Updates to glossary definitions

Updates 2017.11.17 — Updated glossary entry for פוסק (poseiq).
Also, ran across a couple of great articles:
1. Prof. Avi Sagi: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-state-of-israel-is-the-birthplace-of-a-new-jewish-people/

2. https://www.timesofisrael.com/spiritual-leader-at-ny-orthodox-community-says-shes-no-bra-burning-feminist/

3. Whole list of great articles in ToI by Orthodox R. Chuck Davidson (see his blog in ToI): http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/author/chuck-davidson/

Updates 2017.11.14 — Just finished updates on glossary entries for semikhah, rabbi, rav, ribi and supporting (“more” icon) pages.

Updates 2017.11.02 — Just finished updates on glossary entries for Sheol, ruakh and nephesh. Working on updating entries for Ribi/Rabbi v Rav and semikhah — really gnarly chaos of Teimani v Ashkenazi v Babylonian-assimilated Talmudic Academies v Yehudi Talmud (inaccurately called Yerushalmi despite having been expelled from Yerushalayim during that time). More gaps than links dispels false view of seamless connections from era to era asserted by the rabbis.

Updates 2017.10.20 — Shamai. And I’m nearly finished incorporating invisible tags in the glossary entries that will enable you to use your browser Find (Ctrl-F) to search within a glossary page for an entry by unvowelized Hebrew spelling or xlit.

Updates 2017.10.19 — include glossary entries for kippah, tzitzit, tephilin (and some others I’ve forgotten).

I’ve just completed some glossary definition updates that readers will likely find fascinating. They can be accessed from our home page (www.netzarim.co.il), from the line reading “a-d,” etc. Updated definitions include avodah, melakhah and miqdash, among others I don’t recall at the moment.

I often update definitions. So it’s good practice to check occasionally whether you’re familiar with the latest update.

09.03 also updated definition of midrash. Still working on rabbinic definition (“More” link) of melakhah.

09.08: think I’ve finished the “More” link (in “melakhah”) dealing with Midrash methodology (mathematical logic superseding Bronze Age anecdotal generalizations and 1st century hermeneutics; provides the only possible solution to the present morass of infinitely internal-conflicting rabbinic rulings that often go off-the-rails looney tunes getting cultish fanatic strict attempting to put more patches on old patches deriving from scientifically ignorant false premises, etc. Gets quite complicated.

One thought on “Updates to glossary definitions

  1. I think the definition of מלאכה is well put. The erroneous reasoning was recorded in the 1st Century CE – the seeds existing from time immemorial. By the 5th Century the insanity could easily have been codified.


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