Israeli Rabanut and Israel haYom Newspaper Have Libeled My Family & Nᵊtzarim

Twice now, in rabbinical court documents, the Israeli Rabbinate has lied about me, my family and the Nᵊtzarim, FALSELY stating that we believe in Jesus (Hebrew ישו) as the Mashiakh. Yesterday, Israel haYom parroted this falsehood Fake News in both their Hebrew paper and English online editions. Publishing only one side, without fact-checking and finding out that it’s riddled with false allegations, is irresponsible and lazy tabloidism, not journalism.

NONE of us believe that Jesus (Hebrew ישו) is the Mashiakh!!!

This is a despicable falsehood perpetrated by under-educated fake halachists and fake journalists who lack even the most rudimentary intelligence to grasp the difference between history and mythology. Jesus (Hebrew ישו) was NEVER an “Orthodox” Jew. It (not he; it’s mythology not to be confused with reality) was never a real person, much less a Jew, much less a Pharisee. It’s mythology!!! I find it incredible that Jews cannot grasp it’s mythology, not to be mistaken for, nor confused with, reality or real people. Clearly, I’m far more removed from that mythology than the rabbis who defame us.

Learn some history

The Christian Jesus (Hebrew ישו) is Hellenist mythology syncretized by Paul and subsequent Hellenist gentiles after 135 CE from their indigenous idol Zeus. We renounced this idolatrous Hellenist Pauline mythology, with its New Testament, long before we converted (via Orthodox rabbis, BTW). NONE of us believe or follow this idolatrous mythology or its J-word (Jzeus) false god-on-a-stick idol; and it is false and defamatory to represent otherwise.

Lᵊ-havdil. A mortal Pharisee Ribi Yᵊhoshua (Hebrew: ריבי יהושע הפרושי) is documented history. Ribi Yᵊhoshua preceded “Orthodox” Jews by nearly 2 millennia. Do some historical research on “Orthodox” Jews! “Orthodox” Jews are a quite recent REFORM. We do believe that Ribi Yᵊhoshua was the Mashiakh Bar-Yoseiph (NOT, lᵊ-havdil, divine nor Christian).

THERE’s the gaping hole in Rabbinate and Fake News where knowledge and understanding should be and both the Rabbinate and Fake News refuse to acknowledge!

In fact, what the Rabbinate requires of geirim — upon pain of disenfranchisement — is denial of the historical record, archeological hard evidence, denial of science (when was the earth created again?), acceptance of denial of logic, denial of honest research of the real world and giving up my freedom of speech to swallow, instead, European rabbinic mythology out of the Dark Ages. I didn’t sign up for that back then and I won’t do it, ever! I see the kind of zombie mushrooms they have as followers. I feel pity for them.

Similarly, contrary to Israel haYom’s article, it is not the “path” of any real person that “Christians had perverted.” Myths don’t have paths. No, gentile Hellenist Christians, primarily after 135 CE, arrogated and syncretized stories about a Hellenized Pauline version they heard from Hellenist (!) Jews, Paul and his followers, transitioning and morphing their Zeus into their Jesus so that Hellenist gentiles would accept it as the natural evolution of Hellenism. Jesus has NO basis outside of mythology and Christianity is an evolved form of Egypto-Hellenist mythology having NO roots in Judaism or reality!!!

This has been repeated ad nauseam for half a century now and still they are too undereducated to grasp it. Even the very books they cite spell it out lucidly for anyone with a functioning brain who can parse a sentence. So does our only legitimate website: (see especially our Museum Pages).

Both the Rabbinate document and the Israel haYom article also seem to insinuate that the Nᵊtzarim follow me. The Nᵊtzarim don’t follow me or any other person; not even Ribi Yᵊhoshua. All rabbis and Ribis are fallible, including the Mashiakh. The Nᵊtzarim follow ha-Sheim and His Torah as interpreted according to historical documentation, archeological hard evidence (as contrasted with a lot of arts-degreed archeologists’ opinions), scientific knowledge and method (mathematically-precise logic) — the real world of the Creator-Singularity that is true Halakhah; not mythology whether Christian or Dark Ages European rabbinic!!!

For the record, they also have falsely insinuated that my wife was a minister. She was never a minister. They falsely alleged that my daughter sought conversion. She never did so. Her Israeli birth certificate shows her to be a born Jewess, exposing the absurdity of the allegation. She was born a Jew, went to dati schools here and we were members of the local Yemenite Orthodox beit k’nesset here in Ra’anana for over ten years, until the rabbis expelled us claiming we aren’t Jews, and she has never known anything else — except the Rabanut’s betrayal of all she’s known her entire life.

If I can motivate a top-drawer defamation lawyer who’s willing to sit down and learn a bit of documented history I’m determined to sue the Rabbinate, the Interior Ministry and then-MK of the Interior Rabbi Yitzkhaq Peretz who authorized our aliyah and Israeli ID cards identifying us as Jews back in 1985 but now denies it (even though the ID cards could not have been issued without his approval)!

The case in unlosable: false allegations are straight-up provably false and defamatory. And I want to sue for billions. Not only has my family suffered and my life’s work suffered, and uncountable souls been deceived by these libels, the position of Jews and Israel in world opinion is negatively affected by the racist intolerance exuded by the skewed-viewed Rabbinate that the extremist rabbis have forced on Israel’s world view for decades. All of these things need to be rectified, including my reputation, the reputation of my family and the reputation of the Nᵊtzarim whom the rabbis have lied about; and that rectification will take an enormous amount of money. Torah requires reimbursement plus 20%. How will they give us back our lives? And so many other Jewish lives they make a nightmare?


7 thoughts on “Israeli Rabanut and Israel haYom Newspaper Have Libeled My Family & Nᵊtzarim

  1. We stand for the scientific, historical and logical interpretations of Torah, which comprise true halakhah. Ergo, ‘ה, the Creator-Singularity of the universe, stands with us. Nothing else really matters. בָּרוּך ה’ בְּכָל מִקרֶה (Bârukh haSheim bᵊkhâl miqᵊreh; Bless haSheim anyway [lit., in every situation]).

    The Modern Orthodox view is predominantly supportive off-the-record, silent out of fear of reprisal (torpedoing of their career) by the black-hat Rabanut (Rabbinate). A number have told us, again off-the-record out of fear of reprisal from the black-hat Rabanut, that our positions are all entirely compatible with Orthodox halakhah–which is exactly what the converting Orthodox rabbis took the time and study to realize–and they don’t have any problem with the Netzarim. That’s the long-term future. We will win even if it’s after I’m gone.

    Short-term picture, however, is a lot more muddy. Still, even in the immediate now, there are a few, and increasing number, of Modern Orthodox rabbis who have decided to openly fight the black-hat Ultra-Orthodox monopoly, which is turning myriads of Jewish lives into nightmares; not just us or Netzarim by any means.

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    • Cant you explain that as Judaism neztarim worship HaShem quodesh echad. That Christians worship jesus a false god.


      • We’ve declared that ad nauseum in person; it’s, yet again, in this response to the article and it’s in my books and in our website. What we say has no effect on them whatsoever. They imperviously assume and insist that we are Christian missionary liars deceiving them like they’ve seen before (and everywhere else even now), then declare that their views of us are our position, publishing the lies you see before your eyes. A bit like American Dems/Left are doing with Trump.

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    • When outside rabbis declared the Rabbinate, which is black-hat, Khareidi Ultra-Orthodox, had “unrecognized” us as Jews I left the beit k’nesset, despite many in the beit k’nesset, including the Mori, who pleaded with me to stay and fight from within and, I think, still defends us as Jews.

      I didn’t think it was fair to them to bring the wrath of the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate down on all of them because of us after the Teimanim had been so kind to us and protective of us for so long. We were members for over 10 years.

      Some members in the beit k’nesset told us they expect us back when we win. And, last time I spoke with them, they expressed confidence we would eventually win. It’s a matter of time and money until we win. The fact of the Ultra-Orthodox, black-hat Rabbinate’s lying about us, simply because they deny historical documentation (when was the first Pharisee and rabbi?), archeological hard evidence (how old is the earth?) and science (they prohibit teaching science in their schools) and they can’t grasp the facts, is provable and incontrovertible.

      So we discontinued our membership. I don’t know what they may, or may not, have done after that. I suspect they caved to the Ultra-Orthodox, black-hat Khareidi Rabbinate.

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      • So keep your shalom eazy said than done. I dont know what to say. What has been the modern orthodox view. Is anyone standing with your family? Are you wife and daughter ok and her husband?


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