Liberal Socialists’ Child-like Dream Of World Utopia Guarantees Wars

The liberal socialists’ vision for the world, advocated by Obama, Hillary, et al., is simplistic: everyone should get along, remove their borders and become one world of people.

What that requires is elimination of diversity, because ardent diversity forced into cheek-to-jowl proximity (like Israeli Jews and Muslims) collapses the necessary space for respectful distance, making unavoidable interactions that result in increasing friction; increasing friction produces heat–in other words, conflict and resulting eventual explosion is inherent in forced artificial homogeneity. This is what Obama, Hillary and liberal socialists with global ambitions, along with their ignorant mushrooms, are pursuing.

Such utopian delusions are a wishful dream of the sophomoric heart. But, by late teens, any intelligent and educated person will have grown up to a more adult acceptance of the reality of an imperfect, diverse, world where alternate views must be respected–or else conflict ensues.

And respect entails space to buffer between conflicting views, allowing other, differing, societies to live as they wish, self-determining, managing their own space while respectful of the space of other societies.

An irrational, homogeneous dream-world without borders collapses the essential buffers, making it impossible for incompatible views to avoid clashing.

The pragmatic alternative, which has provided intervals of “cold peace” is respected borders that reflect divergent societies’ willingness to respect each other’s right to their own self-determination–NOT an imposed homogeneity of a one-world society.

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