Extra-Governmental = Non-Governmental. UN Is An Anti-Israel NGO

1995-07-yerushalayim-kotel-abba-250x165Since WW-II, Western culture has been going through a period of liberal utopianism, a national socialism (sozialistische) 2.0 on steroids: covert and insidious global socialism (sozialistische), complete with Goebbels-esque slander and smearing of all opposition.

The first institution to be taken over by global sozialistische was education. Since the 1940s, first the nationalsozialistische (Nazis) funded the introduction and advocacy of socialism in the school books of American public elementary schools. Within a couple of decades, the Saudis began throwing endless piles of money into infusing high schools and universities across the United States funding socialist teachers and professors and positions. ( US Pres. Obama’s “Social Revolution” roots: Social Reform (2009.10.05; http://www.netzarim.co.il/Web%20Cafe/2009/2009.10.05%20Roots%20of%20Obamas%20Social%20Revolution.htm).

This period of perversion in education, resulting in the functional illiteracy of large segments of the population, including occupational and trade illiteracy of Arts major university grads, may well be labeled by historians as a Modern Dark Age.

No nation can be forced to harbor or nurture their enemies. Like Muslim Jihadist terrorists, anti-Israel NGOs cannot be tolerated in Israel.

The product of liberal global socialist “reeducation” is the liberal global sozialistische narrative of today, which absolutely eclipses contradictory nuisances–like facts, objectivity, truth, historical documents, archeological hard evidence, science and logic–in a utopian delusion bubble detached from reality, the definition of insanity. Here, Ultra-Orthodox too, are at home with other religions stuck in the Dark Ages.


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