Return To Status Quo Rewards Muslim Jihadi Terror

Guarantees That Muslim Jihadi Terrorist Attacks Are A Safe & Profitable Gambit

Israel’s unconditional commitment to the status quo ante guarantees that the Muslim Jihadis terrorists attack on Har haBayit, like all other Muslim Jihadi terrorist attacks, can never lose anything. If everything goes worst-case-scenario for them, still they know they cannot lose anything – because return to the status quo is guaranteed. The world guarantees it.

Thus, Muslim Jihadi terrorists can only gain from a bloody Muslim Jihadi terrorist attack killing Israelis. In other words, not counting shahids (Muslims holy-Jihadist martyr-saints whom Muslims count not as any loss but as gaining paradise for their evil deed), Muslim Jihadi terrorist attacks will, at worst, maintain the status quo, never worsen their situation, and offers almost certain gains in every case. In this case, Israel is likely to capitulate to the Saudi-Jordanian ultimatum – strengthening the Muslim grip on Har haBayit while simultaneously weakening Israel’s grip.

Muslim Jihadi terrorists attack produces Muslim Jihadi terrorists gain-win and Israel loses.

So, Muslim Jihadi terrorism will always be a safe gambit because the only possible outcome is a gain for Muslim Jihad. Return to the status quo precludes Israel from ratcheting up a permanent adjustment to defend our historic and Biblical rights against Islam’s mythological false claims based on Mohammed riding a Pegasus overnight from Mecca, supposedly to Yᵊru•shâ•layim (actually, the “faraway place” referred to Medina until 638 CE (

As a consequence, Muslims, with the assistance of the world – including the Trump admin – is slowly but inexorably wrenching the heart of Israel, and every legitimate Jew for millennia, from our chest. Israel and Jews have survived every threat for millennia, including the Holocaust. Aiding and abetting Muslims in wrenching our heart from our chest (for a claim based on an outlandish fable no less) is a prescription for building pressure beyond the point of bearable, which inexorably and inescapably must lead to an explosion.

The latest Muslim Jihadi terrorist attack on Har haBayit has resulted in Israel countering with a strictly defensive metal-detector system. Yet, the Saudis and Jordanians set an ultimatum for removing them. The net result is that Israel will capitulate to this demonstration and proof of Saudi and Jordanian sovereignty over Har haBayit, loosening Israel’s grip on Har haBayit even further. Yet, even the Trump admin, instead of standing behind Israel’s rights, is bullying Israel to capitulate our dying grip on the heart of historical-Biblical Israel and every legitimate Jew – and based solely on a blind-ignorant, superstitious fable of a Pegasus horse!

When Muslim Jihadis shatter the status quo with terrorist attacks, for the world then to force Israel to simply ignore Muslim Jihadi terrorist attacks and quietly, like obedient and uncomplaining Jews, go back to “the way it was,” is, first of all, unjust to Israel and our victims of Muslim Jihadi terror. Secondly, for Muslims to absorb no setback from the status quo because of their Jihadi terrorism demonstrates, proves and guarantees that Muslim Jihadi terrorists attacks are risk free. Muslims are guaranteed beforehand that they cannot lose anything by carrying out their terrorist attack. The only possible outcome is gain or no change! The only dissuasion to repeating their gains forever is to make them losses instead. Only when terrorist attacks cause losses to Muslims will terrorism cease to be profitable to Islam. As long as Israel allows terrorism to pay, terrorism will continue the ‘Pizza Process’.

As long as the world bullies Israel into helplessly absorbing Muslim Jihadi terrorist attacks — turning a blind eye of “exception” to Muslim Jihadi terror that focuses only against Israel and Jews (“dirty Jews” and “that —— country” being expendable, and in the hope that will placate Muslim Jihadi terrorists and keep them too busy to attack the rest of the world) — Israel can only struggle in your handcuffs, for which י‑‑ה will hold you accountable.

After all, it’s the world’s tacit approval of Muslim Jihadi terrorist “protesting” Israel’s existence in the Middle East that opened this Pandora’s Box in the first place back when they began blowing up airliners and Israeli Olympic athletes. Suddenly, Muslims all over the world saw that terrorism had proven to be the successful way to force Islamic will and domination on the world.

Installing self-defensive metal detectors intolerably breaches the status quo — but Muslim Jihadi terrorist attacks murdering two Israeli police officers isn’t?!? When Muslims breach the status quo then Israel must be granted the right to counter-breach the status quo!

Israel has been, and remains, the canary in the mine.


One thought on “Return To Status Quo Rewards Muslim Jihadi Terror

  1. The reports that I read implied, if not stated, that Israel was willingly maintaining the status quo. This seems to be in character with past and present governments. Something like finger nails on a chalk board is hearing, “Yrushalyim is and will be undivided,” and “Yisrael is a sovereign State.”

    Metal detectors certainly tell those going through them that some things will be forbidden to take through. Thus the area is no longer the property of the soldiers of Islam, that it was, and has been since……wasn’t it Dayan that gave it to them?

    I’m thinking that if I were the canary and the door was open, I would fly out.


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