Paris or Israel: Muslim Arab Jihadists

Contrary to Sec. Kerry rudely and brazenly excluding Israel from victim nations of Muslim Arab Jihadists (in his Vienna speech today), how many times Israeli Jews have been there, suffered that.

1) When you insist that your enemy has the right to walk freely among you, this is the result. For decades you have imposed that our enemies must have the right to walk freely among us, Jews in Israel. What’s fair for Israeli Jews is fair for French Christians—or you are racist miso-Judaics. What goes around…

2) When you refuse to fight asymmetrically while your enemy fights asymmetrically, you WILL lose. When you finally figure out that the only way to survive is to kill your enemy where they live, even when they cower among their human shields of women and children, then you must also recognize that Israel and Jews will obtain the same right to survive—or you are racist miso-Judaics.

3) If terrorist attacks by Muslim Arab Jihadists are a “crime against humanity” when French are attacked, then terrorist attacks by Muslim Arab Jihadists against Jews are also a “crime against humanity”—or you are a racist miso-Judaic who excludes Jews from the definition of “humanity”!!!

4) It is a religious war; religious wars can ONLY be won by religious polemics and apologies. As long as you deny that, you ARE idolaters and infidels as Muslims claim. You must either prevail via polemics and apologies or adjust your religious positions until you can prevail via polemics and apologies. Muslims’ reliance on a flying horse has no chance. But, then, neither do man-god-on-a-stick idolaters. You must get right yourselves before you can argue right and prevail. Discover the religious strayings from the Biblical-historical record that you were taught but never fact-checked in the History Museum pages of the Netzarim website (

It’s no surprise to us that one of the Muslim Arab Jihadists was a Jordanian (“Palestinian”). There is no difference between Da”sh (ISIL / ISIS / IS) and Fatah / PA. Nor is there any difference between the Gaza Branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (Khamas) and their parent Muslim Brotherhood.

The longer you deny that Israeli Jews and the rest of the non-Muslim world are all on the same—target—side in the view of Muslim Jihadists, you will continue to shoot yourselves in the foot.


One thought on “Paris or Israel: Muslim Arab Jihadists

  1. It is amazing how
    Intelectualy ignorant the western world leadership is. They pretend the world is made of lolly pops and cotton candy. They think if they help Iran with its nuclear reactors they won’t use them against Israel and then the west.
    It must be said western leadership is about how weak and unconvinced you are. They believe if they can force Israel to give Islam extreme and moderate the Temple mount jerusalem and leave the middle east every think will be utopia. They fail to understand that would mean returning to the west. ISLAM WANTS THE COMPLETE DEATH OF EVERY JEW.


    The only thing they want is Nazi murder and power for the sake of power all dressed up in the virginal white European women they see as trash. There is no answer with out ha Shem quodesh echad and the mashiach ofhaShems choosing.


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