Trump Ambushing Israel!

When Trump’s prep team visited the Kotel (Western Wall) last Day1 ahead of Trumps’ visit, they told Israelis that “We’re asking you to leave, and we need to be left alone. Israeli officials cannot be here; this is not your territory, it’s the West Bank. This is a private visit by the President and has nothing to do with you. It’s none of your business.”! (,7340,L-4962667,00.html)

If PM Netanyahu was wearing big-boy pants like the Americans, Pres. Trump should be notified that, under such circumstances, he is not welcome and his visit has been canceled.

Update: According to unsourced reports published in Israel ha-Yom (, PM requested clarification from WH, which — reportedly (?) — the WH indicated that the remarks of the US prep team where not authorized by the WH and do not reflect Trump’s policy. We’ll see! The Americans involved, likely from the long anti-Israel US State Dept. swamp now under Sec. Tillerson, need to be fired!!!

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