The Demise Of Haredim Signals The Beginning Of The Restoration Of Authentic Torah!

Last week, ynet published an important Opinion piece by Yoaz Hendel reporting the deteriorating situation of the Khareidim (Haredim), The post-Haredism era is underway .

Khareidi superstitions are casuist rabbinic reforms more recent (still ongoing, in fact) than Reformed Judaism reforms, a false and distorted view of “history” that is NOT authentic Torah; and have only false claims of connections to Torah that lead Yisraeil astray. The article was good and important.

Though economic pressures have an effect (sometimes in defiant reverse), many peoples have suffered beyond description in their resolve to remain faithful to their faiths. Economics is not a driving factor.

The only driving factor is the unstoppable and inescapable march of knowledge into their camp. Knowledge tramples over these rabbis like elephants over grass. I warned the rabbis more than a decade ago that if they didn’t conform to the truths of Torah – GENUINE history, science and logic = true interpretations of Torah AND halakhah – that haSheim would imminently fire them.

Of course, haSheim knew that these Khareidim rabbis harbor defiant-arrogance in their hearts, no differently than Paroh. So haSheim has goaded them, just as He goaded Paroh prior to the Yᵊtziah, to demonstrate His Superiority.

Several years ago now, I informed these rabbis that they had been fired. Not that I threatened to fire them. Not another warning that they would be fired. They had, already, been fired! Yoaz’ article is merely one of the first to notice that. Israel will continue to advance in Torah, moving on despite the contra-Torah superstitions of these European Dark Ages rabbis, and without them.

Enabling Torah to welcome ALL of the Creator-Singularity’s, namely haSheim’s, children (if, as some scientists pose, there is sentient life elsewhere in the universe then them too) is an imperative to Him. No elitist cult can be allowed to deny Torah to ANY child of the Creator-Singularity.

True history is in the documentation: Ribis Hileil, Yᵊhoshua and Gamᵊliel, who had obtained dominance of the Beit Din ha-Gadol, all concurred that any 3 reputable Jews could certify a conversion. “Performance” of a conversion is a bᵊrit — contract — between haSheim and the convert; exclusive of the 3 reputable witnessing Jews. The 3 reputable Jews are merely witnesses to the rest of the community that the Jew (not “convert” nor the 3 witnesses) affirmed the contract. (Note: There are Jews who did convert. There are geirim learning enough to make an informed decision to enter the bᵊrit and become a Jew. But there has never, ever, been such a classist, elitist and racist thing as a “convert”! “Born Jews” are more likely descendants of the eirev rav at the Yᵊtziah, or later “converts,” than from Avraham, Yitzkhaq and Yaaqov. Even DNA shows Semitic similarities while specifics remain highly questionable and unreliable)

The reality is that ANYONE in the world who wishes to learn what Torah teaches has always been absolutely welcomed by haSheim, the Creator-Singularity Father of all of us humans, and any 3 reputable Jews are Biblically-ordained as authorized to judge when, in their opinion, such person has obtained sufficient grasp of the historically-documented, scientific and logical interpretations of Torah instructing how a Jew is expected to live and certify that the person entered the bᵊrit to do his or her utmost to live according to Torah.

No human being, or group of human beings, has ever been authorized to refuse to recognize (much less “unrecognize”) a child that has been adopted as His Own by the bᵊrit of haSheim!

Displacement theologies, including the Khareidi cults, are built on false “histories” that are exposed by education and knowledge: historical documentation, archeological hard-evidence combined with today’s scientific corrections and oversights, science and discrete logic.

A priori, instead of Jews remaining the current blip on the world’s screen, Torah has the sole right in terms of historical, scientific and logical legitimacy to attract the world’s increasingly-educated billions!

If the person includes, in the historically-documented, scientific and logical interpretations of Torah, an objective study of the role of Mashiakh (as opposed to idolatrous Egyptian-Hellenist-Christian myths), then that person, beyond just being a Jew, will be a Nᵊtzarim (see sole legitimate Nᵊtzarim website:


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