Update: Christian Upgrade (NQ Home Page)

After more than 4 decades, I’m still getting inquiries from Christians who don’t understand the differences between what they believe and what Netzarim believe. My 40 years experience has demonstrated thousands of times without exception that gentle words flat-out don’t communicate anything that people are preinclined not to believe. They simply “understand” what they read in terms compatible with what they already believe.

Or they don’t understand it; cannot understand it — because it isn’t compatible with what they believe it MUST be. I guess they think I must have mis-written, so they need clarification.

The only way to communicate concepts that are foreign to them, concepts that are incompatible with what they believe must be true, is to be brutally and graphically straightforward. Every person who has advised to be gentle and kindly give such advice from a position of total inability to communicate the message their way; total failure of their mission.

Ergo,I have updated the “Christian Upgrade” page, linked from our Home Page, to confront Christians — directly, straight-up, confrontationally and, hopefully, unavoidably — with concepts that I’ve been repeatedly asked, either because they haven’t bothered to read my books and the website (my suspicion) or they haven’t been able to see any difference from what they already believe despite my very direct and confrontational language over the decades. We must not be concerned — at all — whether anyone likes us; only that those who search are confronted with the evidence and facts in terms that wake them up and leave them confronted with the facts and well informed.


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