Self-Fragmentation Of Israeli Torah Voting Bloc


To preclude moderate centrist Israeli Jews from figuring out their political voice, the Israeli gov’t stopped gathering population information that distinguished the relative sizes of Israel’s various degrees of Judaic sectors. At the instruction of the Israeli government, the annual CBS census sterilized “religious” information from future surveys following the 2013 census.

Ergo, the 2013 Israeli demographic is all of the Israeli scientifically-reliable religious demographic there is, and will likely be since the Israeli government is intent on precluding moderate Judaic middle (Judaic centrist) voters from finding their political center of gravity to focus any significant voting bloc.

The 2013 distribution, cutting through the obfuscatory term “secular,” found that more than 80% of Israeli Jews, to one degree or another, revere Torah (Judaism) as their religion.

Contrary to the colossal exaggerations of Israel’s atheists and liberal Left, only 19.3% defined themselves as לא דתים (not Torah-reverers) while 80.3% define ourselves as reverers of Torah (Judaism) in various degrees of fervor, interpretations and modernity.

At 80.3% (which seems to have increased and be at an accelerating rate) is a completely – and deliberately – untapped overwhelming voting bloc! Yet, the modern state has always been under the thumb of “seculars” based on colossally exaggerated, false, claims of a majority. These claims are based on falsifying Israeli voters’ perceptions of the “Democratic majority.”

The term “religious” in Israel is a misnomer that enables spinmeisters to misuse the term to mischaracterize various sectors of Israeli society. For example, unlike the English, “religious,” לא דתים is understood by Jews (if they stop to think about it), world-wide, to imply “not Torah strict” – but that does not imply opening the door to acceptance of things like Christian or Islamic holidays, etc. Many לא דתים remain adamant that even though they aren’t observant, they don’t want anything religious around them other than Torah holidays and customs! So, to some extent, most לא דתים would be discovered to be accepting of Torah, as long as it isn’t imposed on them, while taking immediate exception, refusal and vehement opposition to any other religious influence attempting to fill that vacuum. Most of the 19.3% לא דתים are, when pressed, more likely against the welcoming of all religions as long as they are separate from the state; thereby defining them more correctly as לא כל כך דתים (not so rabbi-obedient).

Thus, despite the disproportionate noise emitted from the 19.3% “seculars,” nearly the entire population of Israeli Jews, if they only recognized it, are committed to a pro-Torah state that recognizes exclusively the essential principles of Torah (Tanakh calendar, Shabat, Khagim), precluding any other religion.

A further falsification by Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim – and countenanced by all recent secular governments – is the exaggeration of the ratio of Ultra-Orthodox to moderate דתים (Torah-reverers) to “Reform” and Conservative. The hard fact is that the moderate דתים (Torah-reverers) are a 50.2% potential voting bloc while the דתים מאוד (Ultra-Orthodox, taken to mean unquestioningly rabbi-obedient) are a mere 7.4% extreme (and self-imposed illiterate) fringe. 22.7% of Israeli Jews are לא כל כך דתים. If some proportion of the לא דתים more correctly belong in this category, then the number of Torah-inclined Israeili Jews approaches 42%. That would indicate that Torah-reverers + Torah-inclined Israeli Jews approaches 90% of Israeli Jews, leaving less than 10% of Israeli Jews to be real “seculars”.

The 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox, however, corroborate the 10% genuine “seculars” by labeling ALL of the middle, moderate, majority 82.6% as “seculars” (as well as Khardaqim, Khardalim, goyim and worse.) The true, 10%, “seculars” dangle from this thread because it’s all they have. That leaves the 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox to threaten the nationalist right (see following) by pointing to the 10% (or, with “secular” hyperbole, is it 40%? 50% more?), “seculars” as their majority partners. Thus, the 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox, being the “king-makers,” rule over the 90% moderate, middle, majority.

If all Torah-inclined (which includes Torah-reverers as a subset) loved, embraced and respected each other, trying to nurture each other in Torah, the effect would be immediate. But the “tradition,” falsely claimed and dictated by the 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox, is to hate, and fear, above all others in the entire world, a perceived apostate. Thus, the more a Jew loves Torah but refuses enslavement to the rabbis of the 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox, the more malicious and malignant the vilification and revilement—and frequently even violence: assault, battery and both hurling verbal and physical abuse. That is polar opposite to Torah, which instructs Jews to love their fellow Jews and nurture each other in Torah. That is why the only solution to this Biblically-defined evil is to renounce the dictatorship of Ultra-Orthodoxy and its rabbis.

There are millions of Conservative and Reform Jews around the world who are doing things counter to Torah. Uh, but I also recognize that I have failures and that not all of my interpretations can be without error either, since I’m not infallible either. And I know that 7.4% Ultra-Orthodox are a collection of cults colossally more hypocritical, abusive and evil than any Reform, much less Conservative or (moderate) Orthodox, I’ve ever met! Ergo, just as I would like to be loved and nurtured by fellow Jews despite my failures and errors, whatever they may be, that is owed no less to the millions of Conservative and Reform Jews despite what we perceive to be their shortcomings and interpretations relative to Torah.


The 80.3% Torah voting bloc self-block themselves from resolving the “religious” problem of rule by the Khareidim by allowing disagreements over nationalism to frustrate any point of unity.

(This can be observed from the opposite side: nationalist unity (and goals) is frustrated by the fragmentation over the “religious” issues. And politicians are skilled at playing each as needed.)

Because the alternatives of geographic solutions have been constrained strictly to political, tunnel-visioned binoculars, allowed to focus on only a couple of allowed “possibilities”, boasts of relative support for the various geographic solutions are (pun noted) all over the map. Thus, incorporating nationalistic objectives into the religious matrix shatters—and frustrates—the 80.3% Torah voting bloc.

Add to that the lack of proportional representation in voting and governance and that’s why we are where we are.

It seems clear that these issues can only be resolved—the last thing Israeli politicians really want (since they maintain rule by division)—if they are extricated from each other and considered separately. “What shall our state be?” must be defined before it can matter at all where that state’s borders are fixed.

Now factor in the rabidly liberal socialist media (mushroom farms spewing out the mushroom diet) actively advocating for socialist – secular – legislation and leaders and against all others. (See also in this blog, “Israel Like America: Educating To Die In Perfect Storm”)

So, the 7.4% illiterate fringe rules, the tail continues to wag the dog.

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