USCong Hearing: Flynn & Russians; 2 Things No One Gets

While I prefer to invest my time in Israeli affairs, Americans who’ve never held a security clearance, especially media bobble-heads, clearly need some assistance understanding intelligence matters.

As a former intelligence analyst with America’s highest security clearances, I’ve noticed two things in the public knowledge that have implications no one has noticed.

1. Yates was right about Russian awareness that Flynn lied to VP made Flynn vulnerable to blackmailing by the Russians. What no one has picked up on, including media bobble-heads, is that the moment that Yates notified the WH of Flynn’s lies, that terminated Flynn’s vulnerability. Any Russian threat to expose him carried no further threat as Flynn was already exposed. Vulnerability over! Boils down to exactly what Trump described: His conversations with the Russians were part of the job. Flynn’s only error was lying to VP, for which Trump, properly, fired him.

2. Yates made a side remark no one, including media bobble-heads, have picked up on: In addition to Yates and WH counsel and those in the room, Yates noted that the Russians knew. So who’s been leaking to Wikileaks? The Russians. Ergo, good chance the leaker to WaPo was a Russian.

If that’s the case, then from whom did the Russians learn it?


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