Orthodoxy & The Tᵊphutzâh (Diaspora)

Could you talk about the orthodoxy of the Torah community of the way. How can we live apply this here in diasapra. pb

It’s virtually impossible for anyone, Jew – but especially goy•im – to find the right address (or even a meaningful and distinguishing description) of the authentic Tor•âh community. Poseurs – from Ultra-Orthodox Satmar and Khareidim to Reform and Jews for Jzeus – have plagiarized every distinguishing description I can think of. As a result, Orthodoxy has become an elastic term often used by poseurs (e.g. “Orthodox” Christian “messianics”) to deceive. Hence, I prefer to avoid using the term Orthodox.

I find it more difficult for poseurs to misappropriate the phrase “Tor•âh community.” I think most everyone, from Kha•reid•i to goy, if they take the phrase literally and logically, would know that I’m referring to the Biblical (as opposed to medieval European or modern rabbinic) definition of Yi•sᵊr•â•eil, as ârëtz and-or the am of individual person members.

Among the Israeli Orthodox, the great majority are moderate and, while no one is perfectly on-message (including me), this large group of Jews form the nucleus of the am that Mosh•ëh and Ribi Yᵊho•shua would have recognized as being the most on-message and closest to “the” (absolute) Truth, derived from Ta•na”kh—namely Tor•âh shë-bikh•tâv, of Dërëkh י‑‑ה.

Ha•lâkh•âh, namely Tor•âh shë-Bᵊal Pëh is the corpus of interpretations, known in Tor•âh shë-bikh•tâv as the combination of khoq and mi•shᵊpât.

Where rabbinicism has strayed is in erring to assume that rabbinic “authority” includes authority to impose opinion even when they logically countermand Tor•âh shë-bikh•tâv. And that is not so. Logic of י‑‑ה, not rabbi (or me or any other human), is the Ultimate Authority on the Correct interpretation and implementation (Ha•lâkh•âh) of Tor•âh.

This cannot be successfully found outside of the Biblically-authentic Jewish community in Israel, described above, that I mean by “Israeli moderate Orthodox.” Consider: if one fails to find it outside of this community then that’s obvious failure. More subtle, if one thinks to find “truth” outside of this community, then a second, rival, “true” community emerges in rivalry to the original, authentic community. The second, by its very nature of being distinct from the first, is a poseur, Thus, while it should be obvious, there is NO prospect of becoming part of the Biblically-authentic community outside of the Biblically-authentic community. Both Christians and Muslims have tried; both are Displacement Theology poseurs.

This means that walking Dërëkh י‑‑ה cannot be accomplished, at all, outside of the Israeli moderate Orthodox community!

So the ONLY option for goy•im is to pursue interfacing in the Biblically-authentic community I’ve defined herein as “Israeli moderate Orthodox.” (That implies becoming a geir and, if not blocked by a marital complication, pursuing full conversion in the moderate Orthodox Jewish community.

Being in the Tᵊphutz•âh (“Diaspora” is Hellenist, from the Greek) doesn’t present any great difficulty since arms of Israeli moderate Orthodox are found in most parts of the world. Thus, interfacing with a moderate group of Orthodox Jews in the Tᵊphutz•âh is interfacing with Israeli moderate Orthodox. The thing to be especially careful of in the Tᵊphutz•âh is to avoid confusing Ultra-Orthodox with moderate Orthodox. Our ma•dᵊrikh can guide you in that. As a working signpost: if they dress funny (other than a kip•âh and tzitz•it) then they’re Ultra-Orthodox, not moderate Orthodox.

Questions to clarify anything I’ve left ambiguous or answer anything on-topic I’ve overlooked are welcome. (Other topics should be submitted separately as an article (thread).


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