Implications Of How US FBI Dir Comey Was Fired

As a former personnel director (and former USAF Intel analyst with America’s top security clearances), the reason why Comey was informed of his termination while far from his office is abundantly clear. And the public should be aware of the implications.

When it’s necessary to fire someone in a sensitive position, vindictive actions, as well as destruction of damaging documents and records, require that the person to be fired must remain unaware of the firing beforehand. Typically, the first order, carried out before opening the office in the morning, is to security to empty the employee’s desk of his or her personal items, place them in a box and deliver them to the office of the personnel director. Then security greets the individual as (s)he enters the building and escorts him or her to the personnel office where (s)he is informed of his or her termination, given his or her personal items and escorted from the building with no opportunity to access records, delete files from computers, etc.

Anyone who thinks the circumstances of Comey’s firing, by such accomplished executives, was accidental is incurably naïve. It was professionally careful to protect and preserve potential records that might be pivotal and irreplaceable.

Why now? Likely, this move depended on tracking down, and protecting, some documents, records, computer files, etc. – and then snapping shut the trap quickly.

In this case, Comey’s trip was fortuitous; enabling the new acting director to step in and secure all of the records, computers, documents, etc. before Comey learned of his termination.

I wondered why Comey, no longer in the FBI, was afforded the FBI plane back to DC. I guess the new acting director had to order the plane back anyway, and it wouldn’t have been professionally ethical to strand Comey so far from his home.

That clearly demonstrates that there is a belief within the intelligence and law enforcement communities that such records, damaging to Comey (perhaps evidence of caving to, or even collusion with, cohorts like his recent boss, Sally Yates, her boss Loretta Lynch, their champion Hillary Clinton, her protégé, Huma Abedin and the recent Dem National Security Advisor Susan Rice), likely exist and were vulnerable to destruction like Hillary’s emails, cellphones, etc.!

I suspect the US Assistant AG (AG & WH) are aware of some critical information and that there will follow historic repercussions and (if national security considerations permit) tectonic revelations as a result. I’d be concerned, though, that the acting director has highly suspect Democratic ties via his wife running for Democratic political office and receiving $700k from the Democratic party.

What’s laughable is the gullibility of arts-degreed, Dem Socialist-Anarchist mushrooms who lap up the deliberate and libelous deception that Trump should have fired Comey right after his inauguration. Does anyone doubt that would have meant every arts-degreed, Dem Socialist-Anarchist mushroom cata­stroph­i­cal­ly crashing down on Trump, renewing their scurrilous and vile canard that Trump was taking vengeance trying to jail his political election rival? How is it that arts-degreed, Dem Socialist-Anarchist (anti-law by definition) mushrooms protest demanding that Trump violate the law and not prosecute Hillary’s more than 1,000 felony counts of criminal violations of the Espionage Act?mushroom 29x28


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