews realized that anti-Zionism had been shattered — and dispersed into a few tiny, irrelevant scattered cults or hopelessly strayed, no-more-Jews-than-Ei•sau assimilationists.

The prophesied רֹעִי הָאֱלִיל (rō•iy ë•lil), then, must have been a key, pre-Sho•âh anti-Zionist. Someone like one of the greatest pre-Sho•âh rabbinic figures of Eastern Europe: Kha•reid•i anti-modernist (anti-science, anti-history, anti-education) and anti-Zionist Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Bloch — who was killed in the Sho•âh.

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