Christian Bullying

America is the land and Constitution that protects freedom of religion, NOT entitlement for Christians to shove their Christianity in the face of non-Christians around the festival of Ashtoret (Easter) and—most of the winter—the festival of the Dec. 25th birthday of the Sun god and, as much as possible, the rest of the year. Shoving Christianity in the faces of non-Christians is NOT your American right. My family and other founding fathers who came to New Amsterdam and the New World before there was a New York or a U.S. did so to escape having Christian religion imposed on them! You cannot win the religious argument by insisting on shoving it down peoples’ throats.

As a displacement theology (like Islam) claiming to contradict and supersede Torah, you cannot win the apologetics / polemics side of the disagreement trying to argue that God contradicts His Torah—Himself—to endorse the Egyptian → Hellenist → Roman evolution of the Horus → Zeus → Jesus tradition.

The insurmountable documented history that your church, your preacher or priest, and Christian theologians will never tell you is that your Christian Jesus is a post-135 CE conflation, by Hellenist Romans, of [1] the Hellenist Romans’ native idol, Zeus (which the Romans called Jupiter, adapted from the Egyptian Horus), with [2] the Hellenist writings of Paul—whom your earliest extant Christian historian (Eusebius) acknowledged was judged an apostate by Paqid Yaaqov, ha-Tzadiq, the brother of Ribi Yᵊhoshua, and excised from the original 1st-century CE Jews who followed Ribi Yᵊhoshua of Natzᵊrat—the Nᵊtzarim. This is corroborated, BTW, in your Hellenist Greek New Testament in the original language and earliest extant mss. You’ll find documentation in my series of 3 books: Who Are the Netzarim? (WAN), Atonement In the Biblical ‘New Covenant’ (ABNC)– both available on amazon; and my 2-volume definitive reference work: The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM), available in pdf from the only Netzarim website (

Thus, the 4th-century image Christians worship today derives from 2nd-4th century CE Roman idolaters of Zeus and Paul the Apostate; with NO legitimate basis in, nor connection to, lᵊhavdil, Torah, Judaism or Jews. Calling it “Yeshua” doesn’t transform an idol-on-a-stick to a 1st century Pharisee Ribi.

The theme of god dying and being resurrected, while having NO roots, origin nor trace in Torah, Judaism or Jews, however, DOES have solid roots: in the Egyptian idol Horus!!! Egyptian Horus, NOT Judaism nor 1st century Pharisee Ribi Yᵊhoshua, is the root of Christian Jesus!!!

Your “salvation” depends upon you stopping your reliance upon often uneducated Sunday School teachers and axe-grinding, selectively-education and tunnel-visioned seminarians. If you’re Christian, although you’re blissfully unaware of it and no Christian seminarian is going to inform you, you’re a follower of Horus-Zeus-Jzeus, NOT, lᵊhavdil, ANY element of Torah, Judaism or Jews.

Your only path to salvation is what Torah has always—immutably—prescribed: do your utmost to live according to the logical interpretation of Torah–which requires abandoning Christianity and its idol-on-a-stick, Jesus. Salvation is through doing your best to live according to a logical interpretation of Torah, making your own tᵊshuvah (repentance and return to doing your utmost to live according to Torah) whenever you fall short of that, in return for which י–ה, NOT the mashiakh nor any other human nor idol-on-a-stick, has promised to grant kipur—beneficently.

You’ll find further, documented in-depth, historical information in the History Museum pages of the only legitimate Nᵊtzarim website at

7 thoughts on “Christian Bullying

  1. כל הכבוד for standing up for תורה! So, you’re in the Marine Corps now? I had an episode in USAF where the unit NCO was a Mormon in the process of converting our unit commander Captain. The NCO, a very big guy, took exception to me bringing Bible verses to the Captain’s attention and threatened me physically, shaking his fist in my face. Back then, they did nothing about such things even though it was against official policy. NCOs and officers lived by different rules–sort of like Obama-Hillary-Lynch, et al the socialist elitists. So my options were stark: either stand up to him and, since he was a very big guy, open a very big can of maim on him (in which case they would have taken the NCO’s word and I would go to jail), or not. So I chose not to ruin the rest of my life over it. I reported it to the Captain. Lot of good that did. As I expected, he took his NCO’s word.


    • Yes, I am in the Marines now, I spent almost the whole last year at basic training and MOS school. I think the training has done good for me giving me and edge on improving myself and my future. I am in the Reserves staying in Houston Texas, and reporting once a month to Galveston once a month for drill.

      Right now I have a job in security, I am looking into other options for a more stable future, however I have been in security about three years it might be best to find a company willing to give me more hours for now.

      I have seen the trouble here I know it very well, from not being given a job because of days needed off, to the remarks from higher ups saying their deity doesn’t love me, I really don’t care! I haven’t been looking to please their deity and never will, with that being said, there are changes in the rules of the military, but I am glad to be only in the Reserves for now.


      • Had to Google “MOS.” In USAF, we had AFSC (AF specialty code, if I remember correctly); that acronym may have changed by now. Sounds, from your posts, like the Marine training has helped you. You might want to take some basic criminal law courses and consider police academy. I found police academy to be very helpful even beyond police work, in assessing a variety of social situations where people often make wrong choices because of ignorance of the practical implementation of the law. The present, with law enforcement finding it difficult to staff their departments, it’s an employees’ market. If you wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement, this seems like a perfect time to apply for the academy. (You could go for the law courses later to improve your career path.) Nor do you have to go the route of a “beat cop.” There are specialties from fingerprinting to computers and face recognition, other forensic specialties, etc. — some of which can (by earning an off-duty college degree, especially a Master’s, in the field) lead to later lucrative private security positions.


      • I will be looking into that, as I recall one must have at least an associate in Criminal Justice in order to get on the force, I will be verifying that. I have more recently been looking at International law and Business management as a long term goal. I have had a good talk, I hope more in the near future.


  2. I had a few cases of Christian bullying during my trading for the Marine Corps, while I was waiting to pick up schooling for my MOS and later in the school house traing. I am very greatful for my chain of command who obliged me when it was so bad it started to interfere with my studies. I brought it to their attention and they dealt with the issue with promptness as soon as they saw the ergency.


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