Right’s Right To Free Speech Globally, R.I.P.

While you were asleep at the switch watching the Kardashians promote–oh, I probably can’t mention that now, Google & Facebook “quietly” implemented global filters that eliminate the proper, factual and objective vocabulary necessary to convey FACTS that oppose global socialist arguments, defining it as inflammatory speech. If you’re caught by their filter then Google you can no longer find it in a Google search nor will it appear in a Facebook page.

But “inflammatory speech” is a misdirection, a ruse. Google & Facebook define uncomfortable, indisputable FACTS as inflammatory speech if it’s critical of the “relative moral equal”–global socialism! Simultaneously, they define (!) the vocabulary of outright slander, smearing, libel and blatant lies spewed BY their globalist-socialists as morally justified. Facts and truth no longer have anything to do with their decisions about their extreme-biased censoring. Ergo, the public gets a one-sided diet of globalist-socialist propaganda packaged as “news.” And this is proven repeatedly in street interviews of people as, overwhelmingly, the public blames Republicans, guns, racism and xenophobia–but not Islam–for the Orlando Massacre. They are though, eager to blame “religion” for these ills–not Christianity, of course. Well, let’s see, if it’s religion but not Islam nor Christianity… Hmmm. Meanwhile, the public, who don’t tune in Fox or read “Rightist” media, has never heard of Saudi gifts to the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi (she has your back?!?) or leaking all of America’s most highly classified secrets to all of America’s enemies while she was Secretary of State, or her and Obama’s blunders that have resulted in the chaos that dominates the Middle East.

When speaking of the immoral community, already, I can no longer liken them to the ancient city destroyed for its immorality. “Relativism” of “moral equivalence” now rules. As their filters get smarter, I’ll become less able even to hint at it. Nor can I any longer refer to them as any kind of perversion related to sexual preference despite the Biblical declaration–and I suspect the term Bible or Biblical may be next on the list of filtered terms. As it has been since 135 C.E., Christians are again becoming aware that Christianity defines the “Old Testament” as evil. So the global socialists already have that battle half-won. It’s probably already on the list if coupled with certain other terms. Actual fact has become irrelevant in an age of “relativism.” I must be careful not to upset the filters of Google or Facebook.

For a long while now, ynetnews dot com has denied Facebook access to its articles about the immoral community and their parades because the comments always overflowed with disgust for them, often based on the Book I no longer feel free to state explicitly.

For those rare persons determined to follow Torah, your life just got a lot tougher; and your children…


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