Masortim (Conservatives) & Orthodox Blame-shifting Again

1995-07-yerushalayim-kotel-abba-250x165Blinkered by liberal global socialism, Israel’s popular “secular” tabloid combines with “secular” and Ultra-Orthodox Jews either in their inability to comprehend, or their deliberate obfuscation of, the primary and intractable strayings from ancient Torah that today hamstring “Jews” and “Judaism” both in Israel and around the world: anti-science racism!

Both “secular” and Ultra-Orthodox insist on tunnel-visioned blame-shifting of all ills – from assimilation to miso-Judaism – on each other, completely disregarding the external effect of anti-science racism on the world’s opinion of “Jews” universally throughout the world and to Israel specifically. The world, meanwhile, is largely unaware at all of Judaic denominations. As a recent tabloid article pointed out, while non-Orthodox movements in the U.S. and Canada are blamed for stampeding assimilation, similar assimilation has inflicted France where non-Orthodoxy isn’t a factor! In France, “the Jews of North Africa, most of whom arrived in France only in the middle of the 20th century, and who only met Orthodoxy, without any disturbances and background noises, underwent an accelerated assimilation process at a record pace… Orthodoxy, unintentionally, managed to systematically alienate most of the country’s Jews from their identity. [These faithful Jews of Eidot ha-Mizrakh immigrating to France] saw [French “Orthodox,” with their European Shulkhan Arukh,] as irrelevant [European AshkenaziSᵊpharadi ‘Orthodoxy’].” (Yizhar Hess, oped, ynetnews, 2017.01.17).

The faithful of Eidot ha-Mizrakh still do see European Orthodoxy and their Shulkhan Arukh as irrelevant – both in Israel and elsewhere! European AshkenaziSᵊpharadi ‘Orthodoxy’ is inexorably self-implosive. And here it must be remembered that the Jews who populated Europe are descendants of the Jews who fled Israel in 70 and 135 C.E. to Roman-Empire, Hellenist, Europe; as contrasted with the Jews who fled into pre-Islam Arabic countries to get away from Roman Empire Hellenism. The pro-Hellenists (who fled to Europe) were the Tzᵊdoqim and the anti-Hellenists (who fled the Hellenist Roman Empire entirely) were the Pᵊrushim! So the faithful of Eidot ha-Mizrakh, not “Orthodox” Jews, are the faithful heirs of the Pᵊrushim and Torah – and Ribi Hileil and Ribi Yᵊhoshua; something Rambam recognized in preferring the Teimanim (Yemenite Jews)!

Neither the stunting of Judaism, nor the miso-Judaism against Jews, nor the miso-Judaism against Israel are driven by the entirely irrelevant non-Orthodoxy of Masortim or Reform movements. The stunting of Judaism, the miso-Judaism against Jews and miso-Judaism against Israel are all driven by one engine: Ultra- (not mainstream-) Orthodox anti-science racist “Jews,” who insist with sanctimonious belligerence that their supremacist race, determined by their mother, overrides any other, including religious (namely, Torah), considerations. This is exacerbated by their intransigent imposing upon “Jews” the prohibition of learning or teaching science, imposing medieval illiteracy to become like them.

But while (mainstream) Orthodox subscribe, with reservations, to the contra-Biblical, Holocaust-defined, modern era racist definition of a Jew (despite the Biblical paradigm of Eisau-Edom; families used to sit shivah for family members who assimilated!), Orthodox Jews do not selectively reject science, historical documentation nor archeological hard evidence. A child, until the age of maturity, is assumed to be of the religion of the family. There’s nothing amazingly “chosen” about that! But as Eisau-Edom demonstrated, straying from the family religion later in life constitutes excision from the family along with the family’s religion! Thus, it is solely the Biblically and historically pristine Yᵊhudi-practice of Torah, not one’s race or genetics (maternal or paternal) that defines the Yᵊhudi(t) – irrespective of any earthly decree issued by a modern-era, contra-Biblical, Turkish-ordained “Israeli Rabbinate” that happens to enjoy the current imprimatur of a secular Israeli government that didn’t exist before 1948!

So, on the one hand, while Orthodox have a post-Holocaust, modern-era, racist-influenced definitional problem; on the other hand, they do not suffer from the imposed illiteracy of Ultra-Orthodox prohibitions against learning, or teaching, science.

What impedes Jewish growth more than any other thing is not non-Orthodoxy but, rather, refusal of the supremacist, sanctimonious European Tzᵊdoqim “Orthodox” to accede to the Pᵊrushim movement of the Jewish people as expressed in batei kᵊneset (Hellenized to “synagogues”) throughout 1st century C.E. Israel! In fact, the supremacist, sanctimonious European Tzᵊdoqim “Orthodox” are the cause of the non-Orthodoxy of educated Jews, who recognize the illegitimacy of European Orthodoxy!!! And none personify this illegitimate European Orthodox more than the supremacist, racist, self-imposed illiterate, yet abusively sanctimonious, Ultra-Orthodox.

Only 8% of Israeili Jews are European AshkᵊnazimSᵊpharadim Ultra-Orthodox according to the latest census to publish this measure (2013). Yet, this 8% tail wags the 92% sheep in secular (!) Israeli politics and government rule. The faithful of Eidot ha-Mizrakh are despised by the European AshkᵊnazimSᵊpharadim Ultra-Orthodox as racial inferiors. “The numbers speak for themselves. Orthodoxy, which represents a small minority in the Jewish people, has a solution which suits few people, period.” (ibid.). But Hess’ conclusion in this context is non sequitur. The question demonstrably is right versus wrong! Right is Torah; wrong is European racist Ultra-Orthodoxy that defies reality and science and, correspondingly, alienates educated Jews and the rest of the intelligent and educated world!

Non-Orthodox strayings are no more helpful than European Orthodoxy. The ONLY solution is what the Nᵊtzarim have been proclaiming, after a long externally-imposed hiatus, since the 1st century C.E.: the Yᵊhudim and Yisraeil are defined ONLY by Torah-practice, not race. And the communities practicing the most pristine precepts of Torah as practiced in the batei kᵊneset across Yisraeil up through the 1st century C.E. are the faithful of Eidot ha-Mizrakh. Scholars of history agree that the most pristine exemplary paradigm of the faithful of Eidot ha-Mizrakh are the Teimanim (Yemenite Jews). They are neither sanctimonious, nor arrogant, nor abusive, nor racist, nor anti-science. That is why these are the only Jews who will remain invulnerably relevant in the future. They will thrive as the world advances and cannot be throttled under any circumstances. Practice Torah as they do, interrelating in harmony with their communities, and you are a Yᵊhudi(t) irrespective of so-called Orthodox Judaic authorities. Else you are not.

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