Russian Meddling Aim: NOT Discord, Disruption

Democracies Are Victimized, And Still In Dark

Think about it! What single effect is caused by sowing discord, disruption or chaos?

The result of discord, disruption and chaos is schism-based hate. The bellwether words here are “polarization” and “radicalization.”

When the Russians (or other foreigners) succeed in radicalizing and polarizing the voters of a democracy, then the population splits into two, mutually hate-spewing, radicalized poles.

This is exactly the result we see not only in America, but also in Israel and other democracies.

Moderates are silenced, even stifling their right to freedom of speech, and cease to be noticed in polls, influencing elections.

This won’t be solved until the target is recognized: designer polarizing and radicalizing of democratic populations.

Polar-radicalized voters means voting-in polar-radicalized governments, which produces a grid-locked K’nesset/Congress (and other law-makers) of two belligerent opposites. Everybody blames the “other” and hates the “other” radical opposite – ensuring nothing can get done. Moderates are stifled. Sound familiar? Russians (and other foreign entities) have been wildly successful and are STILL “laughing their asses off.”

In Israel, if you’re not an Ultra-Orthodox Khareidi then you’re an Epikoros secular goyim; if you’re not a fire-breathing atheist then you’re an Orthodox Khareidi; if you don’t support the “Right” 100% then you’re a “Leftist”; if you don’t support the “Left” 100% then you’re a “Rightist”. In America, if you’re not a “Black Live Matter” racist then you’re a “White Supremecist” racist. No moderates remain to reject both polar radicals.

Look, for example, at a current American hate-throwing polarization and radicalization: gun control – either everyone should be able to carry all manner of assault weapons or all guns should be illegal (though making guns illegal has no appreciable effect on keeping them out of evil hands). Polarized. Result: law-makers permanently grid-locked. (See also my Tweet:

SUCCESS DEPENDS on combining BOTH inextricable needs: 1. no civilian should have access to an assault rifle, armor (rounds or body), WITH 2. every trained & licensed citizen has right to hunting guns & carry-concealed handgun #IntelligentGunReform

It was never about “deciding” an election. It was always about polarizing and radicalizing the electorate in order to vote in a polarized and radicalized government that would grid-lock itself. And they’re still succeeding!

3 thoughts on “Russian Meddling Aim: NOT Discord, Disruption

  1. Yes, merely “egging on” both American “sides,” each against the other to further polarize — ergo radicalize — both. And we see the same foreign trolls here in Israel on virtually every issue from Bibi to vigilantism (e.g. Azeri) to religious cults (even within what was historically Torah) to elections (Left v Right, atheists v cults, etc.); just like America — radicalizing voters, which drives the government into self-gridlock, self-frozen into their own handcuffs (each side scandalizing, impeaching and obstructing the loathed “other”). Radicalizing democracies may even be fatal to democracies. Time will tell. In the interim, i.e. today, democracies force intractably contentious people to live cheek to jowl and then have the חוצפה to not “get it” why intractable antagonists forced into a box with each other continue to descend into deeper and deeper mutual loathing, boiling antipathy and radicalization.

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  2. Wasn’t the fault line present with the russians or soros or whoever merely applying slight pressure at week points per the usual?

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