Does America’s Opiate Epidemic Loom On Israel’s Horizon?

I prioritize attention to issues that are either currently on the Israeli radar or, presently afflicting America, loom on Israel’s horizon. My previous article mentioned, in simple recognition of reality, “Millennial ‘snowflakes’, with their participation trophies, unemployable arts degrees in imaginative free-expression majors, safe bubbles, global socialist “no-free-speech” zones and college coloring book time-outs should be redubbed the Mushroom Generation (re ‘Mushroom Method’).mushroom

The most alarming issue looming on Israel’s horizon is America’s denial of the primary cause of the opiate plague, along with the profiteering anarchist cartels/gangs and terrorists, spin-off human trafficking, prostitution, crime and firearm violence: viral rottenness that socialism has deliberately programmed into America’s mushrooms!

This denial is related to America’s experience of the Prohibition. Making alcohol illegal didn’t make it go away. Rather, it drove the profits into the hands of the underground, redirecting profits from the government to criminals. Same is true of drugs, prostitution, guns, etc. The public’s confusion of making a perceived evil illegal with eliminating that evil is the core problem.

When I was in police academy, I became aware of the major types of illicit drugs being marketed. Of course, that knowledge was dated and now decades out of date. But the reasons young people use drugs doesn’t change: relative inability to deal with reality. Whatever the popular drugs are these days, if I would’ve had a stash in my house for all of those decades it would still be untouched and long-forgotten. Drugs aren’t the problem. The desire cum need to use drugs is the problem and the proper question is why.

Socialist utopianism, a free opiate of the masses, will never be compatible with reality. That conflict inexorably leads either (rarely) to a harsh and painful collision with reality or (usually) to denial of reality (i.e., irrationality = delusion = insanity).

The core problem of all of these evils are parents – ranging from single mothers who can’t deal with life themselves (often preferring socialized infanticide) to socialist Democrats who will never be able to square their utopian delusions with reality – who themselves are in denial of reality, which is, by definition, irrational, delusional and insane. Socialist Democrats multiply these Democrat voters, which virally proliferates more viral proliferation of the rottenness of ‘snowflakes’, with their participation trophies, unemployable arts degrees in imaginative free-expression majors, safe bubbles, global socialist “no-free-speech” zones and college coloring book time-outs who cannot deal with life’s realities, unable to live without their opiate escape. Mushroom parents of mushroom children are the core problem and none of these other evils will be overcome until society conquers the spread of programming even more socialist mushrooms.mushroom

And that prompts the question: what is the underlying cause of an ever-growing unprepared, unplanned and often unwanted parenthood that (in cases where the epidemic of infanticide is rejected) continues to produce the ever-increasing population of mushrooms, who are ever less able to face reality? Marital lying, cheating and betrayals among “most married couples” (according to surveys) destroy trust that is essential to a relationship; causing break-ups and divorces to skyrocket. As parental pairings become increasingly short-lived, they grow mushrooms who are correspondingly neurotic. STDs aren’t getting much press, but can that epidemic be far behind?


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