Pb asks: Could you speak on worship / tehillim?

Goy•im worship. Yᵊhud•im pray.

See the glossary entries for tod•âh, Yᵊhudâh, tᵊphil•âh, bᵊrâkh•âh and Tᵊhil•im.

The controlling principle of tᵊphil•âh is requesting understanding to relate to what י‑‑ה desires of us; i.e., properly understanding His תּוֹרָה so that we may know how to accomplish His Will and please Him—not requesting י‑‑ה to do our bidding! We are His workers; He is not our magic genie to whup-up on our enemies, make us healthy and wealthy and give us stuff! For comprehensive details, see Nᵊtzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM)  note 21.21.1.


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