Muslim Jihadist Terrorists: Not “Radical Islam”!

The phrase “radical Islam” is still in the realm of reality-denying PC that prevents many TV “experts” from seeing the only real-world solution. Unlike naïve non-Muslim TV pundits, every aspiring Muslim mujahid (holy-Jihadist, warrior-saint) dismisses “foreign” (to the Middle East) western moderate “Muslim imams” as apostate clerics, not Islamic authority. Via the web and cell phones, Muslim Jihadist terrorists around the world look SOLELY for general guidance directly to the authentic–source–Islamic authorities in, or spokesmen from, the Middle East: Da’sh, Iran, Saudis or Egypt.

American (including American Muslims’) attempts to substitute “foreign” (not Middle East) “Islamic authorities”–considered phony by Muslims in the Middle East–is refusing to deal with reality, contributing to the problem! American citing of such “foreign apostate” Muslim pseudo-authorities is apostate noise dismissed by “righteous” Muslims everywhere. No amount of touting western-defined “non-radical Muslim authorities” can ever make any difference. Only Islamic authorities in the Middle East can define what is orthodox and what is apostate in Islam. Western idolizing and echoing of “foreign apostates” only exacerbates orthodox Muslim sentiments–worsening the problem!

And among these REAL Islamic authorities, just look at Middle East intra-Muslim conflicts and their savagery. Terrorists are, in the eyes of orthodox (Middle Eastern) Islam, “sacred, holy” Muslim Jihadist “warrior saints” inspired (ignoring non-Middle Eastern wannabe Muslim “authorities”) by NORMATIVE Islam (in contrast to western “Reform” Muslim clerics dismissed by “righteous” Muslims as apostates).

I’m among those who wish moderate Muslims were Islamic authority. But the reality is that they are not and never can be. The danger in regarding terrorists as radical is that it misdirects everyone away from the real-world cause of terrorism, inspiration and motivation of Muslim Jihadist terrorists: NORMATIVE, NOT radical, orthodox, Islam.

There are remedies, but thinking that Muslim Jihadists are a fringe part of “Radical” Islam is part of the problem.


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