24 hr Israel News from Yapho

Apparently i24 News has been available outside Israel for some time. So, while it originates here (יפו), I haven’t heard of it until a few days ago. It’s worth checking out.

online: http://www.i24news.tv/en/tv/live
cellphone app: i24 news

The broadcast suffers from occasional technical glitches: inability to upload stream fast enough to keep the stream going, resulting in stoppages, occasional restarts, etc.

On the other hand, so far, seems to present facts unbiased, keeping the viewer abreast of Israeli news and how international news affects Israel; and not consumed with American media’s socialist silliness. Seems to include matter-of-fact, seemingly unbiased, factual news whether it’s what we want to hear or what we don’t want to hear. To be truly informed, the latter is critical.

Update 2017.06.03 – It’s imperative for a news organization to set forth the (verifiable) facts of all discussions being debated in the world’s “news” media, consistently distinguishing the facts from other claims lacking evidence. The discussion itself is an essential thing, it’s only when a bias is injected, or “discussion” is nothing more than two bobble-heads yelling at each other at the same time, that it degenerates to intolerably obnoxious schoolyard squabbles, tabloidism and propaganda that is seriously toxic to public communication.

Taking the best American network, IMO, Fox, for example, they advertise “Fair and Balanced.” But, while they are a cut above the rest, they are still grossly anemic on both counts. Working from the assumed (false) premise that Xy is right, for example, leads Fox religious correspondents to hold Jews and Muslims to Xy’s “Gold standard” (especially obnoxious during the Xmas season). That is neither fair nor balanced. Moreover, having an intellectual moron speak on behalf of Democrats and socialism because there is no one else daring to accept the challenge of dealing squarely and honestly with inconvenient facts from their perspective does not approach “balanced.” Better to call an airhead who denies the facts a vacuous non-starter, without giving them air-time fame, and be done with it. Boring serious, educated and intelligent people with a tedious twit produces neither news nor balance.

i24, whether they meet their criteria or not remains to be seen, advertises “Unfiltered and Unbiased” citing the exact problems of tabloidism and agendaized propaganda that have long driven me to exasperation.

Eliyahu’s input has helped me focus on the areas that seem to me to contrast with other MSM, and to more specifically communicate subtle distinctions in greater clarity and definition.

So far, I have to say that i24 seems to seriously pursue their motto. I haven’t seen air-headed bobble-heads both yelling at each other at the same time. I have seen topics raised and discussed on i24 in a civilized manner, examining the factuality of arguments from all sides (which presupposes posing the arguments from all sides). I value most highly hearing different views IF they are presented in an intellectual environment (which presupposes the willingness to accept, and deal with, inconvenient facts rather than counterattack under the false premise of diversion), in a civilized manner. Acceptance of factual reality, even when inconvenient, is critical to dealing and negotiating successfully in the real world. That goes for a nation just as much as for an individual.

Even other Israeli media, ranging from socialist to Khareidi, are off-the-charts biased and “coloring” (spinning, distorting, propagandizing) toward their own particular agenda. That’s propaganda, not news. You might see an occasional new(s) fact, but the media overflows with propaganda and tabloidism, not news.

So far, i24 seems head and shoulders above all other “news” media I’ve seen (which ranges from Chinese to BBC to France to European to Fox to CNN, Israeli ynet, Maariv, ha-Aretz, nationalnews Arutz Sheva, etc.–even Israel ha-Yom, second only, now, to i24). So far, i24 is the only new(s) facts source I would rate as deserving the title “news” and genuinely intellectual discussion. (Israel ha-Yom, for example, permits no serious critical discussion. Their commentator is the final gospel.) While “bobble-heads” (anchors, interviewers) are necessary, i24 seems to realize more than others that their place is to ask pertinent questions and allow the educated specialist interviewee (hopefully knowledgeable on the topic) to answer the questions. This contrasts markedly from other tabloidal propaganda media outlets whose anchors and interviewers are tasked with defending the outlet’s POV and agenda with heated argument and time management — with the result that guests favorable to the outlet’s POV receive kid-glove, favorable and confirming coverage while guests disagreeing with the outlet’s POV are abused, constantly interrupted, shouted down, mocked and flushed.

Re: Paris Accord, i24 interviewed a senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute, who presented a balanced view. The i24 “Clearcut” anchor asked essential questions that needed to be asked and brought out the points that Trump & Assoc. argued and other MSM refuses to cover. It is a news fact that world leaders are universal in their fury against Trump. We need to be aware of that because it is fact. The “why” is something no media, including i24, has yet recognized: the American money teat has left the Paris Accord, which means that, inexorably, countries still in the Paris Accord are going to have to pony-up for those countries currently getting a free ride. So it will be a while before these furious countries realize the unsustainable economic fix they’re now in when their pockets near empty. At least i24 has brought out a point I haven’t heard anywhere else: it is China and India whose population have to wear surgical masks to breathe on their cities’ streets — not America.

Certainly, being aware of Merkel’s position is a factual necessity as long as it’s presented “unfiltered and unbiased.” What I saw about “Russia-Trump collusion” was a clip from (former Fox) NBC Meghan Kelly interviewing a panel that included Putin, where Putin mocked the baseless (lacking any evidence so far) socialist-Democrat canards. Commentators advocating Socialist Democrats (not i24 anchors or commentators) crying about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord is news. I don’t see “unfiltered and unbiased” i24 anchors or commentators sympathizing with them or preferring them to the conservative side of the argument (and their commentators). I want to hear reasoned arguments based on facts from both sides. i24 aired video of Mattis declaring that the U.S. will not accept the current Chinese adventurism in the South China Sea.

Given that i24 is the only Israeli news source declaring itself aimed at “unfiltered and unbiased,” I suspect that i24 will ensconce itself as closest to that highly desirable goal.

Time will tell; and we’ll continue to solicit yall’s continued input.


One thought on “24 hr Israel News from Yapho

  1. Just checked it out. Crying about Trump pulling out of Paris climate change and stating Merkel is now the strong leader. Also said China will lead and quipped about Russia-Trump collusion like usa MSM. Maybe it is the Shabbat fare which seems to go hard left knowing they won’t get push back from the religious for a day. If I remember, I will tune in again to see if this is the norm.


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