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Could you give your understanding of who homosexuality and the rasing of children by homosexuals and those openly discourage our grand children to to believe haShem quodesh echad exist. What is the torah communities halacha on this issue?

Re: homosexuality, in addition to commentary in the appropriate pâ•râsh•ot (in the beit kᵊnësët pages of the Nᵊtzâr•im website:, I’ve written seven articles that are archived in our Web Café Archives directory page (click Web Café icon in navigation panel at left of our home page; Archives icons are at top and bottom of Web Café page).

Existence of י‑‑ה
Questioning the existence of a Creator-Singularity is, IMO, a good thing because most of the world worships one or more idols and assumes that’s “God” — and they need to question its existence in reality.

The proper response is logical and scientific (principally physics and mathematics). The delusional conjurings (“theories”) of too many physicists rely, when traced back to their core, on the “Poof!” Theory, which, while beginning with facts and logic, trails off into pure silliness of fairy tales. Example: physicists are on solid ground when defining the reverse process of the progress of our universe. Our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. So far, so good. So working our way back in time, the universe must appear contracting at an ever slowing rate. When physicists and mathematicians model that mathematically and permute it to its conclusion, the universe contracts and slows (going back in time) until, uh, until what? That’s where things go awry. The model can never reach the origin since the model slows down to infinitely slow at an infinitely small—something-nothing impossible to define or grasp. So what do the scientists do? “Poof!” an infinitely small mass and energy is ASSUMED!!! The “Poof!” Theory becomes just another silly fairy tale.

Some physicists then really go off-the-rails. Not content with one universe they cannot explain, they ASSUME an infinite number of universes that, then, they cannot explain!!! Despite their doctorates, that’s third grade silliness supplanting sound logic. This is compounded because most “ordinary” people are afraid to shout that the great doctor is naked. After all, he’s armed with a ton of subterfuge under which he buries his silly core “Poof!” assumption. Instead of one “Poof!,” now he’s lost in infinite “Poofs!” silliness and has to explain an infinite number of “Poofs!” And no one can ever get to the bottom of infinite silliness. It’s nothing more than a pseudo-scientific ruse to kick the can down the road far enough that (they hope) everyone loses track of it. (Certainly, the scientist lost track of it and cannot explain an ultimate origin-cause.)

This same line of mistaken reasoning is found in attempts to explain “inflation” in the early universe, where, the mathematical models insist, physical effects “popped up” at such remote distances in such a short time that the effects exceeded the speed of light. Yet, a multi-polar “stretching apart” of External Forces (by an external Creator-Singularity) would be expected to create simultaneous multiple effects in multiple locations (for further information, see the first several pâ•râsh•ot in bᵊ-Reish•it in the beit kᵊnësët pages of our website).

So one of the first things is to be sure to stick with physicists who are keep a reality check and don’t dive into the infinitely inexplicable (which, by definition, leads nowhere) in order to maintain their theories.

And only an extra-physical Prime Cause, a Creator-Singularity, can account for the appearance of that “infinitely small mass and energy” seed, without which our universe, and we, would not even exist.

As a suggestion, you can copy & paste–with proper attribution to me and giving our website (–in answer to any atheist, anytime, anywhere, my response to atheist Nigel Hersh in ynet at,7340,L-4720818,00.html


Because the laws we know as logic (mathematics) and science that govern י‑‑ה‘s creation reflect its Creator-Singularity — i.e., the laws of logic and science are Dërëkh י‑‑ה (!!!), it is unavoidable that Ha•lâkh•âh derived (interpreted) from the Tor•âh of י‑‑ה are only valid when they are compatible with Dërëkh י‑‑ה — namely, His Logic and Omniscience!

Large parts of Talmud and so-called “halacha” of “the Torah communities” were developed during the Dark Ages by logically and scientifically backward “Sages” and are, accordingly, liberally sprinkled with superstition, “magic” and medieval mysticism incompatible with Dërëkh י‑‑ה, invalid and, therefore, not accepted by the Nᵊtzâr•im.

Compared to scientists today, even Ram•ba”m had very limited knowledge. The great principles of Tor•âh must be treasured and refined while, simultaneously, scrapping the Dark Ages superstitions, the magic, the mysticism, the illogical and unscientific interpretations (“halacha”)—strayings—of “Sages,” venerations of whom often descend to the idolatry of ancestor worship. (We must also be aware—”walk modestly”—concerning our own limitations; that future logicians and scientists will certainly have a more advanced view of logic and science than we have now.)

Before asking, check FAQs

Chances are excellent, after thousands of inquiries from all over the world over a period of several decades, that you’re not the first to ask a given question and I’ve probably already answered the question somewhere. The Nᵊtzâr•im website ( has accumulated a huge corpus of vital, life-changing knowledge. So there are several places you should check first:

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