How Israel’s PM / POTUS Can Vanquish Defamatory Media

The overwhelming preponderance of defamatory propaganda and false besmirching that issues constantly from plutocrat-funded, socialist / anarchist / anti-religious media, drowns out any hint of truth – now a global threat to free people, and their democratic governments, everywhere.

How can out-of-control media, answering only to a few globalist socialist (Nazis on steroids) oligarchs, be stopped? As one who has accomplished the impossible, I can tell you how. Beginning back in the early 1970s, my research enabled me to do what no one else has been able to do, ever: restore, for the first time since 135 CE, the Nᵊtzarim (original Jewish followers of 1st-century CE Ribi Yᵊhoshua) in the Orthodox Jewish community of Israel. I’ve endured here in the Orthodox Jewish community for decades and ensured the future of the Nᵊtzarim in the Israeli legitimate Jewish community. So I know how to do it. I’m not guessing. With ha-Sheim’s help opening the doors for me, I’ve built the unparalleled track record to prove it.

(For those interested in more detail: I’m a Mensan who researched and discovered that the unique and only accurate historical descriptions of Ribi Yᵊhoshua, unlike Hellenist-Christian mythology, accord with Halakhah and, therefore, are acceptable to the better educated and informed Orthodox rabbis. My discovery, based on my own scientific research and translating from original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts, enabled me and my wife to achieve the impossible: to be the first open, straightforward and publicly overt (on the record in Orlando Sentinel & TV) believers that Ribi Yehoshua is the Mashiakh – since 135 CE – to convert as Orthodox Jews and make aliyah (immigrate) to Israel under the Law of Return (!), where I’ve been living as an Orthodox Jew since 1985. Complete details are in, particularly our History Museum pages.)

If I had relied on speaking spontaneously via oral communications, like YouTube, being human, I would have made misstatements that would have enabled fanatic rabbis in Haredim cults to skewer and discredit me. (As it is, they had to resort to putting bald-faced lies and outright libel about me in written court documents, which are easily exposed and still in the years-long process of working their way to Israel’s Supreme Court.)

No social media can be the solution. Besides favoring yet another particular social media company, switching to YouTube as Gingrich suggests would protract the same disadvantages of oral communication misspeaks from which the current press briefings suffer. Every misspeak would still be parsed by the media and twisted by logic-challenged, arts-degreed 3rd-graders posing as journalists to distorted accusations and false narratives. Or you would again be criticized for reading rote from a prompter and off-script comments would continue to be skewered.

Here’s your solution: upgrade your own (PM or POTUS) website as needed and publicly transfer to it all daily briefings.

  1. You have complete control of the accuracy of content combined with the ability to draft the content as you wish and the advantage of then sending it through your own logician wordsmiths to ensure accuracy.

  2. You can offer, via your website, a newsletter subscription to whomever desires it, offering whatever frequency of publication you choose.

  3. You would no longer be propping up audiences for vicious networks, traditional media nor exposing yourself to criticisms of favoring a particular social media.

  4. Further, you can solicit questions directly from a managed public submission form and respond directly to the people’s relevant and intelligent questions; ignoring juvenile litanies from obvious propagandists, adamant to not understand any answer outside of their agenda, reparsing the same question ad nauseum – and in written, not oral, form. Oral responders don’t seem able to respond even more relentlessly, “I’ve answered that question!” (with absolute firmness and resolve; not “I think I’ve answered that question”) and move on.

    You could provide an accompanying bar chart of most frequently asked topics as well as answering several examples each day of particularly penetrating questions in each category. Then, the public’s interest would transfer from the terminated evening TV litanies and feeding frenzies by arts-degreed juveniles, who majored in finger-painting coloring books, to refocus, instead, on intelligent dialogue directly with the people. Why does the #1 media audience draw (media’s fuel) continue to agree to put on a show, every evening, gratis, fueling his #1 distorter-adversary and America’s most powerful unbridled and unchecked domestic sector?

Some folks are more interested in politics than others, and vary in how often they want to be fed/bothered with such info. Ergo, I’d further suggest offering subscriptions in daily update formats and/or weekly summary formats.

The Israeli PM has an additional need: publish all briefings so that the peoples of western democracies interested in supporting Israel can more effectively do so: publishing in both Hebrew and the international language: English. Perhaps additionally in other primary languages specific to the Jewish Diaspora (Russian, Spanish, French, German). These days, Chinese translations should not be neglected. Note: it is improper for a Judaic state of the Jewish people to publish in Arabic! Like other Israeli citizens, Arabs can learn the national language: Hebrew.


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