Democrats: Marxist Socialists Destroying America

The parallels with the budding Nazi party in late 1930s Germany, who also built their political machine preaching progressive socialism while taking control of academia and media and selectively declaring inconvenient personal rights off-limits (breaches of political correctness), is scary. If you want to understand what’s going on in America, what’s gone wrong in America that has left America an eroded shadow of her previous greatness, why, and what is the cause (informing you so that you can identify and oppose it), you can only find it attacked squarely in the two papers below:

American Democrats and American academia have long been peddling Marxist socialism as “Progressive Liberalism.” New paper out of McGill University published by the Middle East Forum, Marxism Failed in the World, but Conquered Western Academia.

The root cause–and unlimited financial fixer–of Obama’s “Social Revolution” in American academia traces back long before Obama. See “US Pres. Obama’s ‘Social Revolution’ roots: Social reform (2009.10.05) in: > Web Café (click icon in navigational panel on left of home page) > Archives (icons at top and bottom of Web Café page).


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