Orlando: Flaunting Perversion

Contrary to liberal propaganda, refusal to accept immorality and sexual perversion is not limited to a small or ignorant fringe of bigots. Nor does the liberal propaganda promoting sexual “freedom” deal with its aftermath: laws guaranteeing the men can use the same bathrooms as wives and daughters, mass infanticide of thousands of unwanted babies being killed by their mothers and butchered for their body parts, not to mention the revulsion of flagrant sex perversions flaunted in the faces of our families. Today, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, who adhere to their religion’s condemnation of sexual perversions (euphemistically disguised as LGBT) for which Sodom remains infamous. There are about 2.2 billion Christians in the world; the great majority of whom adhere to their religion’s condemnation of these same sexual perversions. Just in the U.S., there are more than 226 million Christians (Roman Catholics being 4x larger than the next biggest Christian group) and 2.75 million Muslims in U.S.; all of whom loosely adhere to their religion’s condemnation of these same sexual perversions. Flaunting sexual perversions in their faces in public displays, demonstrations and parades, over time, builds an inexorable blowback; initially by individuals, eventually more substantially.

Arguments are often asserted that many Muslims aren’t religious. So non-Muslims cannot grasp a “non-religious Muslim” committing an act like the Orlando Massacre. Yet, most Christians are aware of the notion of a deathbed repentance. Why, then, is it so hard to relate to a Muslim who finds himself or herself unable to live a “good Muslim life” decides that [a] the people all around are sexual perverts on par with Sodom, and [b] the way to paradise and 72 virgins for a Muslim is similar to a Christian deathbed repentance: sacrifice yourself for the cause of Islamic Jihad; become a “shahid” (a Muslim holy-Jihadist martyr-saint). So, like Christianity, you can be a prostitute, a bon vivant pervert, a hedonist libertine and, presto!, deathbed repentance or shahid and paradise. No laws, threats or force of retribution will ever dissuade either of these avoiders of reality. Their only vulnerability is in the folly of their twisted beliefs—often “spun” to them by their clerics for their own agendas. But that means that fighting Muslim Jihadists is a religious exercise of polemics and apologetics—and, while there are a couple of knowledgeable exceptions, most would-be “professional” anti-Islamist “authorities” (well, talking heads on TV) probably don’t even know what polemics and apologetics means, much less how to apply them effectively.

A place to start is to relate better to your own religious beliefs (and why you believe them; I recommend disciplining yourself to deal with the polemics and apologetics in the Netzarim website at http://www.netzarim.co.il). Then you need to develop a handle on some basic Islamic vocabulary and perspective. Then you can speak more intelligently to compare and contrast your beliefs on morality with Muslims. (If you continue on to develop some basic Hebrew vocabulary and Judaic perspective (also in our website), you might even speak knowledgeably with Jews.)

I think it may already be too late, but there was a solution to reduce inflaming Muslims: stop flaunting sexual perversion in public. That genie that was permitted to come out of the closet must be put back in the bottle. Those who say no and stop reading with that will bear the grave consequences of billions of people who will, eventually and inexorable, run out of patience with the always-expanding sexual perversions and explode. A few ears ago, forcing little girls to use the same restrooms as men would have been laughed at. But a few years from now pedophiles will have the “freedom” to “love” children.

Or people desperate for a moral society will explode; first Muslims, then various sects of Christians.

Most non-Jews don’t realize the implications, but the Torah requires 3 witnesses. Christians hear the story of Ribi Yehoshua chiding the men about to stone an accused adulteress, “Let the one who hasn’t transgressed Torah throw the first stone!” Christians have no clue what was behind his declaration–as Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee Ribi, empowered to serve as lead judge on a Beit Din (court of law). And what law of Torah could he possibly have been threatening these men with? What was their transgression?

Torah requires 3 witnesses before a beit din can adjudicate stoning an adulteress. So who are the 3 witnesses? Why did no one speak up? How does a man witness adultery? Ah-ha! Only by being a participant! Such things were only done behind closed doors. Being a witness would have self-implicated a witness. So, it was virtually impossible for such a case to end up being prosecuted in the beit din. Such a case would have been rare or strictly for example.

So, if such cases couldn’t be prosecuted in beit din in most circumstances, then what was the point of Torah declaring adultery a transgression punishable by stoning? If it were done in public—say, in a parade, protest or public nightclub—then there would be witnesses. Ergo, it’s one of numerous transgressions that, while we cannot be perfect, we can keep it from inflaming the eyes of the public, the eyes of society. We can keep such things to ourselves, behind closed doors and drawn curtains, in private. Torah doesn’t send spies into the privacy of a home to produce witnesses to prosecute. But the declaration does quarantine such behavior from the public.

Just as fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat that can be generated by exciting the fuel (rubbing sticks together), preventing the rubbing of sticks can be helpful in reducing the instances of fire. Temporary blindness to the importance of morality cannot overturn millennia of social wisdom. People will eventually revolt against flagrant flaunting of revolting perversions, intended to desensitize the public to perversions and, insidiously, leading to “rights” to use same bathrooms, and “love” children–and has led to millions of unwanted babies murdered by their mothers and butchered for their body parts. There is truth to criticisms of modern US of Sodom and flaunting these perversions of morality is the epitome of stupidity–constructively, and suicidally, begging retaliation.

Flagrant, in-your-face flaunting, falsely touted as religious and sexual “rights,” is an aggressive assault, not a right. Blowback is an inexorable reaction to continued aggressive assault.

Prohibitions against sexual perversions are a moral and religious position NOT implying persecution. Before they began flaunting their perversions in public, I long (since late 50s high school just 2 blocks from the Orlando massacre) spoke out in their defense against vigilante persecutions perpetrated against “suspected” homosexuals.

Even hate isn’t the problem. Intolerance is what inflicts harm. Hate without intolerance is only harmful to the hater. Flagrant, in-your-face flaunting of religion, sexual perversion and the like eventually meets intolerance. That combination ignites harm.

Islam is the only purported “Abrahamic” displacement theology carrying-out death penalties for such things.

If preventing a conflagration is the goal, then removing the element of flagrant, in-your-face flaunting is no less important than removing intolerance to forestall ignition. Christians preach “love” when they really mean ramming “Jesus” in your face. Perverts preach “love” when they really mean ramming sexual perversions in your family’s face, forcing your family to ACCEPT sexual perversion (in contrast to TOLERATING private encounters between consenting adults).

America, and much of the rest of the non-Islamic world—sadly, even Israel—has failed to recognize the consequences of allowing that genie to come out of the closet. It must somehow be forced back into the bottle before it causes a much greater blowback than we saw in Orlando. Sexual perverts don’t have to show off in public. Sexual perversions are not something to be proud of. Sexual perversions are perversions; to be kept secret from society. We shouldn’t spy into private areas. But neither should we tolerate society to become Sodom. There are consequences.


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