The Right American Candidate

My family came to New Amsterdam in in 1647, just 27 years after the pilgrims in the Mayflower, before there was a USA. I’m an American vet, raised a Christian in NJ and the Florida keys, having served in USAF Intelligence. My Dad was in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. My granddad served in the US Navy. I’m from a long line of American patriots.

But the America I grew up to love, a nation standing for honor, truth, fidelity of a person’s word, virtue, noble purpose–and the Bible, are now laughed at by the brain-candy crowd — who slander and protest without knowing why or what for, simply because the handlers of their crowd make it appear popular.

I’m not endorsing any candidate. The best I can muster is to point to the one that I find least disgusting.

I reject American Nazis. Oh, I’m sorry, let me put that in American-speak: I reject nationalist socialism (German: nationalsozialistische, acronym Nazi; see and That covers the two Democrat candidates,

So let’s look at the GOP candidates. I’ll start with the easy one first: Kasich. The big question about Kasich is whether or not he’ll be able to overtake Rubio now that Rubio is out of the race. His only hope is to leverage himself to have enough delegates (if he overtakes Rubio) to be able to put either Cruz or Trump (alphabetically impartial) over the top in a “what’s in it for me?” deal, either with the GOP establishment, Cruz or Trump. Has nothing to do with the well-being of Americans and I find his position the most abhorrent among the GOP candidates still standing.

Cruz, to go back to alphabetical, has a terrific declared policy statement. Initially, I leaned toward Cruz.

But, like Rubio, I’ve witnessed Cruz’ campaign, for which Cruz is responsible, initiate an attack on Trump. Then, when Trump retaliated, again like Rubio, Cruz whined that he is the victim. Now, almost daily for decades I’ve witnessed Arab Muslim Jihadist terrorists initiate attacks killing Israelis and then, when Israel defends herself, these same Arab Muslim Jihadist terrorists whine that they, not the Israelis they attacked and killed, are the victims. So I recognize that lie and I find it abhorrent, pure sleaze.

Now Cruz and Kasich both renege on their word to support the GOP nominee if it turns out to be Trump. They are both sleazy liars. Who is foolish enough to think that their declared policy statements, no matter how wonderful, mean anything at all? Their word, and their policies, are like a used Dixie cup they toss in the trash as they walk into the Oval Office; chuckling over the promise to move the Israeli embassy to our capital in Jerusalem: “how many times is that now that the Jews have bought that one?”

And when I see Cruz pulling that on Trump, I can’t rely that he won’t buy into it when Arab Muslim Jihadist terrorists continue pulling that satanic lie on Israel. Trump was the victim, but Cruz (his campaign) initiated the attack while he claims to be the victim.

Cruz and Kasich, having breached the agreement to support the GOP nominee, thereby made the agreement null and void. It is no longer binding on the remaining party. Trump has every right to trash it.

I have issues with Trump’s policies. But he’s the only candidate who is being attacked from all sides because he’s the only candidate (from either party) not in anyone’s pocket.

Most importantly, he seems to be the only candidate whose words have any connection at all with his real intentions, undiluted by the sleaze in which America is awash and circling the drain.

People don’t understand that Trump answers what he wants to see, an initial negotiating position; and that, sometimes, he has a lot to learn about that topic before he begins negotiating. I can see from his track record that he knows that; and that he’s pretty good at learning before he negotiates a deal.

And he’s the only non-sleaze in the bunch.

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