Israel Following America’s Socialist Deep Dive: Educating To Die In Perfect Storm

Making an intelligent choice in the voting booth requires a decision that is rational and informed — neither of which are any longer as they seem.


Rational thought depends upon logic, which is identical to math and science. In fact, if you cannot express the logic of your argument in mathematic or scientific notation, then your thought process is guessing, not logic. If you have an arts degree (i.e., lack a science degree), you can go to any university computer science or math department and take courses in discrete logic and you will learn the difference between logic and the multi-flawed, confused and often oxymoronic thought processes that you now think is logic.

So, henceforth, if you lack a science degree, anywhere I use the term “logic,” you must remember that, in order to “get it,” you must mentally substitute “math and science.”

For decades, education following the arts degrees have followed a path of coursework that ignores and avoids logic (= math and science); i.e., logical thinking. By insidious design, the “Arts Path” to a bachelor’s degree has enabled Americans, by the hundreds of thousands, to flood the education system, university faculties and predominate “educated” society with logic illiterates – and even more so, journalism and the media.

(The concentration of that socializing media, further amped-up by digital social media, is what is now driving the ad hominem war against Trump. In other words, constantly engulfing Trump in mushroom food to keep him covered in it (Google “Mushroom Theory of Management”). Logic defines ad hominem as illogical (i.e., irrational and invalid); colloquially, mushroom food, the mushroom diet, is more widely referred to as BS ($..t). In other words, the socialist candidate, who controls and manipulates the Justice Dept. and FBI despite clear proof in the public domain that she’s guilty of tens of thousands of felony counts of breaches of national security – among a host of other criminal charges that she prevents the Justice Dept. from indicting her for, relies on logically-flawed campaign arguments relying on a population of logic-illiterate mushrooms consuming their mushroom diet – and polls demonstrate that’s working!)

Highly respected well-wishers advise Trump to ignore the mushroom food being thrown at him and stay on-message: substance, the issues. But these pundits don’t relate that mushrooms see only a blob covered in mushroom food; issues don’t make it out of that blob of mushroom food. The socialists know that and keep throwing the Goebbels-esqe mushroom food at him, keeping him covered up and busy digging himself out of it. And it’s working. The base problem is having raised up a nation that is now predominated–a majority voting bloc–by eager mushrooms. (The only chance Trump has is if he can delegate the “digging out” of all of the mud the socialists are slinging to someone like Giuliani, enabling Trump to spend more energy on message (issues). Certainly, hammering Hillary’s inherent threat to national security and the nuke codes and the corruption of the BC-Obama-HC (Lynch-Comey, et al.) socialist cartel is even more critical than the other issues, which themselves are near critical mass. Trump must unleash full-throttle, no “dirt” withheld, yet being clinically and legally precise in his phraseology. I’ve long said that America has been “over” for several years already, but, a very weak maybe, Trump could pull it out because he is a fighter willing to get down in the trenches and fight where the socialists fight. What I can also say with certainty is that NONE of the other Repub candidates would have stood anywhere near this long. They would have folded long ago under the threats of blackmail (which Trump stands against despite the mudslinging) from socialists fighting in the trenches, merely acting out a dignified defeat in order to be Old Guard gentlemen–respectable professional losers–like McCain and Romney.

Informed: Real World? Or Bizarro Mushroom World?

From early on, that logically illiterate education has been complemented and compounded by a socialist religion called Moral Relativism that eliminates absolutes such as moral values, enabling the invisible equating of numbers of unlike things to raw numbers of apparent like things. For example, Israel has suffered from this logical illiteracy for decades. Attackers and victims are erased from the headlines. If 3 Arab Muslim Jihadist attackers were killed in the act of killing Jews and only 1 Israeli Jew victim died then the sterilized misleading headlines read: “Israelis kill 3 “Palestinians”, 1 Israeli died” (even “Jew” is erased and “killing” by Arab Muslim Jihadist attackers was scrubbed). That’s Moral Relativism: no right, no wrong, only raw numbers. Consequence is that nothing, not even the savagery and butchery going on in Syria, can be labeled “wrong” or “immoral” under Moral Relativism because it is “right” in the eyes of these perpetrators of war crimes. The socialist drive to construct their global dystopia has created a bizarro world.

You’d be wrong to think this only affects Israel or Jews. It affects every opponent of socialism with its Moral Relativism. Bill Clinton rapes 1 or 2 women while Donald Trump speaks graphically about, or makes a pass at 4-5 women. Well, no contest; 4-5 “bads” for Trump but only 1-2 “bads” for Bill Clinton. Moral equivalency. Blends right in with the mushroom diet and mushrooms chow down on it without blinking.

Thus, on one side, rational—logical—thinking has been bleached out of Arts “education” and socialist Moral Relativism infused into flawed and confused thinking while the resulting enabled “spin” has been infused into the information upon which we base decisions. This is further exacerbated by high-tech personal delusion-bubble builders. People no longer find information, Google returns a mushroom diet of only, with increasing exactness, what people have—unknowingly—demonstrated they want to hear! That pretty much completes the picture of how mushrooms are grown (see “Mushroom Theory of Management”).

All the ingredients leading to the perfect storm to produce millions of mushroom voters, stripped of moral values, oblivious to reality, supporting global socialists.

With this knowledge in mind, you should now be able to look around and see mushrooms, and mushroom farmers, practically everywhere you look.

I predicted, and have been continuously warning about, these things since the early 1970s, when י‑‑ה first enabled me to figure out (using a methodology no one had ever thought of) the time window in which Daniel’s 7-year covenant must occur. 3 years before the event happened I even published a separate book predicting the year (on the Hebrew calendar) it would occur!!! No one else in modern times has correctly fixed the year of a Biblical event, in writing and on the record, years before it happened. This covenant was a momentous event of true Biblical proportion, enabling those who learn this methodology, to know when to expect, and be prepared for, a couple more coming signpost events. All of this remains entirely unrecognized and unknown among mushrooms, causing them to be critically misled about when they are living and what that means in the real world around them. I also wrote the seminal paper that tracks the development culminating in Obama’s (and Hillary’s and Sanders’) socialism.

This raises big questions: Will Israeli Jew mushrooms follow American Christian mushrooms into the apocalypse we’re witnessing now in America? (That isn’t inexorable.)

Will logically illiterate “educated” American mushrooms venture from the darkness and mushroom food of their caves and have any eyes to recognize Light, or moral values, or grasp the difference between locker room talk and the tens of thousands of counts of felony criminal acts by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and going back to Jack and Ted Kennedy? What happens in the U.S. on 11.08 will have extreme repercussions for Israel.

How is it Americans love handsome looking celebrity felony criminals who put on a friendly face but hate a man who talks like 95% of ALL men (those who deny it are liars and hypocrites)? Have perverts so taken over “PC”? Attacks on men who are attracted to women has been on the increase to the point that any female a man has ever known might someday make a spurious charge despite having never complained to authorities at the time, or that the alleged assault occurred in public without anyone nearby noticing any disturbance. Assaults are, of course, unacceptable. But false charges are no less unacceptable; especially when they smack of 15 minutes of personal fame or profit from something like the Clinton Foundation.

Will American mushrooms be able to put substance and policies above the ad hominems constantly emanating from Hillary’s mushroom farmers engulfing Mr. Trump to the point he’s kept so busy digging himself out of the mushroom food being constantly thrown at him that he can’t get to the issues? That’s 100% of the socialists’ campaign because any focus on issues puts the spotlight on Hillary’s tens of thousands of felony charges for which she would be indicted if she fails to win continued control of HER Justice Dept. and FBI.

I hate slanderers and liars and I know from Whom I get that: Mishlei Shlomoh 6.16-19!

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