On Prof. Sebastian Gorka: Islamic Terror, Lone Wolf Attacks & Muslim Radicalization

Commenting on the OSU attack by a Somali “child” (as “Palestinians” define them) this morning, Prof. Gorka rightly invalidated the phrase “Lone Wolf” attacks & Muslim “Radicalization.”

Attacks have been labeled “lone wolf” because the globalist socialists (e.g., the Obama administration) have refused to make PC-offending, blatant connections to Islam based nakedly on the sole excuse that no ID card or physical evidence from a terrorist organization was found on their corpses or in their homes after horrific massacres.

Even in cases in which Islamic motive was clear and incontestable, globalist socialists continue to maintain that no combination of web interest, mosque attendance or Islamic social media rants justifies attributing an attack to Islamic influence of any kind. Thus, simply “lone wolf.”

I shouldn’t have to tell globalist socialists that this is the 21st century. But it’s conspicuous that everyone needs to hold them to be consistent about the 21st century: web connections and on-line learning are a reality not to be minimized. Unlike Christian idolatry, neither Judaism nor Islam recognize any provision of vicarious atonement. But like extremist clerics everywhere, creative Ultra-Orthodox Muslim clerics have found a politically-useful loophole. In every case in which on-line connections have been found, there is an Islamic principle that was at the core: tawba (repentance that necessarily includes return to Ultra-Orthodox Islam). These attackers learn on-line that Islam provides that a Muslim who finds himself or herself unable to live a Muslim life, can only enter paradise via a demonstration of tawba: becoming a shahid (a Muslim holy-Jihadist martyr-saint). Presto: the failed Muslim gets a ticket to paradise by tawba of becoming a shahid ridding the world of kuph•ârꞋ (infidels, lit. “coverers” [of the Islamic version of “truth”]; pl. of kâphᵊr).

Therefore, these are properly cyber-Jihadists, not “lone wolves.”

Moreover, it can be discerned from the above that cyber-Jihadists learn tawba, not “radicalization,” from the web or mosque and it is then Islamic tawba that drives the cyber-Jihadist to carry out an Islamic shahid attack as their ticket to paradise.

Where you see “lone wolf,” substitute cyber-Jihadist. Where you see any cognate of Islamic “radicalization,” substitute “Islamic tawba“.

It is a religious war. And that necessarily means that, although the free world must defend itself via law enforcement and the military in the interim, the only effective and enduring countermeasure is countering Islamic apologetics with anti-Islamic religious polemics. And the the only effective polemic against Islam that stands up to scientific and logical scrutiny of archeology, historical documentation and the Biblical text that underlies all three of the involved traditional “Abrahamic religions” is the Nᵊtzâr•im.


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