Rabbis, Waqf & Israel Collude To Sanitize Jews from Har haBayit

We know the Islamic Waqf has long employed the ‘Pizza Process’ in a prolonged effort to sanitize “al-Aqsa” and “Palestine” of Jews.

What will likely come as a great shock is the real reason why Israel is losing its grip on Har haBayit and why the rabbis have forbidden Jews from Har haBayit.

The ostensible reason, the rabbis insist, is because the mountain is too holy for Jews. Yet, the mount is not too holy for gentiles, who rendered it no longer holy millennia ago! The entire mount would have to be reconsecrated to again be holy!

In reality, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis oppose Jews praying on Har haBayit because Ultra-Orthodox rabbis are REFORMING Judaism as you read this, displacing Har haBayit with the NEW pseudo-“holy place” they have staked out as their own power base: not on historically-authentic Har haBayit but displacing Har haBayit with the tël Plaza.

Ceding historically-legitimate claims and scientifically analyzed archeologically-legitimate evidence — out of pusillanimous cowering, let’s be clear — empties Israel of our most basic claims to legitimacy as a modern nation where Jews are the indigenous people; that Jews belong here; that this is not an indigenously Muslim Arab country. Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox and politicians are ceding Israel’s most basic claims to legitimacy to placate the Muslim world. This is, ultimately, a strategy for national suicide.

Thus, on the issue of Har haBayit, Israeli politicians, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis and Israeli politicians are all on the same side, and in collusion: no Jews may pray on Har haBayit. Ultra-Orthodox rabbis have REFORMED Judaism to transfer “holiest prayers” from Har haBayit as designated in Torah, INSTEAD to the tël Plaza as today’s most pseudo-holy place for Jews to pray — run by the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis, of course! Today’s Sadducees in Pharisaic clothing would shame the 1st century CE Tzᵊdoq•im!

Seeing the Waqf and Ultra-Othodox rabbis as potential political allies in this pinnacle flashpoint for religious-Jews, Israeli politicians race each other at every election to kiss the rings of the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis to further postpone the inevitable eventual crash. Displacing Har haBayit with the tël Plaza, delivered to the Ultra-Orthodox only, is the price for winning any Israeli election. That’s why, regardless who you vote for, Ultra-Orthodox rabbis continue to rule your lives and loosen Israel’s grip consistently, even on equal rights for Jews to pray, on Har haBayit.

Terrorist Attack Is Status Quo, Israel Response Breaks Status Quo

So after a Muslim Jihadist terrorist attack, Muslims globally demand “return” to (a new, less “Jewish”) status quo ante — and Israel capitulates absolutely and pusillanimously!

Relinquishing, in absolute humiliation, even Israel’s right to take defensive measures in response to the Muslim Jihadist terrorist killing of two Israeli police officers on the mount is the most incontrovertible defeat for Israel in our modern history! Muslims’ celebrations, hi-5s and handing out candies to celebrating Muslim crowds are nothing compared to the encouragement and motivation Israel has gifted Muslim terrorists to ratchet up further incitement, increasing “rage” and attacks. Terrorist attacks on Har haBayit can only end in gains for Islam. There is no risk to Muslims of losing anything (beyond the lives of the shahids, which Muslims exuberantly offer, even widely and loudly encourage, and subsequently idolize and subsidize their families).

Muslims are willing to bring on the apocalypse to secure “al-Aqsa.” Israel is unwilling to go “all in”. This equation guarantees an ultimate Islamic win with the accompanying extinction of Israel, Torah and Jews.

Either Israel

  1. puts together a well-considered (instead of ad hoc, knee-jerk response that has to be undone) national strategy to earn back Jewish rights on Har haBayit, which we’ve been allowing to slip from our grasp,
  2. and back it with the willingness to go to apocalyptic war, if necessary, to stand firm on that strategy without backing down one qubit, permanently reversing today’s equation,

or Jews will continue watching Har haBayit being pulled, nanometer by nanometer, from our grasp.


One thought on “Rabbis, Waqf & Israel Collude To Sanitize Jews from Har haBayit

  1. Tolerance and feigned respect to religious dicta run(s) deep in Israel. Even showing a bit of religiosity is met with approval. There are plenty self described non-religious, that can spot a charlatan, that bow to them with their mezuzote kisses and kippah wearing. Begs the question of hypocrisy were one to kick out the murderous muslims. As it stands there are enough weak and corrupt and probably ignorant in the government and so-called security services resulting in the reversal of any attempt to limit the soldiers of islam on Har HaBayit.


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