Why Jews Don’t Defeat “Anti-Semitism”

Why has the fight against anti-Semitism never been won? Can it be won? Not as long as you keep thoughtlessly parroting the same perpetually failing arguments because your clerics prohibit you from identifying the cause. Jews could begin winning the war against “anti-Semitism” at any time just by waking out of their stupor and beginning to cite well-documented historical facts — that Dark Ages clerics of all three “Abrahamic religions” prohibit you from even thinking about! But the remedy to Jew- and Judaic-haters is as simple as confronting them with the reality of well-documented history that clerics of all 3 “Abrahamic religions” have buried; and preserving their inflated prestige and authority requires keeping buried, by prohibiting you from studying history and confronting its reality.

Like the fight against terror, mis-describing the problem ensures that defensive efforts are misdirected against straw men while the real problem remains unchallenged, ensuring it remains impossible to defeat. Consider: Christians love Jews who convert to Christianity and Muslims love “Jews” who convert to Islam. There aren’t any significant number of people who are against Semites — anti-Semites. Many haters of Jews and Judaism ARE Semites (Arabs). The first step is to accurately described the problem. What both displacement mythologies hate is the barrier to Jews embracing their mythology — because Jews perpetuating the original Judaism contradicts the displacement mythologies’ claim to supersession. That is the core cause. Accordingly, what adherents of both displacement mythologies hate is not Semites per se, nor even all Jews. (The drive to avoid hatred of Judaism without converting is also what drives miso-Judaic “Jews”.) They hate only those Jews who insist on clinging to “primitive and bloodthirsty” Judaism. They hate everything Judaic — and the words for that are miso-Judaic and miso-Judaism, hatred of Jews and everything Judaic that invalidates their claims to be the superseding religion, whether Christianity or Islam; for this purpose, they are interchangeable.

The principles of Torah are eternally applicable; rabbis who prohibit knowledge, imposing ignorance and denial of reality are not. Only if Torah Jews can ever break free of ignorant rabbis and learn the fallacious fabricated rewrites of history from which the displacement mythologies dangle, can they learn the knowledge that will enable us to challenge and defeat the mythologies that claim Torah, and Torah Jews, are “primitive and bloodthirsty.” And that is the core cause that drives miso-Judaics and continually fuels their miso-Judaism.


2 thoughts on “Why Jews Don’t Defeat “Anti-Semitism”

  1. This is very well put, and important to see this still being posted. I must say the economy has taken a strong toll on my plans for the future, however I am looking to pick myself up and move forward.


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