Here’s Why Trump Won & What It Means

I’ll update this as new questions arise and it seems appropriate.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” They’ve elected the [insert your favorite slander here: hater, Hitler, rapist, etc.]!”

If you don’t yet see where the hate, and the bogeymen, are originating, then you’re an intellectual dullard. Maybe next week.

Media still assuming contrary to reality: Admitting that nearly all polls were wrong, why didn’t Obama with his 53% approval rating, help? Uh, that 53% is a poll result, mushrooms. Polls remains consistent: wrong mushroom food; and media remains consistent: continuing belief in socialist-generated straw men (more mushroom food) in the face of having been demonstrated wrong.

Media still assuming contrary to reality: straw men self-generated by socialist Dems & media: Why are the mushrooms so frightened by President-elect Trump’s win? Because they believe their own mushroom food that their mushroom farmers (demonizing by socialist Dems & media) and straw men! CNN (which HOT reinstated only a few days ago) academic mushrooms and remain stunningly ignorant about “fear.” Further: “scared” is yet another poll result, which remain consistently wrong (mushroom food). Beyond analyzing why all these polls are drivel, supposed “experts” should immediately stop assuming favorite poll results (consuming and regurgitating mushroom food) as fact to continue the mushroom factory they call analysis.

Media still assuming contrary to reality: Long-running refusal to believe that any Trump remark could be reasonable and that all Trump statements had to be hateful and insane, the mushroom factories (Hillary campaign & media) generated twisted “spin” perversions of everything that Trump said. Now that Trump’s remarks are becoming understood in the way he intended instead of the way the mushroom factories misrepresented and perverted his remarks, the mushroom factories insist that, since mushroom factories (media & anchors) cannot be wrong, Trump contradicts himself. One of a long list of examples: Trump threatened to jail Hillary. No, Trump threatens to restore justice, which would result in Hillary being indicted, prosecuted, the evidence is compelling that she would be convicted and the consequence of that is justice would be restored and she would, indeed, be in jail.

The only ones who are afraid are politicians guilty of felonies and media guilty of collaborating and colluding with the Hillary campaign. The only thing that (media pundits are calling) “blacks and browns fear” are the straw men mushroom food generated by the mushroom factory media and socialist campaign. Another example: “attacking” the Kahn family. Go check Trump’s actual words on the video: he’s probably a nice guy… a little emotional (which is understandable). Contrast this with Hillary lying face-to-face to the families of those killed at Benghazi–literally over the caskets of their dead family heroes!

Based on such false representations and slander, CNN Chris Cuomo and others on CNN continue to ASSUME and repeat the Dem-media-generated slanderous straw man mantra that the Trump campaign was “based on hate, intolerance, fear, racism, misogyny and xenophobia” and that Trump now “therefore” (roll eyes here) contradicts his campaign. But the truth is that it is the continuation of this false and slanderous mantra that is the real vindictive, rancorous, slanderous and fear-causing hate. There is NO ONE whom Chris Cuomo or his pollsters (and we know how reliable pollsters are) can demonstrate is afraid of Trump. What they fear are the straw men, bogeymen, generated by Hillary Clinton & Co. The election result demonstrates that the hate and fear is in the mind of CNN and Chris Cuomo. Yet, based on Trump’s defending himself from merciless slanders trying to bury him, Cuomo equates defense with attacks (in the tradition of Muslims attacking Israel then blaming Israel from defending ourselves) and continues, repeatedly, to charge loudly and bullying that Trump’s campaign was “obnoxious” and “based on hate.” And the guests are too cowed by Cuomo’s bullying that “Trump ran on hate” to stand up in his face “That’s a lie, Mr. Cuomo! Stop your lying hate-mongering perpetuation of the straw men that YOU generated. That is Goebbels-speak, NOT journalism!”

These same mushroom factor media “experts” are still propagating the lie that Trump said he would ban all Muslims. No, Trump said he would ban Muslims until America could develop a vetting process to ensure that only immigrants (Muslims included) who share American values are being admitted. With every passing day, that process is becoming more refined. “Sleeper” terrorists must be excluded. Nothing changes here. Except that, maybe, the mushroom factory finally may begin to educate those who produce so much mushroom food.

Some of these pundits are SO out of touch with reality that, contradicting the results of the election, they argue that “Old America” has dominated over “Today’s America” and “Tomorrow’s America.” Well, mushroom Ivy League professor “experts”, the election results—not you—determine what is today’s America and, for the next several years at least, tomorrow’s America.

Media still assuming contrary to reality: despite the election results, Hillary Won 3 debates. Just laughable.

Media still assuming contrary to reality: college grads: Arts Degrees (white women who haven’t yet developed any real-world experience or comprehension of the real world); young women who took an ivory tower bubble with them and remain in it. I also think there is some significance to the women Arts Degrees being white: black women college grads, including Arts Degrees, have a much closer connection to the real world, its real problems and the difficulties of everyday life in the REAL world.

“57% scared” but scared of what? The election results demonstrate that folks were scared not of Trump winning (proven by electing him) but, rather, of the very bogeymen (straw men) that their mushroom factories (Hillary campaign & her media collaborators) had created and still promulgate. They are not afraid of what might happen if a criminal facing tens of thousands of felony counts of obstruction and over 1,000 counts of treason under the Espionage Act, who was grooming her female Muslim assistant, Huma Abedin, to run as her successor, would get elected president.

The still-delusional, mushroom factories media, are ASSUMING that the 57% are “scared” that American is suddenly going to change. They couldn’t BE more wrong! Stopping, and undoing, the changes of the last several decades is what Trump is about.

The only CNN person who understood this, Paris Dennard, everyone turned on and shouted down—just like they treated Trump and those who have elected Trump President-elect! Mushrooms are incapable of learning. A clearly entitled-arrogant Hillary supporter, rather than look at what mistakes she and her peers clearly made, continued to insist that the victors come crawling to apologize for insulting Dems. Blame-shifting Trump’s counter-punch defenses for Hillary’s ceaseless, malicious, slanderous and divisive incitement. That’s the same tradition of blame-shifting from the attacker to the defender that the Muslim Jihadists have long demonized Israel. That’s where Hillary and the Dems learned it. Even after the election, their thinking still continues to emerge straight out of the looney bin! We must hope that at least some of the mushrooms will switch from mushroom food to reality and light in their brain instead of darkness.

Hillary must NOT be indicted out of retribution or vindictiveness. But Hillary, Loretta Lynch, those from the Hillary campaign and media who consorted to give advantage to Hillary, and perhaps some of their cohorts, MUST be indicted to restore justice and deterrence against elitist malfeasance. Putting non elitists in jail while letting elitists “forgiveness” must be displaced by justice (and its deterrence to future elitist crimes). Contrary to CNN, unifying the country does NOT depend on turning a blind eye to felonies and treason. On the contrary, unifying the country depends upon restoring justice to ALL; demonstrating that NO ONE is above the law!

When violent anti-Trump rioters carried Mexican flags, no one noticed that this was an anti-American riot–nor even that the violence constituted a riot; media continued to describe it as a protest. Protests are peaceful, not violent. Riots are violent. Speech is far more foul, threatening and offensive than Trump’s language they hypocritically “deplore.” When anti-Trump rioters trampled and burned American flags, no one noticed that this was an anti-American riot. Now that the election is over, still, no one notices that riots refusing the election results are anti-American riots. And no one is noticing that these anti-American violent and anarchist rioters are socialists, the global 2.0 on-steroids version of national socialists (Google Nationalsozialistische) – reminiscent of Kristallnacht. CNN still calls them “protests.” If Hitlary had won…

The socialists (more so than Clinton or Democrats) claim that Hillary won the popular vote (at last check, the popular election count was very close). What should we make of that? One fact is unavoidable: the vote against Trump could not be based on any issue because Hillary ceaselessly and relentlessly demonized Trump precisely to misdirect public focus from the issues because any focus on the issues would instantly scuttle her election prospects and put her in jail. So the popular vote emanating from the Hillary side was against the demonized bogeymen they themselves created – NOT against the true Trump! Nor was the popular vote primarily “for Clinton”; but rather “against the bogeyman.” Ergo, it is not justified to say either that Clinton won the popular vote, nor that Trump lost the popular vote, only that the “anti-bogeyman” won the popular vote and the “bogeyman” lost the popular vote. The media ensured that there was little connection between the vote and reality. There was NO popular vote against any issue. Of ALL the rioters being interviewed about what issue drives their riots, not one offers a legitimate issue. They are simply Kristallnacht-style socialist anarchic mushrooms.

In this election, most recognize that a large segment of voters were anti-someone, not pro-someone. Aside from playing the political game, and winning, according to the rules, the “popular vote” cannot be simplistically characterized as “pro-Hillary.” Because of the overwhelming demonization of Trump by the Hillary camp, what really scared, and continues to terrify even after the election has ended, so many is not Trump but the Democratic-generated demonic, hate-mongering and slanderous caricatures of Trump – the rapist, the Hitler, the misogynist, the hater, the xenophobe, the orange clown monster. And so it continues. Trump won also because, while mainstream media were the mushroom farmers (keeping their audiences in the dark and covered in BS), Fox managed to shine enough light in enough of the right (electorally essential) caves to liberate the necessary mushrooms from their dark cesspools (mushroom farms). The popular vote demonstrates that MOST of the American population remains comprised of hate-driven, anti-American Nationalsozialistisches mushrooms — created by Hillary’s incitement, driven by their self-generated bogeyman, whose tactics are identical to Da’esh (,7340,L-4875059,00.html). The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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