Trump Ushers-In Nᵊtzarim New World

“From different perspectives toward a shared path… inexorably, the Nᵊtzarim are the future!” This is quoted from the line that has, for decades, been at the bottom of the opening screen of the only legitimate Nᵊtzarim website, @

In his recent trip to our Arab cousins in Riyadh, to Yᵊrushalayim, the capital of Yisraeil, to Beit Lekhem, the birth city of King David, and to the seat of Christianity in Rome, Pres. Trump has implemented, in the real world, the realization that the majority of conflicts in the world are ultimately conflicts between the three major religions. As we have been shouting on deaf ears for decades, the only solution is what Pres. Trump has accomplished on his recent trip: unifying people of good-will in all 3 major religions behind the shared distinction between religious people of good-will v violent religious extremists. What remains, of course, is serious and enforced implementation by all parties.

Enforced implementation is no longer a mere option. Under Pres. Trump’s plan, Saudis will obtain a huge arsenal of weapons that, combined with other Arab nations against Israel, poses yet another existential threat. Thus, peaceful alliances between the Arab nations and Israel are suddenly an existential need for Israel – or Pres. Trump’s plan would need to be curtailed, with the result of everything he’s put together unraveling.

This has changed the fundamental orientation of the world; from chaotic nebulous focus on all Muslims to a changed new world orientation in which a majority of Arab Muslims have recognized the need to transition from active Jihad to, post-Trump, unification against religious violence (hopefully). Pres. Trump has changed the world orientation, and perhaps ensuing reality, for the better. We must now relate to the potential of the new world. This implies buttressing and building on the fragile foundation of unity of the 3 major religions in rejecting violence in favor of dialogue that Pres. Trump has established. To succeed, all 3 religions must recognize that religion is only successful when it originates in the heart, not when it is externally imposed by force. Accordingly, success hinges upon rejecting violence in favor of peaceful intellectual dialogue based on historical documentation, logic and science — the Nᵊtzarim algorithm, which is inexorably a converging path.

Speaking to my own (as Christians and Muslims should likewise do), we have nationalists and khareidim (pop. haredim) who are prone to resort to violence. Just because ours is a lesser level of violence than we see among Muslim Jihadists does not excuse it. We must eradicate it from our midst no less than we expect Christians and Muslims to do.

Pres. Trump’s declaration that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon is vital; and the importance of his declaration cannot be overstated. It’s a black-eye for America, for freedom of the press and freedom of speech that, with the exception of Fox, all of American media conspired to implement a black-out of Pres. Trump’s many extraordinary, unparalleled and historic achievements on this trip.

It’s no less vital that Pres. Trump reiterated confirmation of Israel’s historic, millennial ties to the land of Israel and “Never again!” concerning the Shoah (Holocaust).

Another nuance most bobble-heads (TV pretend-expert commentators) missed is Pres. Trump’s repeated reference to 2 (two!), not 3, Muslim holy cities (Mecca & Medina, both in Saudi). In historical reality, unless you believe in the mythology of a winged-Pegasus, an overnight “flight” by Muhammad to Yᵊrushalayim is a silly myth driven by political ambition and belligerent miso-Judaic adventurism. (Historically, his overnight trip by horseback was to “al Quds” — the Muslim-Arabic holy city — Medina.)

While Pres. Trump’s forward team in Yᵊrushalayim portended an ambush (for which they need to be fired), his visit to the Kotel with rabbinic help (including non-Khareidi Orthodox) but without rabbinic oversight was an excellent thing. I love that his real trust was in Jared (someone tell me his name as he’s called to Torah). Glad that Pres. Trump refused rabbinic oversight at Kotel; but Jared, Bibi, Rivlin and other Jewish MKs should have accompanied him. Caved to difficulties. Avoiding Muslim sites and optics on Har ha-Bayit a plus.

On the other hand, Pres. Trump pretended the non-existence of several unavoidable realities. Neither Yᵊrushalayim as the indivisible capital of Israel, nor Israeli jurisdiction over – including Jews’ right to pray on – Har ha-Bayit nor Israel as a Judaic state are negotiable. IMO, neither may Beit Lekhem (Bethlehem), the birth city of King David, remain Arab-occupied.

Pres. Trump made no mention of:

  1. recognizing Israel as the Judaic state or the state of Jews. Short of recognizing Israel as the Judaic state of Jews is a fake, non-recognition of Israel! As awful as endless war is, it is the better alternative than negotiating this essential element of our Biblical definition.

  2. Yᵊrushalayim as united capital of Judaic state of Israel (and on the very day of the 50th anniversary at that, ongoing as he spoke!) of reunification of Yᵊrushalayim. Short of recognizing an indivisible Yᵊrushalayim as the capital of the Judaic state of Jews is a fake, non-recognition of Israel! As awful as endless war is, it is the better alternative than negotiating this essential element of our Biblical definition.

    (Pres. Trump didn’t move American embassy to Yᵊrushalayim as promised. Perhaps he made moving embassy closer, time-viable-wise?)

  3. Har ha-Bayit (Mount of the House; Hellenized to “Temple Mount”) — must be under the jurisdiction of Israel and, outside of the present two mosque buildings, Jews must be allowed to pray freely and free of harassment on Har ha-Bayit. As awful as endless war is, it is the better alternative than negotiating this essential element of our Biblical definition.

Other things can be negotiated. But these points are not negotiable! Better endless war than abandoning these absolute essentials of our Divine heritage of millennia!

Knowing leaders arrange and approve statements in advance, Trump should have refused a joint speech with Abbas rather than allow Abbas to rant, with Trump standing beside him in the birth city of King David, about occupation and “al Quds” (Arabic name displacing historicity of Yᵊrushalayim) as capital of a no-historicity, yet-another terrorist (’68 Olympics, Israeli Jewish kindergarten school, pizzeria, etc. massacres, blown up airliners, a long string) Palestinian state, etc.

On another topic, I wonder what Jared (what is his real — Hebrew — name?) was thinking as he shook the pope’s hand? I think I know what thought Yael (Ivanka) and the pope shared when they met: he wondering / she recalling — the reason why she abandoned Christianity to enter the bᵊrit of Torah.

Update 2017.06.02 — While Pres. Trump has already agreed to massively arm the Sunnis to the disadvantage of, and possible existential threat to, Israel, he has reneged on his promise to move the US. embassy to Yᵊrushalayim! Thus, his promises apart, Pres. Trump’s actions have left Israel in a weaker position with still no U.S. embassy Yᵊrushalayim. Like his predecessors, great promises, but actions weaken Israel.

There shall be NO (!!!) peace until the three points above are assured to Israel. Until then, whether or not Bibi or the Israeli gov’t recognizes it, “peace talks” are a farcical political dog & pony show meaning nothing and impossible to produce anything enduring — except more wars for Israel to endure to protect and defend the points I enumerated above. Shame on you, your shallow understanding and your vacillation in the face of Arab threats and false representations Mr. President!!!

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