Chronology update

After months of work upgrading my Chronology to reflect recent 14C datings of both the Kallistæ (Thera/​Santorini/​Minoan/​Atlantis) eruption, a series of Egyptian Pharaonic reigns, the destruction of Yᵊrikho and other advances in archeology-related science, I’ve just uploaded the latest update. This time, in addition to my invention of my “Live-Links” on-line publications, I’ve incorporated special features that will enable me in future to update new science advances almost in real time. Consulting my Chronology will be faster for most folks than obtaining the latest scientific papers or even EurekAlert. Hopefully, folks will begin citing this as a source. Here’s how a citation should look (according to the most modern, Chicago style, format):

Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Chronology Of The Tanakh, From The ‘Big Netiyah‘, Live-Link” (page updated date). The Netzarim Quarter (NQ) website. (Date you last accessed Chronology) < >

(Unless you’re a programmer, you may have to eliminate the angle brackets or the whole URL may disappear.)

You should include a proper citation anytime you use information from our site. Use the following, more general, format you can put in a bibliographical entry with a note (note quotation marks, italics, apostrophes and periods):

Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “Title at top of web page” (glossary entry or page updated date). The Netzarim Quarter (NQ) website. Date you access and full URL of page.

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