Why does America solicit terrorists?

Just as fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat that can be generated by exciting the fuel (rubbing sticks together), preventing the rubbing of sticks can be helpful in reducing the instances of fire. Temporary blindness to the importance of morality cannot overturn millennia of social wisdom. People will eventually revolt against flagrant flaunting of revolting perversions, intended to desensitize the public to perversions and, insidiously, leading to “rights” to use same bathrooms, and “love” children–and has led to millions of unwanted babies murdered by their mothers and butchered for their body parts. There is truth to criticisms of modern US of Sodom and flaunting these perversions of morality is the epitome of stupidity–constructively, and suicidally, begging retaliation.

Prohibitions against sexual perversions are a moral and religious position NOT implying persecution. Before they began flaunting their perversions in public, I long (since late 50s high school just 2 blocks from the Orlando massacre) spoke out in their defense against vigilante persecutions perpetrated against “suspected” homosexuals.

While the Torah of Jews is often misrepresented to require the death penalty for sexual perversions including homosexuality, that is a simplistic error, NOT the implication in fact. See: https://israeljewsnews.wordpress.com/2016/06/13/orlando-islam-perversion-the-genie-the-bottle/

Even hate isn’t the problem. Intolerance is what inflicts harm. Flagrant, in-your-face flaunting of religion, sexual perversion and the like eventually meets intolerance. That combination ignites harm.

Islam is the only purported “Abrahamic” displacement theology carrying-out death penalties for such things.

If preventing a conflagration is the goal, then removing the element of flagrant, in-your-face flaunting is no less important than removing intolerance to forestall ignition. Christians preach “love” when they really mean ramming “Jesus” in your face. Perverts preach “love” when they really mean ramming sexual perversions in your family’s face, forcing your family to ACCEPT sexual perversion (in contrast to TOLERATING private encounters between consenting adults).

Flagrant, in-your-face flaunting, falsely touted as religious and sexual “rights,” is an aggressive assault, not a right. Blowback is an inexorable reaction to continued aggressive assault.

2 thoughts on “Why does America solicit terrorists?

  1. While grand ideas like the Yoveil (bellwether year) are seductive to the imagination, beyond the endless disputations involving intercalation (and whether it should even apply since the destruction of the Beit ha-Miqᵊdash–all fodder for Jews exclusively!), how will that affect your personal daily practice (as contrasted with abstract discussion) of Torah (in Australia I believe)? The Nᵊtzarim are about assisting you in learning how to implement your personal daily practice of Torah–where you personally live and in your personal daily life, not discussions of abstract concepts; and you haven’t framed your question in terms of how the answer would affect your personal practice of Torah.


  2. How does the jubileeyears apply to the return of ירשילים back into Jewish hands? Is the Jubilee only for land or will this coming year apply to the city of חדש?


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