The Only Possible Solution For Middle East Peace

Religion has been the absolute and uncircumventable core of the conflict over Har ha-Bayit since even before the Muslims first arrived here with their displacement theology religion at the tail-end of the 7th century C.E. Before the Muslim displacement theology religion arrived, the Hellenist Romans imposed their Christian displacement theology religion in 135 CE. Until 1948, displacement theology religion had remained imposed ever since. There is no possible “undisplacement” religious argumentation to a displacement theology religion (much less two displacement theology religions) dependent on citing mutually exclusive “Bibles”. If you cite what seems to be favorable Quran or New Testament doctrine (rather than historical info) you inadvertently imply its overall validity for displacement doctrine.

But the inability of anyone to see a solution for the centuries since does NOT mean there is no solution! There IS a solution, but recognizing the sole solution means refusing endless diversions down time-wasting dark alleys of futile, non-religious, wild-goose chases.

All three “Abrahamic” religions share increasing confidence in science and archeological hard evidence and documented history, including Tanakh. Without Tanakh, today’s Christians have no basis and today’s Semites don’t even track back to a son of Avraham or Yitzkhaq; they aren’t even legit Arabs, ergo no valid claims at all.

For example, anyone can see that the Dome of the Rock, which historical records corroborate never existed until the tail-end of the 7th century CE, is built on the non-Muslim, non-Arabic, Byzantine octagonal foundation of a previous Byzantine structure. Arab claims of earlier dominance are sheer lies.

Belief in the mythological Arabic Pegasus, al-Buraq, the magic flying horse that supposedly flew Muhammed overnight from Mecca to Yᵊrushalayim (instead of the reality: the “faraway place” being Medina), and then up to “heaven” does not comport with any of these reality tracks (like the docs from earlier Muslim clerics quoted in the article).

All of these tracks of science, hard evidence and historical documentation are in internal agreement, and those who comport with them are destined to converge in that internal agreement. Those who deny science, hard evidence and historical documentation are denying reality, delusional. So, it should be obvious that the solution resides in focusing on, EDUCATING (instead of indoctrination in contra-science and contra-historical religious mythologies — and raising shahid jihadists to kill Jews) and advocating in these tracks of science, logic, hard evidence and historical documentation.

But not even Israeli gov nor Orthodox Jews are setting an example by fully embracing these tracks. (How old is the earth again? When was the first rabbi? Ultras teaching science yet? Why are Orthodox converts disenfranchised if they refuse to deny science, logic, reality and historical records?) Until Jews themselves comport with the reality of hard and unassailable evidence — restoring their own authenticity in a scientific and logical understanding of Torah — they won’t be in any position to demand it of Muslims or Christians.

No one has put together the single working combination of ALL of these needed keys (which force some surprising insights upon each of the three “Abrahamic” religions to restore authenticity) to make this sole solution viable until, for the first time since 135 CE, world events made it possible in 1948. In the early 1970s I was the first to figure out and publish the only possible solution to the religious impasse that has persisted for millennium. It’s now been ignored in my books and in the ONLY legit Nᵊtzarim website: for half a century: three claimed “Abrahamic” religions “From different perspectives toward a shared path…”


2 thoughts on “The Only Possible Solution For Middle East Peace

  1. I would place the beginning of the problem in the Middle East with individual arrogance, like the arrogance of Shlomo Hamelekh to violate Torah with strange wives, strange deities, allowing that the land not rest, and an over burdensome tax among other things. Then his son Rekhavam who would rule by force and increase the tax burden. Perhaps it was even before with the violation of David with Batsheva and Uriahu.

    These actions tore Israel apart and since then the Middle East hasn’t seen peace. Religion just filled the gaps created by the the violations and now it screams for unwarranted attention.


    • Clashes in the Levant, like the sacred mountains (more than one in the area) pre-date David ha-Melekh and the others you mention, even Israel, by millennia. The primary reason is location: the nexus of caravan spice and trade routes is centered in the Levant. All of the surrounding powers fought for control of this nexus over the millennia. But these were economic, not religious, clashes.

      By contrast, the The point I was emphasizing is that sacred mountains, all over the world, have always been “religious” at the core from the beginning of time. Ergo, clashes over a sacred mountain are, at their core, religious wars entirely independent of economics or other aspects. They can be mixed causes. But every cause can be absent from the causes of a war over a sacred mountain except the one core cause: religion.


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