28% to 21% – I’ve Turned The Tide, Beaten J4J

Before I began publishing, virtually all of the group described in this Times of Israel article perceived Yeshu to be simply the Christian description that J4J preaches. Now, the majority — 28% to 21% (a stat expertly buried in the details in the article) — understands the Christian doctrines to be in error. I.e. I’ve beaten J4J already and just getting started.


5 thoughts on “28% to 21% – I’ve Turned The Tide, Beaten J4J

  1. I applaud your direction toward following Torah. And I will try to help you understand the gap between us. In order to do that, the first thing you need to deal with is that it’s clear from what you write, and from the content of your website, that you’re not yet to the point where you qualify to declare that you follow Torah. You must understand it, and what it requires, before you can follow it. You’re not there yet.

    I’ve been struggling for decades to clarify the answer to the question you raise because there are millions of others like you struggling to resolve this question along with you. Investigating this question involves a process much like a physician attempting to narrow suspect symptoms, or a scientist testing suspected phenomena, to ascertain the causal solution. What, exactly, is it that you’re missing about where we are and what we see and believe? Even though I was raised seeing and believing from your vantage point, and I know from my own background more thoroughly than your greatest divinity professors or vatican scholars what you’re seeing and believing, I find a crystal-clear short answer to see from the 1st century Judean perspective (i.e. our Orthodox Jewish vantage point) elusive. What’s the missing piece(s) that keep your eureka-moment light from clicking on? To find out requires that this be a process of ongoing investigation.

    Because there are so many others struggling along with you, it’s essential that the the clearest answers I can formulate are incorporated into the appropriate pages of our website where they can all find the answer. Therefore, while I’ll ask questions in this blog to try to determine the points you’re not seeing, I’ll post the answers in the appropriate place(s) in our website (NQ), clarifying it for everyone.

    I’ll begin by finding out whether you’ve studied my books and our website thoroughly. What you’ve written and what I see on your website is intractably incompatible. So the first questions involve where you’ve not studied, and, more importantly, why, and how can others avoid that pitfall?

    1. Have your read my basic set of required-reading books as suggested in NQ?
    2. Have you studied all of the free material, completing the NQ Village Tour?
    3. Have you read the “Christians Upgrade” link?

    Thorough, dedicated and prolonged study is essential, unavoidable. Ok, I was blazing a path no one had seen for millennia, and that’s more difficult; but even I had to study diligently, obsessively, more than a quarter of a century before my eureka moment, when the light clicked on for me. If it were easy…

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  2. The J4J evangelical movement is promoting false dogmatic teachings. It is a pity that Jews do not find the many real Christian denominations, which do not take Jesus as their god, but who worship the Only One true God of Israel. Concerning the poll it is enough indicating that no non-trinitarian Messianic Jews where questioned.

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    • Christian is defined by the New Testament, not you! The NT dictates that Christians — all “real Christian denominations” — accept Yeshu as the “Son of God.”

      It’s good that you don’t accept the false teachings of J4J, or Yeshu as divine, but that makes you NOT a Christian! Deal with it, get out of Christianity, renounce Yeshu and the NT, and conform to the original Netzarim.

      (We’re not going to debate NT passages — nor Christian doctrines dependent upon their NT (see our History Museum Pages at http://www.netzarim.co.il) — since we don’t accept NT anyway. I’ve translated the entire NT from ALL of the earliest extant mss. up through the 4th century C.E. There’s no one on the planet qualified to win such a debate with me; pope, Vatican, seminarians or whatever.)

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    • Dear Guest Speaker, I came out of all those groups you tell of. I searched for the truth for many years. Yeshu, or JC is a false religion that united all the paganism of the world under Rome. I encourage you to leave the Christian fold and follow Torah. A place to begin is on this site. Read the fact based research presented at http://www.netzarim.co.il it will open your eyes and give the scientific proof you need.

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      • We wonder what the difference between your faith and ours is, when you too believe in the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua to be the Messiah. Looking at some of your pages we can only get the impression we are sitting on similar lines.

        We do not keep to the pagan rites and are not under the Roman Catholic Church nor under trinitarian protestant churches. We are people who follow Torah.

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