Illegals: America’s DACA & Israel’s Sudanese & Eritrean Africans; Same Global Liberal, No-Border Agenda

Last month, I was asked, by someone I corresponded with in a Hebrew University archaeology forum (Orion) years ago, for clarification about a global miso-Judaic undercurrent that I had noticed and mentioned in passing. I replied only vaguely as I place a priority on sharing knowledge in open access forums, not special knowledge concealed in private channels.

But (and these “serendipitous” “coincidences” happen regularly with me), the other night a TV documentary aired here punctuating my colleague’s recent inquiry. The episode failed to grasp a flagrant and intractable conundrum entrenched in liberal thinking. In an early segment, Bill Clinton advocated for a planet-wide, border-less, homogeneous (NYC) Queens, while a later segment extolled the virtues of the city- (Queens-) rejecting Emberá tribe of Panama/​Colombia in South America.

Totally homogeneous and border-less intractably contradicts any tribal community.

The “liberal” vision requires that everyone must mix completely or be ostracized as a sociopath and persecuted as a racist – in reality the opposite of liberal. This post-nationalist, “liberal,” socialist view allows no provision for a physical community. Neither religious, cultural nor ethnic attractions can be permitted to gravitate into a separate Emberá-like community. That freedom is taken away by liberals.

This Version 2.0, post-nationalist socialist agenda on steroids, seems to have mutated from a failed WW-II European pursuit of the earlier version, nationalist-socialist agenda (see Yirmeyahu Ben-David. “US Pres. Obama’s ‘Social Revolution’ roots: Social Reform” The Netzarim Quarter website, Web Café Archives. (2009.10.05). ​.) It’s clear, after the fact, that this same agenda was championed by Bill Clinton before Baraq Obama, Rev. Wright & Co., which came closer that anyone yet realizes (had Hillary been elected, would have been a fait accompli), to taking over America from within – and with the help of a number of Jewish dupes like Bernie Sanders and Charles Schumer (both adequately extricated from Judaism and initiated into a post-Judaic lifestyle suitable as “Jewish” front-men, poster faces for the post-nationalist socialist movement – and yeah, that’s why they, and “Jews” like them, are not reliably pro-Israel).

Update 2012.02.12 — Border-less homogeneity is even more of a problem in Israel, where border walls separating Israelis from areas of Arab concentration would, for example, have prevented the near-lynching of 2 IDF soldiers earlier today — in which one of their weapons was stolen, as well as a long list of similar past incidents and the future incidents that will continue until we complete a wall that completely separates Israelis from every major non-Israeli Arab population center in our midst. There is no acceptable reason to refrain from completing separation walls that completely protect us from our enemies, as well as ensuring we don’t accidentally enter areas in which our enemies try to lynch us. Pretending these aren’t mortally dangerous enemy areas is simply insane. Enemies of the Jewish state of Israel must become as unwelcome in Israel as Israelis are in their areas.

Examining the undercurrent platform beneath the liberals’ race to a border-less, totally homogeneous planet, belies a number of entities promoting this same agenda: certain political parties in many different countries and much of the media, both tracking back to a common group of deep pockets of wealth.

Follow that money back to the wealth, track what else they’re financing, and you’ll identify the sources of real evil in the world, in a number of countries. You’ll also know why most of the media won’t print this, and other things I write. You might want to make a copy of this, in case this site gets “wiped,” so that you can post it wherever you’re able. As always, proper citation is de rigueur.


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