Democracy For A Judaic Israel

For some reason, Israel has attracted, and become the breeding ground for, the fringe radicals of politics as well as the falsely-called “Abrahamic” religions. (Neither Christianity nor Islam has any connection whatsoever with the religion of Avraham!)

When carried to extremes, “democracy” carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

And Democratic extremists, insisting that the “EXTREME minority” be protected to the extent that the tail wags the dog are hemorrhaging in both Israel and the U.S.

Democracy was not conceived nor implemented to become ruled by its enemies by allowing them to enter the country, become citizens and then shout “Protect the minority!”

But that’s what both U.S. and Israeli “radical democracies” have become.

I was raised in a Christian-majority America. That was great until I began questioning the endless contradictions in Christianity and researching the answers to the conundrums in the historical documents, archaeology, logic and science.

When I discovered that Torah is the original and pristine Light I didn’t then make it my life’s mission to claim that, since I was a “protected religious minority” that America should remake itself as a Torah nation to satisfy my minority. Yet, that’s exactly what Arab Muslims do here in Israel. Arab Muslims cannot accept living in a Judaic democracy. Arab Muslims must reform their surroundings to be compatible with Islam.

Rather than insist that America become a Torah state, I moved to the opposite side of the planet in order to live in a Torah majority environment.

And that’s what Arab Muslims (and Christians) should do: move to an Islamic (or Christian) country. Move to your majority. Don’t expect to impose minority values upon an incompatible majority.

The rule of the minority over the majority has so perverted American and European democracies that Muslim world conquest sees its future in ruling the world from a minority position in each country. AND, with the active promotion, among progressives, of a nationalist-socialist (translate that into German and find its acronym!) agenda in each democratic country, it’s working! (Does anyone remember where the partnership between nationalist-socialists and Muslims leads?)

A democracy is built around a central idea satisfying a majority. Protection of “the minority” was DESIGNED to protect differing minority interpretations SUPPORTING THAT IDEA, NOT enemies who reject that central idea!!!

America was built around the central idea of separation of religion and state. Yet, because America in the last century permitted Christian extremists to “redefine” America as a “Christian nation,” that separation of religion and state was compromised. The most extreme example is Christianity being imposed in everyone’s face for nearly the entire winter. Americans could celebrate winter with scenes of snow, unornamented trees garnished with snow, scenes of ice skating, snow skiing, sleigh riding in the snowy countryside, fireplaces. Choices are limitless. But Christians aren’t satisfied that their religion is protected in their churches and the private domain. Christian Americans insist that the Christian celebration be imposed in every American’s face—Jew, Muslim, atheists and all. The American Christian majority has perverted the central American idea—the Constitution, which prohibits any and every religion from the PUBLIC domain. When Muslims, Jews and other religions demand their rightful equality, Pandora’s box stands already opened by the Christian majority.

While it may not be obvious at first glance, Israelis are struggling with several permutations of the same problem. Democracy does not automatically imply separation of religion and state, nor any other facet of the American version. Rather, democracy is defined as rule by the majority. Period. Everything thereafter is a particular instantiation of democracy. Israeli democracy is not American democracy. Israeli democracy is built around the central idea of a Judaic nation. That’s what “for Jews” means. And the historic definition, UPON WHICH ISRAEL & ISRAELIS DEPEND FOR THEIR LEGITIMACY, is the Biblical definition: one who is born into the Torah family — and continues in the family religion (Torah) — and anyone who embraces and undertakes Torah. This stands at odds with the often-capricious, rabbinic tyranny of the modern, race-centric, definition of a Jew.

The Israeli version of democracy can never accept an American version of democracy and a constitution that destroys the Biblical definition of Israeli or Judean, separating a secular state from our Biblical legitimacy, foundation and roots. This is an essential first step without which Islam and Christianity can never achieve equality among Judeans-Israelis with, lᵊ-havdil, Torah.

This translates to an Israeli democracy in which “Judaic state,” NOT “separation of religion and state” is the central idea of the democracy and majority.

Thus, “protected minorities” are limited to those accept Torah as the “central theme” of Israeli democracy and differ merely how Torah should be interpreted and implemented. This defines Orthodox Jews “in”, Conservative Jews “in”, Reform Jews “in”, Ultra-Orthodox Jews “in” the “protected minorities” group; but Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other religionists as opponents, or outright enemies, of the Judaic state and NOT a “protected minority.”

And this implies that anyone non-accepting of the “Judaic state” as the central idea of Israeli democracy is an adversary or enemy of the democracy, NOT protected as a minority!!!

On the upside, conversely, anyone who embraces and practices Torah (which includes the traditional Torah–and Talmudic–interpretation standard of miqveh and circumcision witnessed and attested by 3 Jews of decent reputation) is automatically included—”converted”—by definition, becoming eligible for citizenship. Racism, rabbinic tyranny with its race-centrism, capricious casuistry and bribery would all be eliminated from conversions.

The downside comes when applying that definition of Israeli democracy to atheist and secular Jews who reject Torah, the central theme of Israeli history, roots, legitimacy AND democracy: claiming to be a Jew based solely on racism—birth from a genetically “Jewish” mother, which contradicts Torah AND Talmud, since Torah and Talmud define any family lacking a complete public-registry genealogy (yokhasin), forever destroyed by the Romans (except for two that are preserved: the maternal and paternal genealogies of 1st-century Ribi Yehoshua) is “mingled” and “once mingled, forever mingled”—irreversibly.

To apply this to our present situation, an Israeli democracy would not permit citizenship (voting right), much less positions in government or K’nesset) to any adherent of a non-Torah-centric religion.

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